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  1. Originally posted by norwaymaster

    hmm, rnt supposedly when u reach a certain point in the game, and hae not gotten a prestige class ur forced to get on?;)


    Nah, I know people who completed it without choosing one.



    They were already at Malachor V... :(


  2. Originally posted by RedHawke


    It is the Prestiege Class you choose, because with all three of the Sith Classes, I let the Jedi Masters Live, met them on Dantooine, and even let them try to strip the Force from me, before Krea stepped in, and I still got the DS ending.


    Likewise with the 3 Jedi Classes I killed the Masters, and I still got the LS ending.


    The Jedi Masters aren't a factor of the ending, the Prestiege Class you select is the likeliest culprit.




    I thought of that, but...



    What if you DON'T choose a Prestige Class? :confused:


    So now my best guess is that the game would proceed like normally if you do choose one. So it all matters on alignment....maybe...


  3. Originally posted by Master Zalius

    Personally, Miras a better sight to look at so I'm happy with my choice... spoils of being on the light side.





    Yeah, even darksiders stay neutral just up to Nar Shaddaa just to get Mira, a prized lightside award. Stay with your wookie, darksiders! :swear:



    Besides that,



    ...she's the one who can become a Jedi. :saberb: Instant win. :^:


  4. Hanharr...



    ...is the darkside counterpart to Mira. So if you're darkside on Nar Shaddaa, Hanharr, instead of Mira, would approach you when you're on your way to the Jekk Jekk Tarr. You would also take control of him in the pit.


  5. From KOTOR 1:






    Seeing as how they both made appearances in KOTOR 2, they should appear because they are searching for Revan. It doesn't matter what you side made Revan. They are searching.



    From KOTOR 2:








    I think these ones should return because at the end, when Kreia tells of the future, she says that they are the Lost Jedi in which the future will be built upon. They I think they will be the new Jedi Council, seeing as how the other Masters died... :saberb::saberg:




    Who MUST come back:












    But more importantly, whatever could be beyond the Outer Rim...


  6. Originally posted by Mandalorian X

    But if you do this early, not only does it up your character stats but i notice that all the enemies are as strong as you are. It's a glitch that i wouldnt highly recommend unless you like getting an a** whoopin by kinrath or something.


    Nah, you'll be just as strong as them.

    It would be the same difficulty even if you don't use any glitches. Everything's equal...

  7. Originally posted by Chains

    It does sound familiar...But I dont think he was there...Maybe Zaalbar mentioned him?:confused:


    I'm pretty sure if he was mentioned by Zaalbar, we would remember! :sweat:


    But, yes, I'm fairly sure that Hanharr was part of another tribe in another place on Kashyyk. :chew1

  8. Originally posted by Piece of metal

    That wouldn't be possible, in one of the loading screens it says:

    "True sith died out centuries ago."

    "The sith of this era is not a species, but followers of an ideal."



    Yes, but what if that only counted for that galaxy?


    What if the "true" Sith are still in existence, somewhere beyond the Outer Rim?

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