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  1. Indeed ... it's pretty much deserted at the moment . But perhaps I can offer some small comfort : I agree with you. Consortium units seem a trifle too individually powerful for the scum of the universe that they are. There faction design is therefore a bit puzzling. I, too, had envisioned something along the lines of many cheap and expendable units ... but instead the Consortium excels in many areas with top-notch units that are arguably the best of all three factions. You just have to consider infantry - where their grenadiers easily vaporize almost the entire competition. I agreeem that in skirmish matches, the Consortium seems to have the least problems to defeat the enemy (although I have played no multiplayer match yet). It's not quite as glaring as it might appear at the first glance, though. You seem to be a proud fellow member of the imperial army - so here are a few tips which might help you in bringing peace and order to the galaxy: I used to have a lot of problems against those pesky missile tanks - they are almost ridiculously effective - even without their slowing ability. But a mobile build pad with a missile disturbance system (I forgot the proper name) in combination with other units works marvelously to secure some key places against these infuriating things. Against canderous tanks you might want to try phase 3 dark troopers. In stationary mode their missiles tend to shred those monsters wonderfully. AT-AT's are certainly pretty good, too ... but you really need some powerful cover with a less limited field of fire ... and that's what the latest model of dark troopers does perfectly. In my experience these two unit types - canderous and missile tanks ... usually were the greatest menace. Pulse tanks can be dangerous, but are easily outmaneuvered with swifter units like at-st's. A more serious problem are the incredibly powerful consortium heroes - but that's what tie maulers were made for I hope that was helpful ...
  2. I'm not so sure about that, Mr. Maul. I can understand that you have a slight trauma of two bullies ganging up on you and trying to cut you in two ... but I think this situation might be slightly different here Seriously speaking: isn't it already a potential two vs. one situation? Of course, the AI being as dimwitted and lethargic as it is kind of defuses the situation ... things could certainly get considerably nastier with three humans, but then again ... the general situation of the game can't possibly be a clear and balanced duel with three participants ... Balance in this situation has to rely on careful maneuverings ... don't focus too much on one opponent, as this will only be to the benefit of the third party. Two against one would only be necessary if one player becomes to strong. In theory. Of course things need not work out so cleanly ... in one extreme, the balance, the situation could degenerate into a tedious stalemate with nobody daring to make a move. But, as I said, that's an intrinsic problem to a three player free for all fight. it CAN work out, however ... and is it really a satisfying solution to have the third player restricted to the AI just because it is too dumb to pose a significant threat? Instead, let's think of the possibily of a galactic conquest game where EVERY side is led by a (hopefully) clever tactician who does not need to cheat by getting ten times the resources of the other players ... and who is not manically bent on either spreading corrupting EVERYWHERE and sabotaging EVERYTHING ... (just as an example). Sure ... a three-way multiplayer game would take significantly longer, but I think it would be worth it. After all, the real fun comes from playing against humans, not AI ... even if it were clever.
  3. The AI not using capital ships is certainly a problem ... but actually, what annoys me more in GC (hard AI) is the fact that the computer seems to hesitate far too much to attack heavily fortified planets ... At least that was my impression. They almost never seemed to attack planets with a full garrison of 8 troops - even if they had more than enough troops to do so. Oh yes ... and the good old corruption problem. The AI tends to spend their credits with both hands when it deals with it. As the consortium, the AI spreads corruption way too fast. Against the consortium, the corruption is eliminated way too fast ... That, combined with the fact that in GC all consortium heroes are already available at tech level 1 feels pretty unatmospheric (not to mention problematic) to me. Unit balance however is a tricky thing ... I don't feel knowledgeable enough yet to comment much on it ... other than a general feeling that yes, the Consortium still seems slightly overpowered. These mobile rocket launchers, for example, are REAAAAALLY strong ... but as there are many viable ways to deal with them, I'm not quite sure that they are the main problem. It's more a general thing. To me, it seems like they get rich a tad too quickly in skirmish, have many units that are just a tad too strong, exceedingly deadly (...o.k. ... also very expensive) turrets and very powerful heroes. Speaking of bugs ... has anyone else experienced the following? - Bomb-carrying Ewoks not disappearing after being killed - the ability to land flying darktroopers INSTANTLY (superman would have a heart attack if he tried it that fast) by pressing S - and sometimes Mara Jade (seemed to be only her) tended to get stuck on a Skirmish map and didn't respond to commands anymore ... it's been a while since I noticed that one - perhaps it was linked to that specific map
  4. I'm not so sure about command units being useless. As Darth Andrew stated, the Clone Commander can be quite devastating - and also most people seem to consider him extremely weak, I actually like the Imperial commander. Somewhat. He's certainly no extraordinary superfighter - but he has potential. I guess the main reason why I like him is his grenade launcher. I have fond memories of it's deadly power from Battlefront 1 ... and it's not really weaker in BF2. There's even a nice, if not very powerful, new twist. If you launch grenades at full power, it seems that they bounce over the ground and explode not by contact but at the end of the bounce. The grenade launcher is rather difficult to aim at longer distances - but with practice it's not that hard. With the weakened heavy trooper in BF2 I think the grenades cause nearly as much - if not a bit more - damage (though of course not for vehicles) as the rockets. And you have far more ammunition - and you can occasionally launch it safely while standing behind cover due to the angle of the shots. The commander's other abilities aren't that bad, either - though the sonic pistol is of course a) rather pitiful and b) a VERY weird choice for an imperial commander. Oh - and he could REALLY use some uniform variation (which probably applies to all the 'special units'). In my opinion his main weakness is that he seems to die rather quickly. Though I'm not so sure if it's the comparison to BF1's pilot who carried bacta tanks that creates this impression or if he has truly less hit points than regular units (probably that ). If the rebel 'commander' unit is supposed to be the Bothan spy ... well, all I can say about that is that from an imperial perspective, this is the one unit I'm most afraid of. Of course, if you can spot them from a distance, they are harmless - but I can't count the number of times when one of those dirty little aliens just sneaked up behind me to roast - groups - of imperials. Yes ... you can roll away in time - if you are very lucky. And if you see him coming. Bothans are primary targets for whatever weapons I happen to be holding.
  5. To GamaCrab. Yes ... orbit-to-planet battles would certainly be a VERY interesting -in fact, spectacular affair. However let's not get too unrealistic Connecting a full-fledged space battle with one on a planet map alone would be a huge technical step ... and it's unlikely that it would be a seamless transition - rather something like this: a shuttle flies close to a planet, followed perhaps by an automated shuttle-flies-into-orbit sequence ... and plopp, the shuttle appears on the ground map. Manually crash landing capital ships is rather something for Battlefront 5 - Return of the Empire. Ramming maneuvers however are quite another matter - and I agree, being able to plot the course for capital ships would be a really nice and not too unreasonable feature for the next Battlefront.
  6. Yellows replenishes energy - but thanks for your answers! Now that I think of it - it actually makes sense. So the green drink is some sort of a mirror image of the red drink . So they are both "commander abilities" put in a bottle. The red similar to the imperial commander's rage and the green from the rebel smuggler's defend. Thanks! Finally I know why I should collect the green stuff.
  7. Ah yes ... nice idea. Speaking about damage - how about cracks in the hull when a certain damage level is reached (granted, that might be a little difficult - at least if you don't want the cracks to appear in pre-defined places - which would be slightly unrealistic, but perhaps still nice enough). Making some areas unusable except for certain classes (space troopers!) and sucking hapless combatants into the void ... Of course for THAT to work you'd certainly need a bigger interior with multiple paths leading to some rooms (but we all seem to want that anyway). Yet it would be so atmospheric ... even in less dramatic versions: trash lying around - sparks spewing from loose cables ... steam from broken pipes ...
