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  1. Thats probably the reason, or they gave the tuskans dumber AI's to make it more of a challenge when fighting jawa's. If you can't hit them smack the little scavengers upside the head with you tuskan beatstick I say. Ah jawa smacking... it would be so much fun. Kind of makes me wish their were more hunt options involving jawa's and tuskans so we could see how they would fare vs. Stormtroops for example. Are Imperial stormtroopers really as precise as tuskan raiders? Or will the jawas triumph again?
  2. I suppose that could work as well, only it would have to be set so that normal units can't enter it of course. Or maybe it could be set so some Heroes spawn their own private ship, while others merely give the vessel they drive a stats boost (If a jedi flys a vessel he gives it increased stamina for example) So instead of hero vessels you just have heroes who improve their rides, whatever it may be.
  3. If it's just infantry then yeah it looks that way. I keep thinking the units have diffirences like in BF1 but in actuallity they are identical except for speacial's and commanders. And as most people seem to favor the clone commander (actually it seems the imperial officers greatest weakness is his lack of popularity. The mortar launcher is instant kill and requires no warm up, plus they are faster, only really weaker in the pistol department which isn't half bad once you get used to it.) Then I guess I would have to say clones as well. (although i'm still partial to stormies...) Now if we were including vehicles, starfighters or heroes it might turn out diffrently, or it might not. Now what we really need is a mod map, as you said, that pits these sides against each other once and for all.
  4. Have you tried using mines? It can be tricky and you might just end up killing alot of team mates, but if your lucky like I was you might just manage to kill that pesky bug. If that doesn't work my only advice is just keep trying, the guy has an insane amount of health so try using weapons that deal lots of damage like shotguns or rocket launchers. Knocking him into lava is of course the most satisfying way but can be tricky to pull off.
  5. Well whats to stop you from landing the ship and getting out? This way it just prevents someone else from stealing the Heros' vessel.
  6. Makes me wish they had gaffi sticks to beat up the jawa's with.
  7. True that, of corse It's all really a matter of personal preferance as the two sides are relativly equal exept when it comes to speacial units. Then the Clone Commander has a great advantage over his imperial counterpart.
  8. I think the stormies would win personally. After all we did get to play this out in the campaign, right? Aside, I think Jet trooper is better then Dark trooper, it's weapon is deadly and doesn't need to be charged. Plus his jet pack is easier to control. 1 on 1 he would probably lose to the DT but all in all I find him more useful.
  9. Why remove a cool feature merely because some noobs would abuse it? Isn't that what tutorials and the "boot" button are for? I do think actual driveable capital ships might be a bit tricky to do, but it might be possible. If I remember correctly Redtech had a pretty awsome idea for driving the ships. Sort of a slow, more tactical way making it almost impossible for ships to collide or anything. If something like that could be done I say it would be great. Also on the subject of heroes, space heroes sounds like a good idea to me, only execpt an actual unit you spawn as a heroic spaceship, like Vader's TIE Advanced or the Millenium Falcon. Instead of spawning at a point you just sort of fly in from off the field, fly around and when your shot down you roll out of control and fly off the border until someone else earns the ability. Also I think it would be cool if jedi lightsabers could actually hit, you know so when fighting blades actually clash, parry ect. I think it's kind of unrealistic to have a "block" button that makes you temporarily invincible. I would rather have it like in the Jedi Outcast games, where you automaticly block shots, but only from infront of you and only a certain amount. Any shots from behind would hit you as would many shots if your being shot at by numerous units.
