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  1. Be a traditionalist by going with Force Push. They don't do stasis in the movies! And if you're going DS, go insanity. It's fun and cruel at the same time. Although it doesn't do any damage, there are still plenty of DS offensive powers to make up for it, and you won't be limited to Force Wave.
  2. Canaan continued fighting. "Dammit!" he shouted. These opponents were nothing like he's ever fought before. They weren't the grunt Strike Daggers or Moebius units that were easily dealt with. "Who are these guys?" He questioned. "These guys are tough!" It was Yzak shouting through the intercom. "Keep at 'em!" Canaan responded. He saw the Duel fire its rockets at the Raider, but it blocked them all with a twirl of its spiked hammer. They can't be Naturals... Canaan thought to himself.
  3. ((700th post )) The Faith exchanged fire with the Calamity Gundam. In the corner of his eye, Canaan saw Yzak in the Duel Gundam fighting the Raider Gundam, and Shiho in her CGUE Deep Arms taking on the Forbidden Gundam. Canaan gave a chuckle. Before the war started, he and Shiho were "good friends." But when the war started, their duties separated them. He would always see her around, like back at the Academy when he took Heero to see Captain Yuki, but they would never have the time to talk. Imagine his surprise when he heard rumors that she was now with Yzak. It may be why Canaan has recently held a grudge against him. And so now here they were together, in the Second Battle of Jachin Due, fighting the three EA mobile armors. He grinned at the thought.
  4. The best thing about being me... There are so many "me"s. /Agent Smith
  5. Too late... But some quotes here were from the ep3 trailer so it's okay. And back on-topic: The Heroes of KoTOR "I hate you, old man." ~ Revan "Just because I saved her doesn't mean I was going to charge up her loading ramp." ~ The Exile
  6. Fixed* And so is my Firefox. I know. And I give all credit to Artemis`.
  7. Handmaiden. Duh. Normal white clothes + dual silver lightsabers =
  8. Before Canaan could reach his three targets, he was already being swarmed by Strike Daggers. "Small fry!" he shouted, and took out the Faith's beam boomerangs and whirled them at the opposition, effectively taking out a row of them. He quickly proceeded on to engage the Calamity Gundam.
  9. That's pretty much my strategy. I also liked following my Jedi hero around, watching him kick ass while I back him up.
  10. I remember that! And it's still funny. "Your bakery products are weak old man!"
  11. Off the top of my head... "This party's over." ~Mace Windu "The shroud of the Dark Side has fallen. Begun, the Clone Wars has." ~Yoda "You were the Chosen One!" ~Obi-Wan Kenobi "Shut him up or shut him down!" ~Han Solo "Impressive. Most impressive." ~Darth Vader "It's a trap!" ~Admiral Ackbar "If the Force is life, how can there be life without the Force?" ~Vergere
  12. Star Wars Knight of the Old Republic 3 for me. Though Battlefront 2 comes in a close second. That one's probably gonna be out first. So yay.
  13. FINALLY. A thread about Rebel Strike! Well, I finally decided to pick up a copy(used; they don't make'em new anymore ). Single player was ok, and my brother and I are having a blast with the co-op and versus mode. So I come to this community, and to my surprise...it's been dead...for like...years. No separate forum, no codes(on this site)... *tumbleweed blows by*
  14. Your soul is bound to the Sixth Totem, Gehirn, The Tortoise. Gehirn appears as a claret colored turtle. He embodies growth, success, evolution, and progress. He is associated with the color claret, the season of summer, and the element of wind. His downfall is forgetfulness. You are most compatible with Monkeys and Spiders. Interesting...
  15. I like them both. Though you should've seen me when I was a KOTOR newb...when I thought it was an action RPG(third person shooter). *mashes buttons* "Why isn't my guy attacking!?"
  16. Republic. I'm a lightside whore.
  17. The Final Fantasy soundtracks have always been great. I also like the Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater soundtracks, composed by Harry Gregson-Williams.
  18. I can see it now. Tomorrow's headlines: "Bannings increase 1200%" Erm, I mean: "Congratulations, stingerhs!"
  19. Nope. Because that's next year for me... In the mean time, I'd got to worry about the AP Statistics exam tomorrow...
  20. Well, why do you think that they always have T3 onboard? What an odd thread...
  21. Point taken. Although OB was expanding on Bioware's system, Bioware did have a little over 36 months to do KoTOR. More than 2 times than what Obsidian had to develop TSL. And they did do it...to an extent of course. And for that, we give them credit. Heh. Sometimes it does, but yeah, sometimes it doesn't *thinks back to Beyond Good And Evil and Prince of Persia* Who knows? Maybe they would've made great Valentine's gifts.
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