  8. I really like your idea of the effect of losing life support - I always thought it would be neat if losing life support would bathe the ship in red emergency lighting - and the loss of gravity - but what about combining all of that Perhaps we just need more critical systems to blast into pieces
  9. Just a small question - I'm sorry if it has already been stated elsewhere ... but this is one of the great mysteries that still puzzles me. You know, I'm talking of the green "bacta tanks" that are sometimes dropped by fallen soldiers ... Well I know that blue bacta tanks are actually real bacta tanks (a bacta a day keeps the doctor away), that yellow tastes like lemon and is a refreshing energy drink and I always get angry after drinking Red Bacta - so it probably contains alcohol. But a green bacta drink? My manual claims that it regenerates armour - but what exactly does this mean? I never noticed that there was a seperate armour factor in addition to health points. Are you even meant to drink the green stuff? Is it healthy? Has it many vitamins? Is it there to polish your trusty old stormtrooper armour so that it shines again in a splendid white? Does it bring you luck like a four leaved clover? Is it perhaps a useless relict from a more civilized age (an older alpha version where there actually was an armour value)? Or does it actually give you some protection? Is it perhaps authentic soylent green? Or maybe just a regular bacta drink that has gone sour? So many questions ... but no answer that I could ever find. So please ... if you know - enlighten me!
  10. Time to refresh this thread with new information. I just noticed that out of completely weird reasons it ALL seems to be connected to profiles. As described above, the annoying alarm clock beeping only occurs in my old, veteran profile ... however - that profile suddenly has correctly working reward weapons. I don't know how THAT happened ... on my new profile however there is no alarm clock bug - yet sadly the reward weapons are not working correctly (though I just noticed that they DO work in a way- it's just that they are not shown visually in any way (no change of colour of the shots - and no 'reward "gun"' text when you switch the weapons). Weird ... It seems to be configured identically ... does anyone have an idea on how to unravel this mystery? Mmmh ... correction: it seems that I just had a lucky phase with my regular blaster rifle - and that the award weapons on my second profile don't work at all. Still - the fact remains that they work just fine on my old, sound bugged, profile. How can that be the case?
  11. A very nice idea ... ground vehicles on capital ships in general would add atmosphere, spice up the gameplay AND could be used to shorten the time spent walking through a bigger interior ... Hover trains especially could be useful for that purpose even in smaller corridors. Capturable command post would be another step in this direction and additionally create slightly more tactical battles on board the big ships. Alternatively - how about elevators? Yes, I know that the way the radar map currently works, different ship levels would be confusing, but I don't think it's all that difficult to change (e.g. simply by switching between levels by pressing TAB or something like that). And different ship levels would be far more realistic. Concerning the idea to add more meaning to an advanced rank ... Well, it sound really nice - though it's use is probably limited to the campaign or conquest mode. Multiple players could lead to way too many admirals otherwise On the other hand ... customizeable armour and weapons sound really interesting ... Even if it would be just an optical thing. Adding bright red stripes to your armour ... or some symbols - or perhaps being able to select from several different uniforms in your wardrobe (those rebel pilots do have different uniforms, for example ... but loyal imperial ones have slight variations to our splendidly looking black standard suit, too ... ) Speaking of conquest mode - it should REALLY support multiplayer.
  12. I think the main point where a new Battlefront could shine would be improved space battles, because they have such a great potential. Many good suggestions have already been made in this respect (BIGGER interiors ... scenarios that are actually DIFFERENT ...e.g. with space stations, more frigates, capital ships or different objectives)- but I'd like to add the point that - in order to keep combat onboard the ships interesting, there need to be more available classes ... not only heros but also officers, engineers ... and maybe NPC crew or guards, Ace Pilots that can do different maneuvers or give the ship more health, Admirals that are an objective for the other side/ can pilot capital ships ... Basically just more. And ... oh yes: they should have the appropriate looks (did I already mention that imperial marine troops should be clad in black and have a large helmet - and imperial fleet officers should wear grey uniforms? ) Multiple (capturable) command points in the capital ships, ship systems that actually have speficic effects when they are malfunctioning or vehicles (parked At-At's ...but maybe also a completely functional AT-ST or hovertank in the hangar...) would be really nice, too .
  13. Will the Empire get more infantry unit types other than just stormtroopers (dark troopers, special forces units, marine troops, imperial army guys ... whatever)? And ... concerning the Galactic Conquest mode: - as there is going to be a new faction ...is this going to be expanded to support 3 players? - will there be an option to change the speed on the galactic map (it always seemed way to fast for me to plan anything without continously clicking on 'pause')?
