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  1. As he saw the ground rush closer Drake reflected on his life, things he hadnt dont, imps he hadent killed, visions of laughing portly imperial officers filled his head


    "NO!" he struggled and finealy managed to regain control of his Y-wing


    "Alright guys good job on taking out that... well do we have any idea what it was?"

  2. Definetly allow players to modify reinforcement numbers in instant action also


    Allow players to modify the number of players/NPC's on the map at one time, so you can have bigger and longer battles



    Maybe some sort of Invincible mode? where you have a set number of reinforcement points and your opponent has infinete, your goal is to see how long you can last against an invincible enemy

  3. "okay i see it now! die die die!" Drake screamed firing volly after volly of laser blasts, they to had no effect but Drake is not the kind of person who catches on easily, so he came back for another round "Okay ill get 'im this time Dang! im hit!" Drake screamed into his com link as his injured Y-wing spiraled out of his control, he vainly attempted to regain control of his weakened craft

  4. (lol heavy transports must be pretty small if there smaller then TIES...)


    "okay guys the train is disabled and... copy that grey four! its on my radar to! well lets see what it is and if its laser proof he he he" Drake laughed manicly as he went to investigate the mysterious thing, blasting a retreting TIE fighter as he went.

  5. "lets put that theory to the test" drake said confidently as he shot down a tie "nah these guys are pushovers as... CRAP!!" as he shot down another tie he immediatly realized there where 3 interceptors sneaking up on him "man i gotta lose these guys..."

  6. "Wow theres alot of these guys... bet i can kill the most!" Drake laughed grimly into the com link as he rushed the interceptors, firing left and right wildly, he shot seven out of the sky and he nicked the wings of another one, he watched with satisfaction as it spiraled down to the ground,





  7. "Gotcha red (i thought we were grey?) five" Drake said as he fired his ion cannons and veered away from the train, he followed picking of the few ties the B-wing had left intact, "Alright i think we blasted, em all... crap! look over there!" Drake said in surprise

  8. "its all quiet now... no sign of any ties...unfortunatly" drake muttered into his comlink nervously, things seemed to quiet surly they would have met some security by now? maybe he was just being paranoid...


    (yeah the last couple of posts have been real long)(sarcasm for those of u who cant read it)

  9. This map is awsome i mean this is how Naboo: plains should have been made, this does for Naboo what Junland wastes did for tatooine and the Big Hoth Battle did for hoth, its awsome there are plenty of troops and the map is designed wonderfly, not cut and paste, with like one bush added for an after thought...


    its a great map but there are some problems:


    the MTTS: the AI doesnt use them and once there destroyed they dont respawn, i dunno if you wanted it this way or not


    the vehicles dont respawn, or at least i dont think they did.... and the gungan sheild generators things appear to be indestructable, i shot it with a rocket and it did no damage again i dont know if you wanted it this way or not.


    Some of the trees are floating but its not common and only around the corners where people hardly ever go.


    the only stuff i would add to this map is making the sacred place a little bit farther from the real battle maybe with a lake or somthing and maybe make all the drop ships command posts, and add a few more sheild generator things (i dont know there name) also if you could make a version of this map where you fight with clones instead of gungans, some people might not like fighting with gungans and the guns dont really fit them anyway... i think it would be cool if you made a "Clone wars version" with some AT-TEs and maybe some clone command posts by the heads in the hills, but keep the gungans, only make there a lot of them who still spawn from the sheild generators, but there should be lots of them, like the sheild generators, would be gungan only spawn points, i dunno if this is possible but it would be cool, however killing an all gungan army is also cool!!


    i think asked before but would it be possible to make the CIS jedi hero Darth Maul? i think i read somewhere about him being in the game but never used like IG-88, if it is possible to add him he would make a great addition to this map.

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