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  1. if i knew how much of a wild goose chase some of these earlier missions were gonna be i would not of bothered with the game....i am still stuck and it is the last mission of trehla keelo(so,not very far into it)and i have been stuck for 3-4 days now without being able to get anywhere....i would of stayed with final fantasy 11,if i would of known
  2. not just episode 3 dvd...but also star wars :battlefront 2 ...which i am very much looking forward to...although i have to get all 3...so november 1st is gonna be a very broke day for me...all my money ..gone.... lucas....your killing me!!
  3. and make sure it is switched to monthly....i messed up and did it yearly.....and its on my mums credit card(with her permission of course)...and then she got a bill for £104.......and the phone calls i got of her were not very pleasent ...well,at least its been payed for a year
  4. i have just started and i am a freelance pilot........and i'm crap,lol
  5. okay,i haven't been playing long but i am stuck.....that trehla jedi woman whatever,in mos eisley,gave me my last assignment from her(so she says)...and it is to go to mos espa to tell Trace Lyson that the tusken raiders attacks are becoming more frequent and nearer to mos eisley...so when i get to mos espa,and finally find Trace Lyson......he wont talk to me...when ever i try and talk to him he says.......'i'm sorry but i cant talk right now,big things brewing'...and that is all i can get out of him....i tried going back to the jedi witch,but she says that i should master using the shuttleports to get to mos espa....she is acting as though i cant get to mos espa so is there anything that i have to do to get Trace Lyson to talk to me........or is he just a git!! thanks
  6. well i'm with what you said in an earlier post,give the reins over to bioware.....there games have been fantastic(okay so i have only played 2) but microsoft were bright enough to sign them up..and the quality of there games is second to none....it would be grat to ee what they would do with galaxies
  7. jeez....is it just star wars galaxies that suffers this way?...when i used to play final fantasy 11,there was a few updates every now and again but nothing as bad as you just described.....who would you blame.....sony or lucasarts?
  8. hmm,look at final fantasy 11 ..thats older than galaxies and it appears on the xbox360 next year...and it has been on ps2 for a while now galaxies could easily be on the consoles....especially xbox because of its hard drive,star wars battlefront recieved both patches to update the game and also levels jabbas palace..so as for hotfixes..it wouldn't be a problem and xbox has been doing phantasy star online for a while now
  9. as soon as sony stands down...microsoft would step in,if they could...and maybe bring the game to the brilliance that is xbox live.......which i think would be a good move for the game.PC owners would still have the best package,but on xbox live it would be made easier to obtain for the younger audience(wether we want the younger audience is another matter) p.s. by the way this is my first post on here so....good to be here i'm about to start the game next week,i've just been maessing around getting used to the controls at the moment gamertag SWG:Bacad Brimmer
  10. oh my god the lag is getting way out of control on xbox live and my xbox keeps freezing...whats going on?
  11. Hey,the pc version has had there patch so what about xbox players,are we still due an update:fett:
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