  14. Sorry ... my protocol droid must have yet another malfunction - I seem to be unable to get a sensible translation for the last part, be it humour, be it unfamiliar colloquial expression. Hit what? (I guess you mean something along the lines of 'Shut up!' ... yet I'm not sure ...) In any case, I did not want to start a 'political' debate ... Just take it with a grain of salt (colloquial expression supplied by protocol droid XY-783). I know, bounty hunters aren't that found of idealism, but for rebels or imperials that tends to be slightly different ...
  15. Oh well ... my conscience forbids me to play rebels
  16. Pretty easy to answer the thread's question ... One of those valiant tie pilots, of course. Vigilantly patrolling somewhere in deep space in order to make sure that nothing disturbs the peaceful lfe of the galaxy's loyal imperial citizens. As the conquest mode of this nice simulation by the name of 'Battlefront 2' demonstrates, it is the fleet that TRULY keeps the rebels at bay. The simplest solution to prevent rebels or other criminals from infesting a planet is too blow them up while they are still in space.
  17. I guess I'll stick with the majority Both games have their merits ... It's actually rather weird ... You have all those neat new movement options like rolling running or rolling forward (it may sound silly ... but I DID miss especially the last one when playing BF1 a while ago) ... yet you can't lie on the ground, which was really atmospheric for snipers or the times when you are under really heavy fire - with a low wall on your side. However ... in my opinion the vehicles are one of the biggest differences. I really like the new space battles (although they badly need more varied maps) with the fast and furious dogfights and the entertaining, yet far too simplistic boarding combats ... On the other hand, the entire rest of the vehicles in BF2 are - at least in my opinion - a great disappointment. Firstly, -at least in my opinion- there are hardly any maps WITH vehicles out their ... and secondly, they just don't feel all that powerful and important anymore. In non-space levels, I am REALLY missing the cockpits. Piloting an AT-AT from up above just doesn't feel right ... I don't feel like being in control of a mighty machine - and it's pretty awkward in my opinion. I just can't get used to navigating & shooting in this perspective. Regardless if it's a turret, a speeder or a hovertank, not being able to use the cockpit perspective really lessens the experience. So I find myself not using them at all. Which is not very hard because there aren't very many of them around in any case. Slightly more interesting weaponry or special functions would have helped, too - though Bf 1's vehicles can't do much more than shooting powerful laser blasts, too. Oh yes ... and I'm missing flying vessels (particularly tie fighters, of course ... ) on planets, too ... They would have added a lot of spice to some scenarios ... Speaking of weapons ... I have to agree with those of you who complain about Bf 2's weapons. Grenade Throwing, the basic pistol and the rocket launcher ... I prefer the way they work in BF1, too. The weapon reward system sounds like a nice idea (sadly some strange bugs seem to prevent it from working on my computer ... I just can't get reward equipment, regardless how often I get 'medals'). The conquest mode of BF2 ... is an improvement, too ... at least in my opinion ... though it still doesn't allow LAN multiplayer matches ... A few words on the heroes: well, I haven't experienced them in multiplayer so far ... and I don't use them all that often - yet, I think it is pretty evident that they ARE an improvement over those in BF1 ... after all: who likes THEM? Completely invincible (well ... apart from some dirty tricks that I don't like, either ...) killing machines that help lowering the enemy's reserves faster.... No ... I can live without those guys. Against BF2's jedis you do at least have a CHANCE. I agree with Redtech ... they are far from invincible.
  18. Well, only in the form of them becoming happy citizens of the Great & Glorious Galactic Empire. It's the only logical solution.
  19. Thanks ... I guess -yet I am only a pilot, not a fleet commander. Is this a distress call? The message seems a bit garbled ... probably by rebels disrupting our communications. Mere X-Wings threatening a Star Destroyer? That sounds highly unlikely ... Of course I shall transmit the message to the next fleet immediately. Hold out! Whatever threatens you -we will come. Though this should probably not be discussed on this channel - it is not secured and open to rebel listeners. And yes - the Empire shall indeed live long and prosper!
