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  1. I hope someone does pick it up, I know it is a possibility as Activision (the publisher) still has the rights/license to make another game, But they could always hire another developer.
  2. That is alot of promises to make up for, Fable on the XBox wasn't bad, but they stated too much and released to little (KOTOR 2 ring any bells), so the game came off like that to alot of people, it was like getting promised enternal life and instead you got a water drink that prolongs your life for a hundred years. But I will be buying it anyway just too see if it can finally live up to the hype of "the greatest RPG ever" and the hype of "what a RPG is supposed to be like."
  3. Internet Movie Database which also deals in games had this stated: "The official prequel to White Wolf Publishing's "Time of Judgment" expansion/storyline for its "Vampire: The Masquerade" pen and paper role-playing game." Maybe they are wrong or WW turned it into the official prequel (which seems very likely that they would), but this is what was stated at there.
  4. It was to be a prequel/expansion to the Gehenna storyline, but the game could had benefitted from using the Requiem setting as the Requiem setting is more fitting for a videogame, but Masquerade can make for a more dramatic storyline, also in my eye Bloodlines will always be one of the greatest games to ever come to a PC, so please tell your friends to check it out, almost all who do are not disapointed. You can check out a trailer of the game here: http://www.vampirebloodlines.com/
  5. The game was built using the same engine as Half-Life 2, the source engine was built to be a next generation engine like the new Unreal engine, meaning that it is very resource hungry on just about any computer. To answer your question: Bloodlines was created using a modified (a little outdated too) version of that engine, so the engine was never tweaked as much as Half-Life 2s was, but if HL2 gave you stutter problems then you are likely to get them with Bloodlines, but if you can play HL2 on full settings (and have more then 512mb of ram) without stutter problems, then you will most likely get no stutter problems at all, for example I don't own HL2 but the only time I got stutter (it is also when I get the longest load times when entering a town that I have not been in before, after that the load times was between 15 to 20 seconds, about 5-10 seconds for the buildings) problems with Bloodlines is the first time I see an area in that part of the town, another example of that would be when I was walking to the Last Round (a bar in the game) I recieved minor stutter problems, the next time when walking to the Last Round I recieved none, I also recieved none when fighting (it didn't matter if it was the first time I saw the enemy or not) in first person view or third person view, I also got none when entering a building or talking to the other characters (it also did not matter if it was the first time I talked to them or not). Here are my specs when playing the game: Intel P4 2.60 GHz hyperthreading processor Nvidia Geforce FX5200 Kingston 512mb DDR PC3200 Motherboard ASUS P4S800D-E Deluxe 80GB/60GB 7200 RPM Western Digital Hard Drive CD Writer 32x/12x/40x, DVD writer 8x (Yes I know my computer is outdated I plan on getting it fully updated to everything top of the line in about 6 weeks, just posted this to show you what kind of performance you would get, also above performance was when using the game on not all the way down settings, but one less then half settings, the game was still visual stunning compare to alot of other games, I also had the game patched using the unofficial patch 1.2 installed first then installed the official patch 1.2, both can be found at http://www.planetvampire.com/)
  6. Short Answer: Not when it says "Stop in and chat among your fellow Knights about anything and everything!". This fits in the anything and everything pile. Longer Answer: Also without knowing what the competition and without having any competition video games would not be as good as they are to day. Also without competition how many games do you think you would get to pick from. Also how many indie developers go broke before anyone even hears about their game and even plays it because a bigger franchise/developer gets together and makes a game which might not even be as good (depending on people's views) as the small time developer's game, but nobody hears about the game because everybody is running around trying to find the game that has the money behind it to cause a big scene and get the notice that it might not even deserved (not refering to KOTOR series here, I love the KOTOR series and like to see a 3). While the little game is overlooked and might never even be heard from again. This happens lots of time when Japanse game developers decide not to bring their game to U.S knowing that it would be sweep away in a mess that it does not belong in. Also I just thought that posting this here would give the people here some notice that never even heard about this game to check it out, and to let people know that it may not be as stupid as they thought. As RPGDot has website devoted to games such as Arx Fatalis, Gothic, Dungeon Siege, KotOR, Morrowind, SWG, Ultima and I know that the fans that visit those websites (and its main website) would not vote for a game that sucks.
  7. Yeah Dan did a great job, but now since there is no bugs that can take away from the fun of playing this great game, it should really be looked by any Half-Life 2 fans, Vampire/Werewolf/Zombies fans, rpg fans, fps fans and I am pretty sure that most KOTOR fans will enjoy it also.
  8. Yeah but the Leopold bug was fixed by the official patch and also by the unofficial patch, (which I suggest anyone that buys this well deserved game uses the unofficial patch installing first and then the official patch 1.2 it should take care of almost all the bugs if not all, both can be found at planetvampire, also what computer game comes out bugs free)
  9. Poor sales (due to bad/really no advertising at all, not quality of the game) was not the major problem for Troika shutting down, it was that Troika was a independent developer and had little money to begin with and had to fire it staff and could not find a publisher willing to finance the staff and their next project as well. Also Vampire Masquerade Bloodlines had lots of things better then TSL like sound/music, graphics, storyline was a little better in overall, Enemies where not super hard (depending on how you developed your character) but most where no pushover like some enemies in TSL. But I would still love to see a KOTOR 3 and a sequel (hopefully) for Vampire Masquerade: Bloodlines as they seem to be the best RPGs to come out of 2004.
  10. RPGDot has awarded Bloodlines with Best RPG in their Game of the Year awards for 2004 (voted by the fans). "Bloodlines dripped with a dark, suspenseful atmosphere and featured some of the most memorable characters to appear in an RPG" In addition to that, Bloodlines also won their categories for Best Graphics, Best Music & Sound and Biggest Surprise. Although it is not as good as KOTOR (although it is still one of the best RPGs made in 2004) it features stunning characters, great visuals and a good storyline with many side quests. It features a mix rpg/fps style gameplay and has many different ways to play through the game depending on which character you pick in the beginning (7 all with both genders 14 in total and 7 different clans to pick from). Anyone who loves Vampires/Werewolf/Zombies games should love this game.
  11. The Exile is a wound in the force, but really has no connection with the force, he draws the force from his victims and allys. I think Revan would beat the exile, but not using the force as it would be like using food against a starving beast.
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