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  1. Ok. Yes, I DO agree that the game was decent. And we can also agree that it could've been better. Just my inductive reasoning. And I'm sure others know that's what it looked like. December 6 release + Holiday shopping period = LucasArts: $$$ They certainly could've done MORE with those resources if they were given MORE time. Something which LA didn't allow for the Xbox release. Of course. Even Ubisoft admits that for Halo 2. Why did that happen? Because Microsoft wanted to rush them so it couldn't possibly affect the Xbox 360's sales. Thus, Microsoft can be blamed for Halo 2's shortcomings, whereas LucasArts can be blamed for TSL's shortcomings. Ok. =/ Pass on the opportunity to make themselves known, even when they were handpicked by Bioware to do TSL? I think not. They accepted the offer for the February release, not the December release, as stingerhs points out... I know. That's why critics exist to point out the flaws. Nice hyperbole. Ok, some would disagree. I guess the cons were more glaring to point out, then. With reviews and public reaction, a well polish game will receive much more acclaim than a game with "some bugs." I guess I should've said that they were OB's mistakes...with the knowledge that LA played a role in it...
  2. Ah, playing the old "bait & switch," eh Prime? First you defend LucasArts and bash Obsidian, then you give Obsidian some credit at the very end... So it's Obsidian's fault that LucasArts made them rush the game for the holidays? For the "What went wrong" list... All of those contributed to the... Why? Because of the... ...that LucasArts gave them. See the trend? All paths lead to them. Might as well blame LA for allowing Obsidian to develop it in the first place. If the game would actually be completed, with all quirks fixed, and with whatever Obsidian wanted finished and polished, then yes. Certainly better than a $50 flawed game.
  3. I've also thought about that. I just haven't ever found a way to say it nicely. Good job, RedHawke! It's better than, "When he dies..." <_<;; Then there are the rumors(or whatever) that his daughters will take over... >_>;;
  4. Sheesh. All five of the "What went wrong" topics could be traced to LA's management. Even a few of the "What went right" topics were affected by that too.
  5. Congratulations, you are the (insert incredibly large number)th person to point this out. Seriously, does anyone ever have anything nice to say about this game anymore!? Yes, the game has flaws. Incomplete, perhaps. But there's still the new battle animations, the new feats and powers, the new personalilties, and the story. And...and.... *mumbles* Gah. Well, happy modding.
  6. :D Next generation KoTOR 3, here we come! So was this leaked picture really true?
  7. Name: Jacen Race: Wood Elf Class: Custom Thief Sign: The Atronach Level: 77 Armor: Cuirass of the Savior's Hide/Imperial Newtscale Cuirass, Glass Greaves, Heavy Leather Boots Weapon: Auriel's Bow, Daedric Wakizashi
  8. I might as well introduce myself to the Battlefront community in light of a certain upcoming sequel(not EPIII). Hello there! I'm really looking forward to hear more of what's to come in Battlefront 2! So I'll be around...lurking in the shadows...
  9. Same here! And also because my brother has the PS2 in his room while I have the Xbox and Gamecube in mine. But I still prefer Xbox overall.
  10. That's like...really old news. I've heard of the layoff concerning the KoTOR 3 team a long time ago. But, I guess it's news to people who didn't know about it yet!
  11. Sometimes the blade is active when it's not supposed to be. The lightsaber is off, but you still see the cyan blade. It looks weird when a character holds it in the non-battle stance or when he or she runs. It's more of an annoying bug than a game-ending glitch, so...
  12. The only ones I can think of at the moment are the "Escaped criminals on Telos" and the Cyan lightsaber.
  13. Nothing important. Just another cutscene of how well your Ebon Hawk crew gets along. Handmaiden: Fool. Atton: Schutta.
  14. Yes, sadly it was one of Obsidian's "rushing screw-ups," as you say. It was cut. And nope, the HK-50 droid doesn't do anything.
  15. *points to Tomb King's avy* It's a Dark Elf! Yeah I love Morrowind too. Anyways, favorite game...I'll just say Tales of Symphonia for now. Though I still need to finish it...
  16. I loved that show. I was sad when they took it off too. But I hear there was 300+ episodes anyways. Favorites: Gundam SEED Gundam SEED Destiny Inuyasha Trigun Cowboy Bebop Detective Conan Xenosaga: The Animation
  17. Those ones for the action figures... Kid: "Level 5, Transformer." Another kid: "Transformer, level 2." Those were so corny...
  18. No problem. Oh yeah, another "solution" to the puzzle would've been to destroy the thing itself. More direct.
  19. None at all. At least I've never been able to. And I've don't know anyone who has. Actually, it's more like flirting than an actually romance...and even so, Mira still rejects you.
  20. 1) Center counterclockwise 2) Left counterclockwise 3) Right clockwise
  21. Looks like I'm in the minority. Yeah, I'm interested. I LIKED Battlefront, so sue me. Any game with the Millennium Falcon in it is a winner to me.
  22. You are DNA. You're a smart person, and you appear incredibly complex to people who don't know you. You're incomparably full of information, and most of it is useless. What can I say when it's true?
  23. Best Liam Neeson ~ Qui-Gon Frank Oz ~ Voice of Yoda Billy Dee Williams ~ Lando - Why? Because he's Lando. Harrison Ford ~ Han Solo James Earl Jones ~ Voice of Darth Vader Worst Jake Lloyd ~ Anakin "Are you an Angel?" Skywalker Crew John William - I love the musical scores.
  24. Bioware. The framerate was much smoother. I also said Bioware in this thread, though that one was asking more specifically about TSL.
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