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  1. When I first planned to get SWBF I was under the impression it was available for Gamecube, the only console system I own (man ive gotta get an xbox or a ps2) But I got over It and got it for computer instead. It is actually the first star wars game ive ever actually bought because well frankly the idea of playing as a main character or hero really doesnt appeal to me, but playing as the average soldier dude who gets blasted five minutes into the movie really appealed to me, ive always liked those guys lol i pay more attention to the background characters then the main one. I loved the game in single player and the first time I played multiplayer I was intimidated, I felt like I was the only one who didnt know what to do, but now im actually halfway decent and play online more.


    After beating the campains I began to wonder where the unlockables were, and how could I get the imperial officer? So I came to this site and found out he had been taken out and there were no unlockables, But I still love the game, sure there could have been more options and I would love to see more star wars characters (bespin guards, mos eisly aliens, probe droids, dwarf spider droids) but I still love the game, I can start up a game and feel like I am actually in the movies,


    Bring on BF2!!

  2. ^^^^^ I agree the super battle droid has the rockets instead of the concussion grenades but nothing to replace the concussion grenade, I suppose the tri-shot sort of makes up for this but ive almost never seen anyone actually use it. Giving him four or even six rockets would be an improvement considering there reletivly easy to dodge and dont do splash damage like a grenade does.



    Some other features I would like to see are the ability to transport two units one the speeder bike like in ROTJ so you could bring a friend to help you take down the sheild bunker.


    I would also like to be able to use my weapon while mounted on a taun taun or kaadu.


    Another cool feature could be a stun feature on the imperial blaster rifle, it would have a charge time but once fired would stun an opponent allowing you to take him out with little trouble.


    I would also like to see more skins for the droids, like black ones on the death star and tan ones in tatooine, also it gets boring looking at the same R5 unit over and over again, the droids should also move around a bit not far from there original positions (not medical droids but the other two) of course but just wander a round a bit and maybe try to hide when combat breaks out.


    maybe also some noncombatant NPC's like technicians and protocol droids in imperial and rebel bases and capital ships, who just act as eye candy units and maybe offer a weak defense if there armed with a blaster.


    Also about the jedi if they have powers will they be able to help there allies,? Im talking about force heal, will jedi be able to heal friendly units as well as themselves?

  3. Yeah its annoying when im contolling all but one of the command posts but am still losing, maybe for if you control more then fifty percent of the command posts then your reinforcement points will slowly increase, not by alot of course so the game never ends and it cant go over the original number but it will give controlling posts more important and make it harder to win with less command posts, this way unless the opponent is really winning they wont win with just one post, unless there winning by a huge margin in which case they deserve to win in my opinion, but it doesnt make sense if your tied and lose even if you control more posts.

  4. No the idea was each player gets one spawn as a jedi sorry if i wasnt clear


    The experiance idea sounds cool, like if a player gets enough kills on his profile for a certain class he could unlock new skins and stuff that doesnt really effect gameplay, but I still dont know if its a good idea to give him better weapons that would give him an unfair advantage vs other players.


    then again I have never played Wolf:ET so I wouldnt know

  5. How would the experiance system work? would you have to work your way up to a jedi each time you battle or would it all add up in your profile so you save experiance from each battle? Gaining experiance sounds cool but... well it sounds to me like it would only create a bigger rift between experianced players and new players, they would have a hard time catching up to the advanced players. Maybe im not understanding the experiance concept but it sounds like it would make "super players" that would dominate the game, thats what I like about the game right now, the rift between new players and veterans isnt that big, sure an expert will usually beat a new one but the new player has a greater chance.


    I heard of another idea of implimenting jedis on another website, its that everyone starts the battle with the chance to spawn as a jedi, however once that persons jedi is killed you cant become one for the rest of the battle. Does anyone else think this is a good idea? It could lead to problems if everyone uses there jedi first thing but maybe if only one jedi is allowed on the field at a time.

  6. I believe they will be adding 16 new maps or somthing like that, but they should also improve the old maps, i dont think they need a complete reworking, most of them were pretty good they just needed maybe more vehicles or units and maybe more interactive scenery like being able to open doors and enter buildings in Mos Eisly and Bespin for example, BF2 should be mainly about the new maps but that doesn't mean they can't update an old map and make it better.


    and 15 speeders on Hoth would be way to overpowered for the rebels, I mean with just four they already own the imps. 15 speeders would just dominate 5 or even six AT-AT's and besides I believe there were only around 6 in the movie, they really didnt have that many snowspeeders.