  20. Once again the rebellion shows it's true face. All this pathetic babble about 'tolerance' and 'equality' is nothing but propaganda. See, you are openly discriminating against Geonosians ... and you are rude to a faithful imperial soldier, just because he is not from your part of the galaxy and his translator is malfunctioning and his political views differ from yours And all the time you are talking with someone who is - in your own terms - completely 'fictional'. You speak about truth like it is something the rebels have a monopoly on - yet you fail to see the shining light of imperial truth and justice. But ... I can feel your conflict - deep inside you, your mind rages against it's programming, against the cruel cage the rebels have put you in. Deep ... deep in the core of your tortured soul - something knows the truth and cries out for us to help you. Don't worry! We shall come - for the empire is on the march and nothing - neither the rebellion's war machine nor it's countless lies - will stop us from making the galaxy a safe place again.
  21. Indeed - Admiral Alec, Sir Jedi ... though personally I doubt that there is anything behind this legend, it would probably be prudent to send an expeditionary force to investigate this. Just to make sure that there isn't another hole for the rebels to hide in. Hmm ... this whole brainwashing business bothers me slightly ... the subject just keeps turning up. Is it nothing but rebel propaganda or a clue that they have really started a large brainwashing project in order to fill their sadly diminished ranks? Perhaps it is somehow connected with this 'earth' mythos? And Mr. Martin's subconsciousness is trying to help us, trying to get through the sinister rebel programming that helds his mind enslaved by giving us hints about where the experimental facility is located ...
  22. You keep referring to strange mythological persons ... our theme, however is serious, current politics and the situation in the galaxy as it is today. This is slightly weird ... sometimes you seem to participate vigorously in the discussion, then suddenly you make another of those strange comments. About us taking our games too seriously and such stuff. What games? What books? Do you think this is fiction?? Is this some twisted form of philosophical theory? 'Our whole life is nothing but our own imagination' or something like that? It is a rather curious thing ... This old earth stuff surely is fictional - while I only have to step outside of my cabin and look through a window to see the comforting pictures of imperial ties making graceful sweeps through the cold emptiness of space during their patrols. My blaster lies ready in my sock drawer, the holonet reception terminal I use to type this feels remarkably real and I can hear a live recording of the imperial march through the speakers in the ceiling. Reality is warm, secure and reassuring - perhaps you are trying to escape into your dream-reality of mythological earth from time to time, because the pressures of everyday life are becoming harder and harder for you to accept as the rebellion crumbles more with every second. Yes, I can well imagine that your life seems bleary and dreadful to you - but ... you know: it is not to late! We can help you - if you only do the first step! Some representative of the imperial authorities should be nearby - lay down your arms, take up your new life as a reformed and happy imperial citizen!
  23. Ah ... very interesting indeed. I see you had access to some inside source for information. Well, I guess that explains some of it. Still, the X-Wings were certainly the result of a rather flawed project ... and not only due to their poor aesthetic value. Else why was there never any attempt to revive this project after the unfortunate little accident that allowed the rebels to steal it?
  24. It is certainly correct that rebel pilots always try to do sneaky and cowardly attacks ... that fact has little to do with 'tactics' however. It is just because they are afraid of a proper dogfight against us significantly better trained tie pilots. As they are losing the war, they are turning increasingly desperate. Yes, I also had the pleasure of encountering a few of those supposedly clever rebels in a nebula. They couldn't even use their shields properly and the fight was over before it began. If you want to live a long life as a tie pilot, you need to learn a few tricks - and grow eyes on your back. To this date the best trick I ever managed to pull off in that field was a slight (of course I ensured that that little experiment was properly authorized) modification to my my own tie by turning it - so to speak - upside down. Or rather: backside-front. It was a bit difficult to transfer the engine section to a point just under the cockpit and the laser cannons just inside the 'engines' ... but it was worth it. It surely shocked quite a few of those oh-so-sneaky rebels. But I digress ... Daniel, though you correctly mentioned that X-Wings were originally supposed to be employed in the Imperial fleet, you - obviously being a ground trooper - perhaps missed the rather sceptical - if not outright negative reception the prototypes were given in fleet circles. Nobody wanted to fly the ugly things. Don't know what our science department intended them to be - probably cargo tugs ... but certainly they would never have passed as proper fighters. I guess that's the reason why the rebels were able to steal them. Their security level dropped significantly only days before that event.
  25. Indeed. Though the empire's ideals and honour would be a better reason than our - admittedly very impressive - military forces to support it, of course everyone is welcome.
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