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    • It should be an expansion, not a completely separate game
    • The old maps should be included (if its not an expansion) and be improved by making them bigger when needed, adding more vehicles when needed, and adding greater depth like for example on theed the ability to open doors, break windows and snipe from 'em.
    • There should be a separate pilot/engineer class, pilots would be responsable for piloting vehicles and engineers would repair droids, set up base defenses, place and disarm mines, and set explosives.
    • There should be a counter that allows you to pick the number of reinforcement tickets and a seperate one that allows you to choose the number of players (both AI and human) on the map at one time, one without the other wouldnt be as good, a 1000 ticket battle could get old really quick if there are only 30 or so troops on the field
    • Mobile command posts (the AT-AT and AT-TE) should have transport capabilities, also they should replenish the health and ammo of troops while they are riding in them, another cool feature would be the ability to actually move around the AT-AT once inside of it, so you could hang out in the passenger section or walk up front and enter the pilot or co-pilot seat, this would only work for the mobile command posts however.
    • Units should have the ability to punch or fight melee style if they want to, maybe the wookiee could have a throwing ability.
    • Troops should also have the ability to grab onto ledges and swim in water
    • Galactic conquest online
    • there should be a favorites option for teams, so for example if you set rebels as your favorite for GCW and Clones for the Clone wars era then you would have a greater chance on being put on these teams, its not 100% certain you will be on the team but you will have a greater chance, this way people have less of a chance of being stuck on a team they dont like and wont ruin the game by whining and complaining about it
    • vehicles and units should have more specific weak points, like hitting the neck of an AT-AT would be exetreamly difficuldt but if you do hit it would deal massive damage.
    • Each section of a vehicle should have a certain amount of damage it can take before it gets destroyed, like take the top gun of the AT-TE for example, it can be blown off but the rest of the machine still works, or blasting a snowspeeder in the back with a rocket would completely destroy the gunners seat but the pilot could still fly to safty and get it repaired.
    • Grenades should deal alot more damage to vehicles

  1. Seth was having a headache again, what the heck had happened? one moment he had been standing outside of some mysteriously dark cafe when he suddenly found himself walking towards the door then there was a blank, he could only remember voices, voices talking about things, about powers...


    Suddenly his eyes closed and when they opened again the evil glint was back, the "other" Seth pushed past frightened people and stepped outside, you could tell he wasnt human now, his skin was bubbling and his hands were stretching out an his fingers morphed into one spear like appendage.


    "I wouldnt be doing that if I were you" he said calmly but with a hint of menace.


    "At least not that car." Now you could truly tell there was somthing odd about him, his skin was bubbling and his body was stretching and contorting all around him, he only barely kept his human form.

  2. maybe the turrets could be pre placed on the map like they are now but engineers can build them or pick them up, move them and set them up wherever they want, so theres still a limited number but if the engineer dies then the turret is still useful to other troops. If the turret is destroyed then it respawns by its original command post like a vehicle.


    Or they could make two kinds of turrets, sationary, like they have now, and mobile, these would begin undeployed around a command post and would require an engineer to set up, once set up however anyone can carry them into battle on there back and set them up anywhere. These turrets would be more useful strategicly but would lack the forward protection of the stationary turret.


    another use for the engineer class could be disarming mines, I dont really like how you can just shoot them and they just sort of disappear, I say that sure, you can shoot a mine but it will explode so you had better be careful. Or an engineer could use his fushion cutter to carefully disarm the mine.

  3. Well the dark trooper really only destroyed that one rebel base before there production was stopped and as for the wookiees, while they may have wanted to join the rebellion I dont think they really took part in many battles outside of there home world. (Exept for Chewbacca of course)


    The Manga guards have a good chance of being in, besides what other choices do the CIS have? Im not that into EU so I might not know about some types, so really the only other candidate I could think of is the dwarf spider droid, or maybe some other one thats in Episode III that we dont know about yet.


    Space troopers sound cool but are to map specific, maybe a speacial unit available only on space maps? Radtroopers sound just like Stormtroopers only in areas exposed to radiation, again they sound a little to specific to be another class, maybe a skin type for a certain map.

  4. Suddenly the darkness disappeared and Seth stepped backward shocked, suddenly he felt a rushing pain to his head and fell trembling to the ground. He got up a few seconds later, on the surface it appeared nothing had changed, but now somthing else was in control of seths body. At first glance he appeared to be the same but if you looked closely you could tell somthing about the way he smiled, somthing in his eyes.