  7. The PC gamer article said that the game mechanics would be altered so you wouldnt always have the chance to be a jedi, I would guess that the jedi would be passed around, once he died the next highest scoring player could respawn as one or somthing like that. Of course this could lead to teamkilling so you could get to be the jedi faster and of corse if theres only one jedi then everyone will immediatly begin focasing all there resources into defeating him. This is just idle speculation of course but I still dont really like the idea of making the jedi playable.


    (by the way i found a site where you can read the PC gamer article a bit clearer I found this while searching for more information about BF2. you have to scroll down a bit to see the article)



    I hope that they also redo some of the old maps in Battlefront and make them bigger and better, some of the maps were fine but the ones that were supposed to have been big battles (Hoth, and Geonosis) just didnt seem that impressive to me I would love to see hoth with around triple the amount of units and maybe Six AT-ST's, Five AT-AT's and six snowspeeders (I think this is the number they had in the movie) You cant have all the vehicles on geonosis of course (well you could possibly but it would take a lot of memory i bet) but they could at least make the troop numbers greater.

  8. Theres lots of units I would love to see implimented in the game, I just can't figure out how some them would fit though... A dewback for example would be cool but what would its purpose be? I mean from watching the movies they look slow and the dune sea map is kind of small... They could make it a kind of taun taun creature transport but i dont know how useful that would be.


    A wampa on Hoth might work though, my idea is to add more tunnels to the rebel base, one straightforward system that goes through all there command posts and a more confusting roundabout one that goes around the posts, this one would take a longer time to get through but it can help you avoid conflict and maybe, this is just an idea, the main tunnels would be able to collapse if shooken by to many explostions, anyone who has played in the tunnels knows how hectic it can get, and once the tunnel is blocked off the only way through it the long twisting corridors, this way is dangerous because deep in the tunnels lurks the wampa, It could spawn as an NPC way in the back and then wander randomly through the tunnels searching for a tasty rebel soldier to snack on, or maybe a stormtrooper (crunchy on the outside chewy on the inside). The wampa could have loads of health and basicly be like a killable rancor that moves, he would be a bit smaller though and could only fit in the larger tunnels. He would pick units up and bash them around a bit before chowing down making it even harder for the imperials to take over Hoth.


    Some other units that would be cool if they could be added into battlefront are Imperial Navy troopers, Imperial Gunners, Dwarf Spider droids, Bespin guards, Ugnaughts, Imperial Probe droids, Protocol Droids, and of course alien scum for places like Mos Eisly.


    These would be cool additions to the game but where would they fit? It would seem kind of pointless just to create another class for them, maybe the Imperial Navy Troopers and Gunners could be NPC's for a stardestroyer, and bespin guards and ugnaughts could be the locals for bespin, maybe protocol droids could be eye candy units like they are in Jedi Outcast, basicly they would stand at command posts working on machinery until combats starts then they would run around until they get shot or the battle stops. Probe droids and spider droids could be helpful NPC's for the Geonosis and Hoth battles but I think some people would rather play as them.


    Does anyone else have any ideas how to implement these units or even want them in the game?

  9. I think they are going to make it so that only one person can be a jedi at a time, or at least only a limited number of jedi so not everyone can be them at once.



    A jedi army might work for some maps though... like a geonosis arena battle where everyone on the rebublic side is a jedi but you few reinforcement points, and only control one CP, the CIS would start out with better CP's and they would have alot more reinforcement points, the object would be to survive until the clone army arrives for the rebublic or to try to wipe out all the jedi for the CIS, however a jedi army fight could get old fast and should only be on certain maps.

  10. Ive never been able to use those turrets effectivly against anyone bots or humans, it seems whenever i get into one and turn it around and start firing all the bots gang up on me start launching rockets at the turret before I can get one shot off, but you can own the bots in almost any vehicle, once I was playing Endor and I was the last rebel alive vs maybe 20 imps, I controlled most of the CP's but they were being captured fast, so I took a speeder bike, (couldnt take an AT-ST as I controlled that post) and started hunting them down, I took them all down easily, exect for one who got lucky with a concussion grenades, and ended up winning the game! But even if your owning with a vechile it still wont do you any good if the rest of your team is having a staring contest with the wall...

