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  1. Yeah, it took me a long time to get used to the speediness of units as well, now whenever I play SWBF1, it always feels like the guys are moving in slow motion.
  2. That is a good idea, Maybe he could have some sort of keycard, to get to areas only he has access to, it would make him a much more tactical hero, allowing rebels to use short cuts and alternative routes, but only if Lando is their. Another ability he could have is to spawn bespin guard NPC's, who automaticly follow and support him, might be an interesting ability, and would really help him while taking CP's. Aside from that he should also have a good weapon (somthing long range, sniper like) and maybe some thermal dets. I also say immunity to mines, would really give him an edge in the bespin enviroment.
  3. Really? Thats odd ive never noticed it before, but then again I rarely use vehicles.
  4. I do miss the uniqueness between the armies now that you mention it, they were still balanced, but all had subtle details to make them unique. Right now the only thing that's really diffrent between the teams is the Super battledroid vs. all the other infantry units and all the speacial units/commanders. I also agree, the game needs somthing to make playing it more interesting, somthing to give levels more of a point, capturing flags and CP's is an ok start, but how about somthing larger, more ultimate, some sort of objective to give purpose to the battles, also levels themselves could be made a bit larger and more intense but this has been gone over many many times before, just read the "custom maps" thread...
  5. My favorite strat, is probably Mace and force push, force push someone then force jump and use his ground pound move right as he's getting up so he can't move out of the way and attack you while your pulling your lightsaber out of the ground. You have to practice several times though, it can be tricky to hit him dead on. My favorite character though is probably Han Solo, I know he can seem pathetic, but that blaster of his is a 1 hit KO, even to hero's I believe if you get 'em on the head, nothing like dropping Darth Maul in 1 hit while he's force sprinting towards you, also Det packs can be a nasty surprise jedi can't block.
  6. and there is a thread discussing it, only it's in the console disscussion forums.
  7. If they did make BF3, it would have to be a considerable improvement to get me to buy it, more then just a whole lot of extra maps. As much as I liked BF2, I want something more visably improved before I would buy a third game.
  8. Yeah, I would rather have the non glowing, more easily destroyable BF1 mines to the glowing BF2 mines, but keep the engineers ability to disarm them with the fusion cutter. Time bombs and Det packs should also be shootable in my opinion, I know you will rarely use this, but there are certain situations, I'm thinking of a time in SWBF1, I was getting into a snowspeeder and some guy planted a time bomb on it, I just jumped out shot the bomb quickly and took off. Sure it's obscure, but it's nice to have the ability. Also I would also say increase the amount of mines back to four, three just seems like too awkward a number. It might seem a bit overpowering, but I think it would balance out with the ability to shoot mines, any mines just throw without much thought would probably be located and destroyed. Maybe they could give the engineer class some sort of mine detecting ability? Like mines glow for them only, or they can see them on the mini map, somthing a bit more realistic then mine immunity, to sort of help balance out the engineer class and mines as well. (actually, I would be for giving mines to the engineer class in exchange for some other items, and giving the Heavies somthing else in return. I just sort of feel they fit the engineer class more then they do the Heavy, but that would require alot more tweaking and balancing, the current layout is probably for the best.)
  9. I'm always a sniper on certain maps, and I usually manage to rack up a decent amount of kills. Ive gotta say though, Ive never managed to get to anyplace as cool as zerted's spot. My personal favorite isn't a very hidden spot, but ive always been partial to the top of the hanger in Mos Eisly, you have a nice view of the entire city from their. Unfortunetly once you start sniping people usually notice your up there, and focus all their efforts on killing or avoiding you. So you've gotta stop for a while, lull them into a false sense of security before returning to your post.
  10. I was thinking more along the lines of vehicle/turret fire, stuff thats more likely to be targeting the taun's. So everything isn't a one hit kill, but lots of stuff is, and they die pretty quick regardless. Small arms fire like snipers, pistols and rifles, are more likely to target the rider anyway in my experiance.
  11. I'm going to say, I think the bothan should have some sort of weapon besides the incinerator, yes it's an okay weapon, but he needs somthing else to fall back on, nothing too fancy, maybe just somthing along the lines of a pistol, so he has a slight chance of survivel when out of his element, also as a weapon that doesn't have the potential to incinerate allies in crowded fights. Maybe some sort of stun pistol? deals minor damage and incapacitates the enemy for a bit, so normal troops can finish him, or you can run up and incinerate the guy. It could be chargeable, so you can increase damage, and stun time, but doing this also increases the recharge rate. Maybe even give the fully charged count an instant kill. Or is the bothan already good the way he is? I think he's okay, his incinerator is a cool weapon, he just needs somthing to give him a bit more of an edge, thats all.
  12. Yeah, I guess health packs could heal taun tauns, but who would really bother anyway? Most things will kill them in one hit anyway. It would be nice not to die if you taun taun is shot down by small arms fire though. Maybe even add the ability to fire your pistol from the taun tauns back?
