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  1. I have finished the game recently, and I had two problems with cinematics: 1. during the game, cinematics appeared only in the right corner of the screen, and not in a full screen mode. 2. I cannot replay unlocked cinematics in the Extras option. do you have any suggestions lads?
  2. Astrotoy7's conclusion was correct. It is my fault after all so apologies. Thank you for your efforts Samuel Dravis, and thank you all guys for your help, but judging from the dynamic nature of buyer_id, seller_id data, and the new requirements, guess a macro will become a must sooner or later.
  3. I have revised your formula to fit my worksheet but I did not get what I want. I've already tried a similar formula but the problem is still as stated above. the problem was that this formula compares only cells belong to the same row, i.e. cell A1 in Table A with cell A1 in Table B. where it is highly likely for cell A1 in Table A to match cell A16 in Table B. And I cannot download the file. Thanks for your help mate.
  4. Thank you guys for your help. Still didn't get what I want from the sources you gave me. But thanks for trying. I appreciate it.
  5. I’m working on this excel file for professional purposes where I need to create a function that runs through two different columns in a Table A, and compare it with cells in a column in Table B, then returns data from another column in Table B. If you’re starting to feel somehow dizzy, I will try to put it in a simple way. What do we already have? 1. Table A that has a buyer_id column, and a seller_id column. 2. Table B that has a client_id column and a client_name column. 3. Table C, where the function should be inserted to return the client’s name. What is needed to be done? Insert a function in Table C that does the following: 1. Check the buyer_id and seller_id in table A. 2. Check client_id in Table B. 3. Find matches between client_id and the other two columns seller_id, buyer_id, if there are ones. 4. If a match is found, then return the corresponding client_name from Table B. 5. Else, return FALSE. I have came up with a certain formula of “ifs” and “ors”, but the problem was that this formula compares only cells belong to the same row, i.e. cell A1 in Table A with cell A1 in Table B. where it is highly likely for cell A1 in Table A to match cell A16 in Table B. Is there anyone in here who can lend me a hand in this please? Thanks in advance.
  6. well I've attached a sample link in my previous post (which is not mine btw) but it looks like the admins chose to erase it as they've apparently considered it a sort of advertisement. to answer your question, however, a kind of TBRPG can be found in this forum, in DTC (follow Sabretooth's link), but a single game with lots of players in it will make the things a bit messy. The type of games that I'm talking about requires a forum dedicated only for this one game, a story-driven main plot that is divided into many sub-plots with each character has his/her own. nevertheless, if anyone is interested I'll pm him/her with a sample link, (if this is not against the rules of the forum.)
  7. actually I have played in DTC for a while, but this is not what I was talking about, I meant something a whole forum that is RPG-oriented
  8. hello there, I've been a TBRPG player for some time ago, and I even participated in some games in this forum myself. However, I'm thinking of planning a Star Wars related game with a forum dedicated specially to it, so my question is, anyone's interested? apart from that, what do you really think about text-based RPG?
  9. public image isn't something to care about or not, its a matter of national security, simply because those who hates you will eventually fight you, and overrating your powers while underestimating your opponents powers --- though constantly increasing in numbers--- isn't a proper strategy.
  10. Spelling isn’t the subject of our discussion so I’ll skip your irrelevant notation, no offence meant though. As for your sayings, you’ve only projected one out of five—the least important I might add. Even though you’re wrong when you chose to limit the “region of hate” to the Middle East only, because in fact most of the world hates the current “US Government” – and not the people, please note. In my turn, I’ll ignore the chaos in Iraq and its horrible results, as well as the failure of the american policy in stopping or at least reducing terrorism. I’ll skip these points to the one dealing with the dead american soldiers, do you think your government cares about them or maybe they think of them as a “necessary sacrifice”?
