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  1. ((Yeah but Patrick Zala ordered a media blackout But you're ok if I guess if you're military personnel)) Both sides negan the shooting. Beams and artillery filled the battlefield. The Zabaac squadron charged into the thick of the fighting. "Axel, take the left; Manuel, the right; Sakura, stay with me." Canaan ordered. "Roger," they responded. "Fire at will!" he shouted. Axel was the first to score a few kills. His GuAIZ outmatched the EA's cannon fodder Moebius units. Manuel also score a few hits with his beam cannon rifle. Soon, he teamed up with Axel to take out a 130-meter class ship. Meanwhile, Canaan and Sakura made an effective team, and guarded each other's backs. Sakura even made good use of the extension arrestor claws to pierce through a Strike Dagger. Canaan shot down enemies whenever they crossed his path. Quickly, ZAFT gained the upperhand in the battle. But it wasn't over. Not yet.
  2. The alarms blazed throughout Boaz. Canaan looked up, then closed his eyes. It's begun... Numerous ZAFT pilots, including Canaan's squadron, flooded into the briefing room he was in, asking many questions. "The attack on Boaz has begun?" "No way..." "Captain Zabaac!" "How are the PLANTs?!" "Damn the Naturals!" "What's the situation? How many are there?" "When do we launch? Captain!" To these questions Canaan made no answer. He took the podium to brief everyone. "Everyone, the attack has begun. Man your stations. We will launch." "Roger!" The ZAFT pilots all said in unison with the ZAFT salute. Canaan replied with a salute as well. He stayed at the podium as all the pilots left the room. Axel, Manuel, and Sakura approached him. "Are we going, captain?" Sakura asked. "Let's do it!" Axel said fiercely. "For ZAFT!" Manuel replied. Canaan simply smiled. "For ZAFT," he said. ~~~~ The Earth Fleet approached Boaz. It was composed of the Strike Daggers, Mobius units, 130-meter class ships, and the 250-meter class warships. Boaz was ready for the EA, and approached them with numerous GINNs, GuAIZs, Laurasia-class ships, and Nazca class warships. ~~~~ Canaan started up the Faith as the OS flashed the ZAFT screen. On his monitor, he saw numerous GuAIZs launch. At the same time, he wondered how Heero was doing. Canaan knew that he'd always wanted to participate in this battle. "Zabaac Team. Faith. Launching!" The Faith came alive and launched into the battlefield. Axel's, Manuel's, and Sakura's units launched behind him. Canaan knew that this would be their first real battle. He knew that their lives were in his hands.
  3. FFX-2 uses Active Time. Like I said...
  4. Rey seized the opportunity. With his lightning quick reflexes, he drew out his custom made blaster and pointed it straight at the human. "Drop it."
  5. "Hey, woah there. A little anxious for a fight are we?" Rey dropped his vibroblade to the ground and put his hands up, though his left arm was still limp. "I'm not exactly itching for a fight at the moment, so you win," he said with a smirk on his face. He scanned the surface of the landscape, plastered with the remains of wrecked speeders. "Though it seems your 'witness' may have become one with Dantooine..."
  6. The next morning, Canaan donned his ZAFT suit once again. He went over to the military headquarters to receive his orders to be assigned to Boaz. His squadron was already stationed there, and awaiting his arrival. Once again, he launched out with the Faith and headed for Boaz. Boaz. The ZAFT Army Space Stronghold. It was essentially a large military base within a hugh asteriod. Canaan landed the Faith in the hanger bays, and he found his squadron already in the area, saluting him. There were three of them, all a year or two younger than Canaan. Their names were Axel, Manuel, and Sakura. They were normal ZAFT pilots, but Canaan soon found out that they had high spirits. Within the next two months, he would bond with them as a mentor, and more importantly, as friends. ~~~ Nearly two months later... (Phase 47: A Nightmare Reborn) The ZAFT forces on Earth have been finally driven back to space, following the fall of Gibraltar and Capentaria. The Earth Alliance has assembled its forces on its moon base, the Ptolemaeus Crater. The ZAFT base stronghold, Boaz, is the final defense base before the EA can reach the PLANT homeland. Tensions run high within the stronghold as the Earth Fleet's attack is imminent. On the ZAFT side, the outdated GINNs have been replaced with the now supperior GuAIZs. Axel, Manuel, and Sakura were now proud owners of such mobile suits. However, the Earth Forces also had their own mass-produced Strike Daggers to add to their superior numbers. Canaan paced around anxiously in the briefing room. The Battle of Boaz was at hand.