  13. I was thinking somthing along the lines of this being decided before the games begin, For example the guy who sets up the server controls one team, and somebody of his choice controls the other, if either one must leave they could give control to somebody else, that or the game just ends. This is exactly why your system is more fair, you don't have to rely on one guy too keep the game going all the time.
  14. Sounds good to me, a bit complicated, but it could work. I was thinking of a system where one player is the permenent general, always controls the decisions and stuff, the others can just advise him, and join leave games at their leisure, but yours is more fair. Maybe more point was a bad choice of words... I suppose my main issue is sort of with level design, I guess I just think maps could be designed to be more epic, challenging, unique, whatever. Even with all the cool extra modes most levels still seem a bit too... repetative? I don't know, It's probably just me, the levels are fine, but I keep thinking of ways they could be better. In any case I'm not quite sure I follow you... Yes building a Death Star almost spells victory for the Empire but it is very expensive and takes considerable time to build, also destroying a planet denies you valuable victory resources, so it would only be used when absolutly necessary. Also it would have to be moved like a fleet, so rebels have plenty of time to position their fleets, so long as they haven't left their planets unguarded, a serious tactical error on their part they will probably soon regret. I'll agree with you on hunt though, some sides AI seems to be much smarter, Tuskans can't hit squat while Jawas have super aim for example. It all seems rather one sided, but then again, it's kind of supposed to be. In either case it's not as fun a mode as I imagined, but still kind of fun to mess around with. Maybe if they gave the locals more unique weaponry, instead of just one sub par or awkward main weapon. Or more classes, allow the locals to develop their own style, so the enemy AI doesn't have to be dumbed down to give 'em a chance.
  15. Yes, jedi are typically more effective then blaster based heroes. I don't think anyone is disputing that fact, well at least I'm not. I'm just saying not all heroes need to be jedi. Variety is good, I love choppin up guys as a jedi, but I also like blasting stormtroopers in the face as Han. Sure, most heroes are (and probably should be) jedi, but the blaster based heroes still have their place in certian maps. Sure Lando might not be as dominating as a jedi, but maybe thats a good thing. I say he would be a cool addition to the Cloud City map, maybe pitted against another non jedi, say Boba Fett? But the fact of the matter is, we're probably not going to see him, so who will probably be the heroes for cloud city? my guess is Luke vs Vader in GCW and 'Fisto vs Random EU darkside person (okay okay, Ventress) in CW (hey gotta have some place to stick 'em)
  16. I'd almost rather have another blaster using hero, then yet repetitive, boring force user. I mean, sure they're not used nearly as much in Hero Assault, and they typically get eaten alive by force users. But I think sometimes blaster based heroes can be more fun to play as, and are more unique then the countless force users. Maybe it's because they are not used as much. In some situations I think they can even be more effective then jedi. Actually I think Lando might fit right into the Cloud City level, blaster based heroes tend to be better in these more medium, infantry based maps. Maybe he could have some sort of sniper-like rifle, to pick off enemies down those long narrow corridors, maybe even some sort of immunity to mines, to make him even more suited to his home map. I for one at least would rather use him then some jedi, who tend to get eaten alive in corridor based maps, with mines and det packs placed around every corner...
  17. Yeah, although we may have deviated a bit from the original topic, anywho right now we are talking about the diffrent hilts of each jedi's saber, or lack thereof.
  18. yeah, assuming the PC users get a patch at all, I'm not getting it unless it's free, after all it's not like it's a whole bunch of new maps, it's only several that were originaly in the old game anyway.
  19. Well it's not the most important, game-changing detail, by far, But I completely agree with you about this. I'm not to fond of the intro screen either, and the PS2 versions does look alot cooler.
  20. Man, Qui-gon is probably one of my favorite jedi, it would be awsome to play as him. Maybe fineally get a chance to see him defeat Darth Maul in hero assault.
  21. yeah, I agree that it is a cool detail, kind of gives the jedi more individuality. Just somthing I personally don't pay that much attention too.
  22. As far as I can tell, they all hilts are carbon copies of each other. Exept for D. Maul, of course. But apart from him it seems they all carry the same, silvery-black hilt, can't tell too well of course. Although, I don't pay much attention to small details like that, as far as I can tell lightsaber hilts are identical, OB1's could be Ani's which is identical to Mace's, who carries a similar model to what is used by the emperor. As far as I'm concerned, a glowing beatstick is a glowing beatstick, I mean at least the colors are right. (right?)
  23. I always thought it was medals that increased your rank as well, the player points don't really serve a purpose, exept for determine the rankings of players after the battle.
  24. Well at least thats one thing they paid attention to detail on, I wonder if you can slice guys off of them.
  25. Meh, with all the space battles Bespin Platforms seems kind of pointless, I mean it was a bit too small to actually space fight effectivly. It might have been kind of fun to try it with the improved starfighter controls though. What would really be cool is some kind of combination of the two... Yavin doesn't make sense to me either, It wasen't a very popular map, but at least where getting Bespin/Rhen Var as well. As for Lando, I could care less about new heroes actually, they're either just yet another random force user (yawn) or more blaster users who kind of suck. He might have been kind of cool for a Bespin map, but it would be the map itself I really want back, Lando would just be a nice addition.
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