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  1. Yahoo sues xfire. For those who do use xfire.
  2. -Increase scout movement speed, no crosshair for sniper rifle when not zoomed, longer reload for rifle, the recon droid exploding right after it's meter is filled. -A new class Medics??? Like the fusion cutter for vehicles, something for healing other people. -Mines only to explode for vehicles and not troops. -Jedi and special units vulnerable but require alot of work on to kill. Rancor would be nice if it actually moved, its like it's feet are glued to the ground. Let it move around so it can actually do something. -JPers should just shoot 1 shot instead of having 2 in 1 clip. Reload after 1 shot. -Spectator mode -A minute or so at the begining and end of the round before starting. About ctf: I like it (from my bf42 playing days) but right now, it doesnt look like the best way to go. Everywhere i go, someone is complaining about camping, and when you'll be defending the flag, many disputes will break out because of this. If there is a ctf mode, it would be fun. Maybe there can be vehicles mainly for transporting troops. About punkbuster: It does barely anything, it is just a hassle to update manually and usually kicks for annoying reasons. THE END
  3. ewoks can actually kill people, jawas just sit there and die... *prepares to get beat up*
  4. i finished both campaigns each in 30 minutes on hard... i have no life.
  5. -More game modes ie: Capture the Flag, Deathmatch, etc. -Vehicles abit overpowered. -Vehicles for mainly transporting troops (the most a vehicle seems to carry ingame is the repub gunship, which isnt really much for transporting.) -Again, the Jedi, some way to kill them other than blowing them off on maps. -Ability to play as a third team on certain maps ie: gonohrea in jabba's palace, tuskens in dune sea, geonosians in geonosis, etc. -Weapon fixes The blaster rifles are basically just blasters that shoot fast, maybe increase damage. -Skins that would be nice That is all.
  6. ewoks speak tagalog, the language of filipinos...i am filipino, therefore i'm related to ewoks...i dont like killing my relatives
  7. well i'm ninja, ninja please. some know me from the begining of battlefront, as phenol red, or viggo. i live in the ghetto. i've just hovered over this site for along time but i never really felt like registering (lazy).
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