  7. Rey considered the man's offer for a moment. He knew it was valid, for he was seemingly with the Khoonda militia. And Korth....Rey never found out his allegiances. But it was him who made him get this far with the Holocron. "No deal," Rey said firmly. "You may be with the militia, but I had the permission of Administrator Terena Adare to explore the Enclave. That Zabrak and I found an artifact, and we were just traveling back to Khoonda...until your goons got in the way. Is that really how your militia operates?"
  8. Oh, wow. That's...news to me! Be careful what you wish for, I guess...
  9. Uhhh...I heard that it was really short? Is there some truth to this? And: Buy or Rent?
  10. The sun was setting now, and Canaan finally reached his destination. Holding flowers in his hands, he got out of his car, and looked towards the rows of endless graves. He started the trek towards his past, passing many hedgestones, until he found the three graves he was looking for. Dale Zabaac C.E. 32 - C.E. 71 Sheila Zabaac C.E. 34 - C.E. 71 Rika Zabaac C.E. 56 - C.E. 71 He placed the flowers on all three gravestones and sat there on his knees in front of them for a long time.
  11. The specific upgrade part in question is the Lens Fixture. It's a specific quest reward. Go to this thread for locations.
  12. Rey stopped in his tracks. The mysterious man was right. He wouldn't last long in a fight. But he remained in battle stance. Khoonda militia... Rey thought. "I'm a Republic Scout. Put down your weapon."
  13. I think it's only fair that I say Happy Birthday too! So Happy Birthday! It took me a while to find your name on the Today's Birthdays list, because it wasn't bolded.
  14. Yeah, that's exactly how many I feel... OMG video game monopoly!
  15. Canaan was resting in his hotel room back in the city((different hotel, mind you)). He was in his civilain clothes now, and was simply sitting in a chair, contemplating in the silence of the room, only listening to the outside sounds of the city. Even though now he had a short 24 hour leave from duty, he had nothing to do. It was still daylight outside. Suddenly he remembered something. He got out of his chair and headed for the exit.
  16. "Good." Zala said. "I'm sure you're aware of the situation on Earth." He turned on the large tv monitor on the side or the room. News videos of ZAFT defeats on Earth flashed onto the screen. "Those Natural bastards. Thinking to overwhelm us simply by their numbers." Zala said, clenthing his fists. "Well then Canaan," Le Klueze spoke. "I've requested you here to tell you that you and your squad will be assigned to Boaz, effective in 24 hours." Hmph. Canaan muttered in his head. Figures. "Until then, you are on leave. Report back then," Le Klueze finished. "Yes sir." Canaan saluted again and left the dark room.
  17. To quote other people from a certain Swamp thread...."newness" Although it's still the same character from before.
  18. @Rogue15 *reads a few headlines* Well, they certainly don't report those in the news...
  19. Rey saw the human who shot down his speeder rushing towards him. "Why you..." He brandished his vibroblade in his right hand because his left arm was incapacitated. Emerging from behind the boulder, weapon in hand, he rushed towards the figure.
  20. It should probably stay as a game. Otherwise it would be ripping off the Matrix! But if it did become a movie, I'd watch it anyways! And yeah, it would obviously be rated R.... I'll post a cast list later...
  21. I post on this forum...among other ones too...
  22. Canaan entered the dark room to find Le Klueze and Zala in an agument. "You failed to capture the Eternal!" Chairman Zala said angrily. "I must apologize. Forgive me, Chairman." Le Klueze answered. As he said this, Canaan entered and gave the ZAFT salute. Both the Le Klueze and Zala looked at him. "Commander. Chairman." Canaan said. "Who are you and what the hell do you want?" Chairman Zala inquired. "He is Captain Canaan Zabaac, Chairman. He reports under me. He was there when we fought with the Eternal." Le Klueze said. "Very well," Zala replied. He turned to Canaan. "Well why didn't you destroy the Eternal? Your failures may cost you your life one day. This is war. It means nothing without victory. Failure means death." "Yes. I'm sorry, Chairman. I understand." Canaan said, still in his ZAFT salute.
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