  11. I dont think they would have time for full conversations since battlefront is so chaotic, but just having more stuff to say would make the game so much cooler, like when you give the follow me command, the rebels dont always say just "yes sir" or "right away sir!" but stuff like "I hope you know what your doing!" And it would be cooler to hear them express fear and stuff like when an AT-AT comes looming out of the distance or the death star appears in the sky (hopefully in BF2) they would say stuff like "look at the size of that thing" or an old star wars favorite "ive got a bad feeling about this" (i swear its in all the movies). They could have character specific coments to like an imperial officer (If they are included) would say "rebel scum" or more memorable lines like that, im sure we could come up with a whole list of lines and when they would be used and stuff, of course droids would just have simple commands and responses, clones would have this two but since they are human they could express surprise. But for the rebels and the imperials there could be a whole lot of lines. and it wouldnt have a huge effect on gameplay, about as much as a bot screaming "grenade! grenade!" would have.


    Another cool idea is to have star fighter pilots talk to each other over the comm link, but only other star fighter pilots could hear them, like when they first take off they say somthing like "This is red 3 standing by" or somthing like that then they go through the usual pilot lines

    "Look at the size of that thing!"

    "Cut the chatter red 2!"

    "enemy fighters coming in!"

    "Ive got one on my tail!"

    "Im HIT!!!!"



    lol pilots never seem to last long in star wars...

    Is this a cool idea or would it just make piloting a starfighter kind of annoying? I dont think it would so long as there isnt TO much talking.

  12. Hmm idle chit chat amoung bots that will add absolutly nothing to battlefront gameplay wise.... Sounds great!! its things like this that make the game memorable and worth playing, Whenever i've played a star wars game and I hear the AI controlled enemies talking I always stop to listen to them, it helps me understand there point of veiw... where not so diffrent.... Then i snap out of it and slaughter 'em all!;)


    The AI units already have some simple lines but I think giving them more things to say would give them more personality, they should talk to each other when there isn't any combat, or if a sniper has just eliminated an ally shout a warning to the rest, or if Darth Vader appears in front of them they should start panicking. This would make the game more realistic and more fun in my opinion.

  13. Wheather effects would be kind of cool, but might make the battles a bit to confusing, a day and night cycle would be kind of weird considering that most battles only last at most a couple of hours but maybe some really hard precipitation like on Kamino that prevents snipers from sniping effectivly over really far distances, but this could get irritating and lots of people would probably complain as they are prone to do.

  14. Really the only way i would buy this is if it was an expansion, not a new program, for maybe half the price, other then that how can you justify creating a whole new game when all your adding is a couple of maps and a new class that will probably end up being overpowered? I think this could be simply added with a patch I battlefront 2 will really have to be impressive if im even going to think about buying it.

  15. I personally think the scoring system should go like this, your score would be your kill amount subtracted by your death amount, so for example if you killed 15 people and died 9 times your score would be 6. Then you would gain an additional 10 points for every command post captured, or destroyed, maybe objectives would be worth more, but there should be more rewards for people who help on the battlefield without necessarily killing enemies, for example if four vanguards team up to take out an AT-AT and only one gets the credit is that fair? Or what about a pilot who helps you out by giving you health and ammo, and repairing droids and turrets when you need them, but ends up near last place because he didnt have lots of kills, there should be some award for most Damage done, not just kills and number of things repaired. Right now the scoring system only rewards those who kill the most regardless of how much they died or command posts they captured.

  16. Somthing i'd like to see is a sort of strategic planning room, like after you've viewed your scores you click done then go to a room where you can either talk to everyone else about the game, or go to a room where only your teamates can go to discuss strategys for the next map (it would be revealed beforehand) This way you actually have time to plan somthing out instead of just short garbled messages you have to hurridly type ingame.


    I woud also like to see some "unlockables" I was really disapointed when i realized there werent any (stupid misleading manuel) these could be things like diffrent skins, bonas levels, diffrent game mods, or maybe the ability to play as an NPC (ewok, gungan, etc) just for fun, you couldn't use them online.


    Another thing that would be good to add is more strategic value to command posts, for the basic command post allowing you to spawn is enough, but I think certain comman posts should give you a bonas or somthing making them a higher priorety for the enemy to capture and for you to defend.

  17. my funniest moment was probably on Rhen Var, the citidel, i was standing on the edge sniping when someone tossed a grenade near me and a bot who was doing the ever so important task of staring at a wall, i tried to run but the bot was in my way so i got blown of the edge and survived, then as i was standing up again (and watching with satisfaction the bot falling of the cliff) ANOTHER grenade exploded, it still didnt kill me just knocked me off the cliff and i rolled all the way down, died (of course) just before the respawn screen popped up it said "deserters will be shot" i mean talk about adding insult to injury!

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