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  1. Straight Edged Administar?

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. You can run, but it only increases the rods excited state! ;-) GB j7

  4. *blinks dumbly a few times before screaming Macaulay Culkin style and running away*

  5. Thanks, the range is huge! I always enjoy playing with my glow rod... Would you like to touch it? ;) GB j7

  6. I must say, J7, that your avatar's range is impressive, but I'm a little worried that his stream is neon green.


    Might want to see a doctor about that... or at least have him take some Rad-Away or something.

  7. *pours keg of grease over this visitor message board*

  8. *screams and faints*

  9. I hear you--we spent a ton of time getting ready for vacation, we're at Disneyworld for a week, and then I have more work to do when I get home.

  10. :( I haven't had time to play since I moved to my house. Work is keeping me really busy. Hopefully things will settle down soon, though.
  11. Bobicus! You need to start an alt on Brandywine and join Lost Haven there, and come see my house and horse!

  12. Infinity.


    And Beyond!

  13. omg Bobby! Where have you been you angry lion you

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