    Seth walked camly into the cafe smiling evily.

  5. Hmm the planet looks like it could be Geonosis, but it doesnt have the rings, perhaps its a new world?


    Im also disapointed that the old maps probably won't be included in the game. It also sounds like there not going to include the B-wing starfighter in the game either as they only listed X, Y, and A wings, maybe it will be a map specific starfighter?


    Not to mention that the Star Destroyer looks downright cartoonish with those huge guns that don't belong there. Is it made that way so that the guns can be easily destroyed or something?


    Yeah I thought they looked unrealistic too.


    It also appears there might be melee attacks to, that sounds cool if it is implimented.


    Im still unsure about jedi and switching classes but it sounds like there going to make it work, I guess we will just have to wait and see.

  6. Well yeah, but dark troopers and wookiees arnt exactly common parts of the rebel and imperial forces now are they?


    True the dark trooper doesn't look like he belongs on the Tantive but then again were there scout troopers, Heavy weapons troopers, or AT-ST pilots there either? Maybe the Campaign mode of the Tantive IV wont have dark troopers, like the first Naboo maps didnt have super battledroids, but they will probably be included in the instant action form of the map.


    I wonder what the new units for each side will be, maybe we will fineally be able to play as the imperial officer.

  7. Your probably right but we can always hope... if enough people say they want it then someones bound to listen.


    Limiting pilots to vehicles might be a good idea, but some people might be really opposed to it. However if it is by some lucky chance implemented then I say speeder bikes, STAPS, and ridable wildlife should still be available to anyone.

  8. Yeah adding an additional class for every little job sounds like overkill, but i think an engineer would work, he would be a more behind the scenes kind of guy who doesnt usually go into enemy territory but makes sure the base is defended by setting up equipment, and laying mines, maybe they should give him explosives to? Like the time bomb only these explosives would be detonated at will like in Battlefield. Also give the engineers more jobs, like if doors are implimented the engineer would be the guy who blows the door open, or hotwires the lock so it opens, Maybe each map would have a radar system by a certain command post


    Controlling 1 radar allows you to see ally units


    Controlling 2 radars allows you to see enemy units.


    Of course destroying radars would be a priority so you would always want an engineer on hand in case they break down. Also if they add Equipable extra weapons (I can always hope) it could be the engineers job to set them up for other classes to use, also engineers should have the ability to repair turrets while manning them like the pilot can repair vehicles. But he is only armed with a simple blaster pistol, just to defend himself if the situation gets rough.


    Then you make the pilot the only one who can fly starfighters and you almost force players to use them, pilots would be armed with only pistols, (I say we take away there original weapons and give 'em to another class, or make them bonas weapons you can pick up) If done right the pilot and engineer could be two separate classes.


    However adding a medic class seems kind of like overkill, Seeing as in star wars most medics are droids anyway, I like the idea of having self appointed medics, whoever grabs the dispenser is the medic, No need for extra classes that way. But this whole medic thing is off topic anyway so lets get back to the engineers.

  9. Seth was walking down the sidewalk, when he passed a cafe. He sensed somthing odd about it, the inside looked completely dark, but there was somthing about the dark that seemed... unatural. Seth was just planning to pass by but he suddenly had a strange curiosity about what was happening inside, he found himself approaching the entrance to the cafe.

  10. lol you're right, maybe pilots should be the only ones who can drive tanks, I guess it would give the pilots a much more active role considering there repairing duties will be givin to the engineer, it might be annoying, maybe pilots are the only ones that can drive but anyone can man a gunners position? There is one question however: who gets the Health/Ammos dispenser?


    One option is to make a medic class but this sounds a bit to specialized to me, most medics in star wars were droids anyway. I say that the Heath/Ammo dispenser should be a equipable item, whoever has it gets a shoulder patch, or some kind of distinguishing marking, marking him as the "Medic man" So he can go about doing his normal soldierly duties but also has the responsibility of making sure his mates are healed and supplied after the dust has settled. Each side would have the same ammount of dispensers and would have to use them effectivly. Im saying this because quite frankly the H/A dispenser really didnt fit the pilots class and it wouldnt fit the engineers class either.


