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  1. (ok im really new at this but ill give it a try)


    Name: Drake McCoole

    Age: 20

    preffered ship: Y-wing

    streangths: gunfights, cool under fire

    weaknesses: trigger happy, very nervous around explosives

    Rank: just a recruit


    "Do you guys know what the hey is going on?"

  2. somthing someone should definetly add are more NPC's here are some ideas of NPC's they should add to the game.


    Bespin guard: these guys should have definetly been in the bespin maps imo they could fight for the rebels and the clones, or to add a twist be mercenary, they fight for whoever controls the most command posts (those cowards!!)


    Ugnaughts: the Bespin version of the Jawa


    Probe Droids: these guys should be on the hoth map, they should be weak but if shot they slowly count down and self destruct like a timb bomb.


    Jawas: i think these guys should be added to the dune sea map and the jabbas palace map


    Imperial fleet troopers: on endor a small number of these guys (about 5) should spawn, there only purpose would be to guard the sheild bunker.


    Dwarf Spider Droids: on geonosis like a smaller version of the large spider droid


    Naboo security: on theed or maybe as a third side who allies with the clones, but can capture command posts (etc)


    (armed) Civilians in mos eisly: who can resist the urge to blast Greedo?


    any other ideas?

  3. This looks awsome is there any way you would be able to add Darth Maul to the map as a hero, instead of Dooku? i dont know anything about modding but i think i remember reading somthing about him being in the game but never used, like IG-88, i dunno just an idea,


    lol it just doesnt look right for gungans to have guns... but i suppose its the only way to balance the teams...


    cant wait for the release!

  4. I always hear people talking about adding medics and engineers to the game and how these items dont really fit the pilot... but werent medics in star wars mostly droids? same with engineers (R2 units) i think that the health ammo dispenser should be given to officer only units, and that the pilots should be armed only with pistols and fushon cutters, but replenish vehicle health while in it and bail out automaticly if the vehicle is destroyed ( wouldnt do much good on bespin though...) but each pilot should have a speacial ability like


    Rebels: sabatoge, they can use there fushion cutters to injure enemy vehicles


    Imperial: only imperial pilots should be able to pilot star craft, thats what they were trained to do after all... but any imp unit can ride a ground vehicle and they get 1 health/ammo dispenser cause the imps are better supplied.


    Droids: only droid unit who can pilot a vehicle (its there programing) and can heal allies with fushion cutter


    Clone: ideas welcome!


    i also think the mines should be givin to the scout trooper, after all it fits there character, sneaking around sniping, planting booby traps...


    just what i think

  5. Ive got an idea for a capture the flag type game with a more "star wars" feel


    both teams start as normal on a map exept each have one speacial base wich spawns special NPC's (like imperial fleet troopers stuff like that) whose only purpose is to guard it and it cant be captured or destroyed, now one team begins with the "plans" and one team gets a speacial R2 unit. this droid can be told to follow you and has the same streangth as one of those immovable ones, when it reaches this speacial command post it downloads the "flag" (it takes about the same time as capturing a command post) then you have to escort the droid back to your base and put the plans into your computer. this will start a countdown to victory, but your opponent now spawns an R2 unit and will try to steal it from you to. or maybe both teams get a droid and stealing the plans only give you like a 25 reinforcement point bonus or somthing....


    just an idea!

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