  11. because respect should abound, this is how nations should deal with one another, Syria isnt the enemy. however one should try the current cow boy policy the us government is using in case they wish for a world war. the us are not the only nation on earth, and its not the only nation that seeks its interest. now if all nations chose to seek their interests in favor of balance there will be war. I understand you're inclined to trust their judgment, but not all of us are, especially if its the judgment of the same men who have been chasing the likes of Ben Laden and Al Zawaheri since 6 years with no avail, and they're the same men who have asserted that Iraq have nuclear weapons and turned out to be lairs. demand cooperation and do not strike in a land which is not yours, this is totally wrong and no political law, nor moral law justify it-- unless you seek war like I've stated above. again, the relevant question should be, why the us soldiers are still in Iraq?!! I'm not too politically naive to suggest good will toward the all, this doesn't suffice you've enlightened no one, nevertheless the "who's got the bigger muscles" policy isn't good as well, you're not living alone in this world, and by no means you have a privilege to condescend other nations. this policy wasn't that efficient for the us as well, look at the facts after 6 years of the so called "war on terrorism": 1. chaos never ceased in Iraq since the liberation/ occupation. 2. the number of the innocent dying in Iraq is constantly increasing. 3. Al Qaeda's main leaders are still free. 4. the number of the dead us soldiers are increasing. 5. the global image of the us is heavily damaged especially after horrible incidences like Abu Ghraib. do you still think its in the us's own interest to carry on this policy?
  12. Diplomacy isn’t overrated when it’s performed probably, with all due respect to Jae, the US government has not tried diplomacy with the Syrian Government and failed, what they have done was merely throwing accusations unattached with proofs, and in many times they tried to intimidate the Syrian Government of global isolation if they “choose to stick to their policy in supporting terrorism”. Now, verily this is not diplomacy, simply because they’ve marked Syria as an enemy and started from there. besides its not your territory to be free to take it out of their hands. Respect the others No its not unfortunate, it’s a disaster. A Syrian citizen in a humanity scale equals an American citizen, or an Iraqi, a European, an African... you can’t just say we’ve mistook a terrorist with a citizen passing by. Now if they failed—in your opinion—then its their problem to suffer, and they’ve suffered—remember the two terrorist attacks? .Your problem is to withdraw your soldiers from a foreign country and get them back to their country and to their families where they belong. One last thing, try to be delicate please, “we” is the US government not people which I think you belong to, and “Syria” is the Syrian Government not the people.
  13. this suffices in a movie, not in real life. you have to pursue diplomacy, and like I've noted two times before, Al Qaeda has recently attacked Syria twice, which leave us to questioning the accusations against Syria. like Ztalker has said, this is the rule, no matter how bad the situation is. and if one is blaming Syria for "letting" Al Qaeda to cross its borders, well blame Spain, the UK, and even the US for Al Qaeda's most major strikes, then come to realize that a small and not too powerful country like Syria may not be able to accomplish what stronger countries failed at.
  14. so let me get this straight; your reply is based on a personal issue that has nothing to do with our current discussion, am I right? please correct me if Im wrong. again we dont know if they are allowing Al Qaeda to operate from within their borders, and frankly I cannot find this accusation rational. still there is no reason that may justify such an action, the US governments and all governments alike should learn to respect other countries. I understand that mostly none of us read the whole posts, but I presume that you know that Syria suffered two Al Qaeda attacks last months-- as I have stated in my previous post. I know what you're at but I was just referring to the absurdity of such wishful thinking.
  15. I wont use the verb "letting" if I were you; this implies that it was in the Syrian Government's intentions to "let" terrorist cross into Iraq, whereas illegal immigrants are crossing the borders of almost every country in the world, so why does the US Gov think Syria has the full ability to prevent this? another important thing, Syria has recently suffered two terrorist attacks persumingly performed by Al Qaeda. again, you don't know if this is really what's going on, all what we have is Bush's words and history tells not to fully believe this man. Still I agree with you that no country has the right to violate another country's borders. true, which ironically leads me to question the significance of debating over such issues, knowing that no matter how we speak, man will never learn to live with man.
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