    Which idea sounds better? having a specialized class or it just falls to whoever wants to take responsibility, bots would grab it if players dont so the packs wont completely go to waste if no one feels like grabbing them.

  11. Yeah I think this is a good idea, give the engineers a pistol, mines and a fushion cutter, and make pilots the only ones who can pilot star fighters, this has always bugged me I can understand anyone being able to pilot say a tank or speeder bike but star fighters take training to operate. Also I think pilots should keep there vehicle repairing capabilities.


    What units should make up the engineer class? I think that those guys with the white uniforms and the white helmets in the Yavin base in the first star wars movie could be the rebels, maybe gunners (the guys with the weird helmets, the ones that cover there entire face) or imperial navy troopers for the empire but what about the droids/clones?

  12. There will definetly be revenge of the sith maps in BF2 thats like one of its major selling points besides space battles, I think the clone trooper armor will change with the battlefield, early clone war battles like geonosis will have the old clone armor and the newer ones will have the newer clone armor, just a change of uniform there weapons and stuff should stay the same.


    I agree with all the points you listed, Dagobahn Eagle, but I also think there should be a counter to set the number of bots/players on the field as well as the ticket count, an 1000 point battle with only thirty people on the map might get old fast and take forever to complete, but if you had 100 or 250 players/bots on the map it would make it seem more like the real battles.


    I agree with the larger maps thing to an extent, really the size of most of the maps in battlefront were pretty good, I mean you dont want all the maps to be so huge it takes forever to go anywhere without a vehicle, some just seemed small because there werent enough troops or vehicels on the map, if they simply added more then the map would be a lot better. Some of the maps could be bigger I agree but not all the maps need to be super large I think there should be an even mix of small skirmish/ urban war maps, medium sized battles and full scale epic battles.


    The only thing I dont agree with is the "Useless bots". I mean if they were to remove all the bots that dont really have an impact on the game then why not remove the geonosians, gungans, and ewoks. They barley ever actually kill anyone and are just annoying! The truth is its stuff like this that adds flavor to the game and makes it seem more like Star Wars, seeing the jawas in mos eisly really make the game seem more like star wars if you ask me, sure they dont make a real diffrence there eye candy units. I would love to see more people roaming around Mos Eisly, I mean as shown in the cantina scene its a pretty rough town, being close to danger is probably an everyday occurance there and there not going to let a little skirmish between the rebels and the imperials keep them from there drinks, sure they will flee if they get caught in the cross fire there not THAT dumb. I would love to see a Mos Eisly with aliens wandering the streets, a large mass would congregate in the cantina and then if a stray bullet his one everyone runs for cover shooting at the offending team if they have weapons of course, after the action dies down they would begin to creep back into the cantina until the next fight breaks out. Heck I would like to see more useless bots, like maybe some protocol droids at certain bases, they would just stand next to computers messing with the controls until the enemy team show up then they would flee to the nearest command post. Such units do make the game more enjoyable, of course this is just my opinion on the matter.


    There is one more thing I would love to see in the game and that is Doors! They could make the old levels much more enjoyable if they just allowed you to use the doors to enter buildings and such, Think about how cool Mos Eisly would be if you could hide inside the houses and use them as short cuts, or in Theed if you could enter the houses and snipe from the windows, heck make windows breakable! Doors could be automatic or lockable, If a door is locked then you must either get a pilot to over ride the lock or use grenades/time bombs/ rocket launchers to blast them open, If they added a door to the bunker in Endor they could make it alot harder to destroy the generator.

  13. Oh okay I see your point, they would probably have to make some sort of balancing system with the E-web, for example while carrying one it would drasticly slow your speed, and jumping ability and maybe even your ability to roll, since the Anti Tank class is usually slow then adding an E-web to his already heavy burden might not be a wise idea, besides the E-web would take time to unpack and set up so he would be a tempting target for snipers. The E-web and other weapons should be sort of like vehicles, sure they alter your class, I mean anyone can mow down infantry while in an AT-ST, but they are in limited supply, so you will only have like maybe 3 E-web troopers on the field at once, plus some classes are more suited towards them then others, an E-web would be burdonson to the already burdened Anti Tank trooper so he isnt the best candidate.



