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  1. I loved it! I was feeling so nostalgic the entire time. I even got teary eyed at some points. So cool, so badass, yet so sad...


    The good:

    - Obi-wan vs. Anakin

    Need I say more? I love the "Battle of the Heroes" theme. :D

    - R2-D2

    Woah, he's really handy.


    The bad:

    - No complaints from me! ;)


    The sad:

    - Plo Koon's death

    No, I'm serious. It made me depressed when the clones shot him down. Yeah, I played and loved Jedi Power Battles, so I've learned to cherish him. :(


    The funny:

    - Yoda slamming those two red elite guards to the wall.


  2. Canaan didn't hear Heero words. He was too busy listening to Patrick Zala's words or watching angry ZAFT soldiers chasing after the Earth Forces. What he didn't notice was Freedom and Justice intervening to stop the pursuit. Intead of pursuing the EA he opted to return to the Harbinger, the Nazca-class ship he was stationed on. He saw no point in chasing enemies who've lost their will to fight. On his way back, Patrick Zala's speech continued.


    "A new future, for the light of creation... is with us! This is a day of history! Marking the advent of a bright new world of Coordinators, the new mankind!" The words sent chills down his spine. After that Canaan heard a chant that echoed over the intercom:


    "For ZAFT! For ZAFT! For ZAFT! For ZAFT! For ZAFT! For ZAFT! For ZAFT! ..."


    He gave a heavy sigh and said quietly, "For ZAFT..."

  3. Canaan watched in horror as the GENESIS's gamma ray laser ripped through Earth Alliance warships and mobile suits. Anything and everything in its path were engulfed by its intense radiation.


    As it dispersed, its path of destruction revealed... nothing. Legions of ships, gone. All Canaan could do was tremble in fear. When he regained his composure, he could only feel a mix of sadness and anger. Then, he heard another tranmission. Like Lacus's, it was directed to all on the battlefield. But this time, it was not the voice of peace. It was the voice of hate. It was none other than the voice of Patrick Zala, the newly elected Chairman of the High Council.


    "Couragous soldiers of the ZAFT forces, we can no longer tolerate the aggression of the arrogant Naturals. Once more the PLANTS have come under nuclear attack. This is no longer war, it is a campaign of extermination! We can no longer forgive the Naturals who commit these terrible acts without remorse!"


    Canaan listened carefully, as he saw the surviving Earth Alliance forces making their retreat. ZAFT forces were on pursuit.

  4. Happy Birthday, Rhett! :cheers:


    Hmm, and it's interesting to note that your birthday coincides with the birthday of a certain Gundam character or two... o_O ...I guess that's how I'll remember your birthday now...


    And you still have your April Fooler title... You won't let that go, will ya? :p


    EDIT: Whoops, forgot about Chase and Itachi, ...Happy birthdays! :rolleyes:

  5. Canaan looked over to where the transmission was coming from. It was just as he expected; the Eternal, followed by the Archangel and Kusanagi. But he directed his attention to the Freedom and Justice Gundams. They were zipping around, firing away with their METEOR packs. He zoomed his monitor on the Justice. "Athrun..." Then he zoomed in on the Freedom. "And that must be..." He flashed back to the conversation he had with Heero. ...Kira..? He grimaced at the Freedom's sight. Ironically, he was one of the candidates to be chosen as its pilot, to fight alongside Athrun Zala, the pilot of the Justice Gundam. But before he could respond to them, he received an emergency message on his monitor.


    /// URGENT WARNING ///

    //// PRIORITY 1 ////



    /// CAUTION ///



    "No..." he hoped this day would never come. But it did. He looked over to Jachin Due, and a large object emerged from behind.

  6. Favorite Battle: Since the Onderon Civil War is already mentioned, I'll say the Raid on Freedon Nadd's Tomb instead. As lightside I took three padawans to do the task; Atton with a single yellow lightsaber, Handmaiden with a double-bladed silver, and Bao-Dur with dual lightsabers, one viridian and the other cyan. It was quite a site to see them running around, different coloered lightsabers blazing and everything. :)


    Favorite Duel:


    Exile vs. Atris. It was the Exile, dressed in Dark Jedi Robes wielding a blue lightsaber, fighting Atris, wearing white and wielding a red lightsaber. It was a true battle of opposites. :cool:


  7. The world I hated most was Citadel Station. It just became boring really fast. Run from Point A to Point B, with all those loading screens inbetween(I got the Xbox version). Not that appealing.


    The world I enjoyed the most was Onderon. I thought its civil war scenario had its moments, and I liked how you had to storm the Palace.

  8. As the explosions settled, Canaan, still in momentary shock, saw the two Gundams responsible.

    "Justice! ... and Freedom!" he said out loud. It was likely that many other ZAFT soldiers echoed those same words. Just then, he heard a transmission directed to all on the battlefield. A voice Canaan knew all too well.


    "Soldiers of the Earth Forces, please cease your attack at once!"


    ...That voice... Canaan couldn't believe it. ...Lacus Clyne! But all along, he always knew that she would eventually show up. Especially for this battle. The voice continued.


    "Are you truly aware of the consequences of what you're about to do? I repeat, soldiers of the Earth Forces, please cease your attack at once!"

  9. It's looking good so far in my EGM. I think it's something to look forward to. Playing as Neo as you progress through all three movies is enough to get my attention. :)


    Here's an interesting piece of info from the mag:

    "The Matrix trilogy ends with Neo letting himself die, but that's a bad game ending....The Wachowskis knew that, so they came up with a plan for a better ending [in Path of Neo].


    This should be interesting... ;)

  10. I started watching it mid-season last season(3), and since then, I've been hooked! :D


    Tonight's a new episode with two episodes left in season 4. It's really exciting stuff. :) The show wouldn't be as good without Kiefer Sutherland.

  11. Is this the end? Canaan thought to himself. He grimaced as his saw the three EA mobile suits cut down the ZAFT forces. Behind them, the stream of nukes continued their slow descend towards the PLANTS. He was helpless to stop them.


    Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a lone, familiar Gundam blasting its way towards the nukes.


    "Heero?" Canaan said. Just then, a series of intense lights engulfed the battlefield. In an instant, the nukes exploded in a blaze of glory. But they were nowhere nears the PLANTS when they exploded. "What happened?" He said in awe.

  12. As the Faith was firmly engaged in the fighting, Canaan heard a transmission from Yzak.

    "Damn! Those are the...!"

    "What?" Canaan replied.

    "Nuclear missiles!" Yzak said.

    "HUH?" He looked over to the edge of the battlefield and saw them. Tiny cylindrical objects heading towards the PLANTs.

    "We gotta take out those missile! DON'T LET THEM HIT THE PLANTS!" Yzak cried out desperately.

    "Take them out!" Canaan shouted. He sent a message to all ZAFT units to go after the nukes. He too, charged towards the missiles, before being stopped by the Calamity. As the Faith fired its dual beam rifles, the rear proximity alarm sounded. Before wondering what was coming, he immediated manuevered the Faith to do a backflip to dodge the Raider's spike hammer, firing back at it. But before he was in the clearing, the rear alarms sounded again. He turned around just as the Forbidden took a swipe at him. The Faith managed to dodge in time, but its right beam rifle was caught in the slash. As the rifle exploded, he took out the Faith's right beam saber to parry a second scythe slash, and the two Gundams locked. But it was Forbidden that broke the lock by fiercely kicking the Faith away, blowing it back serveral meters.

    "Grr!" Canaan grunted, desperation and frustration in his voice. The druggie trio had effectively cut him and the Faith off from the nuclear missiles.

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