    Somthing I think would be cool is to have some speacisl "campaign battles" these battles would have speacial rules, like you cant play certain classes or maybe certain weapons are disabled, and are only playable during the campaign, sort of like fighting the gungans/ Naboo guards in the first one but more in depth, for example they could have a Theed: Palace map where you have to play as a Naboo guard, they are lightly armed with only pistols, two thermal detonators and grappling hooks but can steal weapons from dead droids and your mission is to capture the viceroy, and keep the queen alive, So you would start in the hanger and have to retake the palace, you could fight your way through it and maybe have breakable windows to use the grappling hooks to move to the next floor without having to fight the droids, Once you reached the throne room you would have to blast all the door controls so the Viceroy cant escape and then kill off all his body guards then hold him for like 20 seconds then victory would be yours, but if yours slow about blasting the doors he could escape and hide by another spawn point.


    Basicly battles like that, where your not the normal army and have to use speacial rules/ weapons, Some other cool ones would be the arena of geonosis where everyone is a jedi and you have to keep the main characters alive long enough for yoda to arrive, and maybe a battle above the sarlacc where each skiff is a spawn point you control by taking over the drivers position, and each rebel is unarmed and can only punch and must steal weapons from jabbas goons, hijack both skiffs then destroy the barge, after rescuing some prisoners of course. There could be a Boba Fett NPC on that map to give you trouble to, and maybe Luke Skywalker to help the rebels, I know its not exactly what happened but I think it would be an awsome battle to fight.

  14. By "speacial weapon" pick up kits I meant items that you can pick up in addition to your class weapons without completely changing it. Such as an E-web or maybe a light blaster side arm, not a whole weapons kit but just a single weapon you can add on to your base kit without dropping it or changing it drasticly.


    Now aside from the whole playable weapons thing, does anyone else here think melee attacks would be a good idea? Some of my friends have said it would be cool if you could punch units at close quarters, maybe knock them down or temporarily stun them, and maybe the wookiee could actually pick up units and throw them. What does everyone else think? would punching/melee attacks be good for battlefront or just get kind of annoying? They could only work at close quarters of course but might be fun, especially if you could knock someone into the sarlacc or that energy thing in the sheild generator.


    Another thing I would really like to see is the ability to grab onto ledges and pull yourself up, I know most battlefields dont have many drops but it would be a life saver on other maps, of course it would leave the unit open to attack while climbing up but would be a life saver if you accidently fall of a ledge or help you get to a hard to reach sniping spot. Nothing really drastic, just someplace thats not very easy to get to.

  15. It also seems you skip parts of other people's posts. I said that special pick-up kits aren't very numerous on the battlefield.


    Well see I dont have a problem with speacial weapon pick up kits, just ones that allow you to change your class.



    Besides, dead troop would drop their old gear which consists of standard equipment. Nothing the other team can't spawn with. At least, most of the time.


    The fact that the gear you pick up from dead enemies is similar to the gear that you can spawn with isnt important, its the fact that you are basicly switching your class in the middle of a battle that I have doubts about.


    That doesn't make him more useful. What do you think a tank commander would do if he lost his tank and was stuck in the middle of a battle, surrounded by infantry? He'd pick-up what he can and defend himself. The logic of things


    True but thats what he has a pistol and grenades for, sure the pistol isnt the best of weapons, but maybe he could pick up a more powerful side arm somewhere on the battlefield, somthing that packs a bit more punch then the pistol.


    But I do get your point about the sniper, It would be stupid of him to just stand there shooting at the thing, but then again its the snipers job to remain hidden, wait until the guy in the tank has passed or gotten out to repair or capture a command post then shoot him in the head, then steal the tank:). If the heavy weapons trooper was blown away then the sniper probably wouldnt have enough time to dash out and grab the weapon and even get one shot off before he to was blown away.


    I have played the battlefield demo but I dont think it really gave a good impression about the actual game, the battlefield seemed kind of sparse, barly any troops on it at all and even though it had some cool features that would make battlefront cooler I dont think that weapon switching would work for battlefront the way it works for battlefield, but maybe they could, I think maybe if like you said the switching isnt that common and you have to drop your original kit and maybe if you could only get it from dead comrads and enemies, speacial weapons could still be scattered around though.


    It could work, but maybe other classes should get some penalty from using a weapon outside there class, for example a marksman is a bit less accurate then an actual heavy weapons trooper and takes a longer time to reload because she has not had the training but can still use it if the need arises.



    And Phirestorm you are right, people do complain to much about battlefront, actually they complain to much about anygame, people have a way of just seeing the stuff that could be in the game instead of the stuff that is in it, Take the map Mos Eisly for example, Lucasarts added jawas to the map and I was thrilled to see they were included, sure they dont really do much but it was nice to know they cared enough to add extra things like that into the map, but soon I began wishing I could see more aliens there, like maybe the cantina band or somthing. No game will ever be perfect in my opinion, people will still find small things to whine about and wish for certain things, or characters, but we cant have it all. No game will ever be perfect but maybe with some help lucasarts can make a game that comes pretty darn close, thats why I keep posting suggestions and stuff, for the offchance that maybe someone will read it and agree and who knows maybe even add it into the game. Sure battlefront could have been better, but it could have been a lot worse to.

  16. Well I assumed the kits where numerous if as you say dead troops drop there kits when they die then there would be kits lying all over the battlefield. Not exactly hard to get if you know where the big battles will take place.


    Also I meant that even if there appears to be no more use for that unit the player shouldnt just ditch him and pick another class, but rather find a unique way in which that certain class could help out the team in a diffrent way.


    I see why you would want to be able to change your class in game but I really dont think changing your class in-game could work.

  17. I dont know the idea of being able to switch your original kit for another one, I mean sure respawning essentially lets you do the same thing but if you respawn then you have to take a death, plus you cant respawn where you were when you died, very annoying if you just worked really hard to get behind enemy lines. Changing your kit on the fly would make the classes almost useless, youd basicly just be picking your skin, and what about jet pack troopers? would they lose there jet packs if they changed kits? that could lead to all sorts of trouble. Weapons should be on battlefield bonuses such as a Heavy rifle, with maybe a slower rate of fire, or a belt with extra grenades, somthing to help out the cause with out impacting gameplay that much.


    You want to keep some element of strategy to the game, if all the vehicles are dead then a Heavy weapons trooper should do somthing useful, like fire rockets to disrupt enemy troops or defend a base by laying mines, not just grab a sniper rifle and drop the rocket launcher.


    Also, thanks for the article It was really informative and the screens looked cool.

  18. Well if you had to sacrifice your original kit to get a new one I suppose it would be okay, but it could encourage all kinds of cheap strategys like killing a friendly unit to steal there kit and would take a lot of strategy out of the game, you could just spawn as whoever you want and change as you go and I dont know if thats the sort of game battlefront should be, getting a small bonas weapon or two is one thing but changing your entire class? I dunno I think it sounds a bit cheap to me.

  19. Picking up weapons might be a good idea so long as you cant change your original set, so the classes are still important but you can still pick up unique weapons, like speacial pistols, Health and ammo dispensers and speacial grenades or maybe the Tripod mounted blaster thing in the empire strikes back (E-web) on hoth and maybe the axes on the walls in jabbas palace, of course the supplies should be limited and have some disadvantages like limited supplies and a reduced speed or else itll get kind of cheap.


    Adding more hit boxes would be cool in my opinion, I think the neck and head of the AT-AT should be weaker to the legs, but harder to hit, and maybe if the rear of your snow speeder is hit with a rocket, it will severly damage the gunner maybe killing him (like poor Dack in the empire strikes back). Characters should have more damage areas to like 1-3 hits to kill on the head 2-5 on the body and 3-6 on the legs and arms and maybe a one hit kill in the heart area.

  20. Zetas thermal detonator exploded scattering droid parts everywhere, he rushed forward with his fellow clones toward the beachead through the forest, suddenly two STAPs appeared zig zagging through the woods they blasted several clones before going heading back to the landing site.


    "let them go!" Zeta 42 called, "Were needed on the beach!" suddenly a group of super battle droids that had managed to break through the beach head attacked, "Get Down" a commander called "AARG" he screamed later as a rocket blew him into a tree knocking it over, using the tree as cover Zeta 42 and the surviving clones begin fighting back. Zeta 42 blasts two droids before hearing a strange mechanical sound,


    "Look out!" someone calls before the blast cannon from a dwarf spider droid blows there wooden cover to bits and sends the clones flying, Many of the clones dont get up but a few are still able to fight, of them Zeta 42 he crouches behind a tree and shoots down three droids and then blasts at the dwarf spider droid, but its no good, there outnumbered. Suddenly a with a roaring howl a group of wookiees emerge and begin attacking the droids, perhaps theres hope after all...

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