  10. Of course in a new game some changes in game play and graphical improvements would be nice. More accurate models/skins for units/weapons, and some variety returned too the different classes. Nothing game breaking, just minor differences, still the same basic six classes. Although I do think the officer needs his role redefined. Give him a purpose, like being better at (or essential to) CP capturing. I am partial to the idea of a changeable sixth class, maybe something that varies depending on the map. For example, the rebels get an actual commander and their special class becomes an “Alien Ally”. Basically a unique unit that changes from map-to-map. The most common two are the bothan spy and wookiee smuggler, but there are a few others. Some unique seventh classes representing locals, or elite warriors would be nice as well. For example ARC troopers on Kamino, generic Jedi on Geonosis, Gungan warriors on Naboo, Crimson guards on the death star, etc. I would really like to see some cool scenarios to. Stuff that was in the movies but wouldn’t really fit in an average battlefront style map. I know this has probably been done already in several games, but I still think they would be a neat addition to battlefront, as it would allow players to reenact them from any viewpoint. Some ideas are: Trench run Geonosis: Arena battle Order 66 (jedi vs clones hunt mode) Liberation on Naboo (Space fight/Palace skirmish/Gungans vs trade federation) Battle over the sarlacc pit (something reminiscent of the skirmish from episode VI) Aside from this some customization options would be nice too. Like the ability to fiddle with reinforcement points/# of units for each side, turn units on and off (even units not normally playable on a map), set limits on certain units, switch around CP ownership before the beginning of the game, change which heroes are on the map, if any, among other things. Of course the best thing would be the simple easy to use level editor.
  11. Thats what I would say. I think it's kind of stupid for some element to be removed from the game just to dissuade TKer's. They shouldn't be able to dictate how the game is made in my opinion. If someone is being lame and doing somthing you believe is wrong, simply boot the twidiot! Kind of like removing prone just to keep people from glitching, why limit game options just to stop these people? First off they should try fixing these areas, and second it should be possible to boot people who do so.
  12. Sweoot! I'm definetly willing to wait so long as the patch it good.
  13. YES! I totally agree. It gets quite annoying (not to mention unrealistic) when a group of bots and a tank all go after one lowly sniper. As for SWBFIII I think I would like to have most of the good old stuff included (Space battles/the ground maps/heroes too I suppose) but maybe expand or improve on them a bit. Especially in terms of maps/locations. I would like to see most of the old locations return, but I don’t want the same old maps, I want vast improvements and revisions. A few new maps and some incremental improvements might have been fine for SWBFII but for III I want more of a feeling of a brand new game. Yes, Theed was a good map. But wouldn’t it be better if the city was expanded, to invade it with MTT’s and maybe storm the palace? Yeah, Hoth was cool, but how about a more epic feel? More AT-AT’s and an expanded tunnel system complete with collapsible areas and a wampa den. I liked Utapau as much as the next guy but the new version should have you spawning from a capital ship and landing a gunship on the platforms. The maps would keep the old feel from the original games, maybe the same basic design, just expanded or some CP placement improved. Other less popular maps would either be scrapped, or hopefully redone in a better way (Poli… do I need to say it?)
  14. I don't really know much about squads. Sounds like a way to try to improve teamwork. Sadly it seems that while a game like battlefront is the most fun when played with a friend, or a group of friends. Sadly online it's hard to get people to cooperate if they just don't feel like it. Yes it seems like there's alot of ideas being thrown around, and the subject changes rather quickly. I attempt to comment on most ideas, but some just seem to slip away. Or I don't really have much to say about it. Like water battles: they sound pretty cool, but I don't have much of an opinion on it or anything really significant to add.
  15. I think their was a mod map made that pitted them against each other... I would say the AT-AT. It's got stronger armor, and kick ass cannons (at least it did in BF1). Although the AT-TE's top cannon does pack a punch, it would really hurt the 'AT if it got it in the neck. I still gotta say the AT-AT wins. Of course if the AT-TE can get behind it then it's a diffrent story, but neither are exactly agile. I think it would get destroyed before it managed to lumber into position.
  16. I find that once they have breached the sea wall the best strategy is to stay on the wall as a heavy weapons guy, then fire rockets straight to the tank's weak points while their concentrating fire on the refinery. If your ammo runs out jump into a tank for the remainder of the time. I know repairing it as an engineer seems like a good idea, but really you'll just draw fire from standing there and are almost helpless vs. vehicles.
  17. I finally got onto some of the platforms using a STAP, great spot to snipe, I got the award rifle just as I ran out of ammo for my regular rifle. Now Ive just gotta see if I can get to the other platforms...
  18. Kind of sucks if your on PS2 though, oh well. I really hope them modders make good, interesting maps. I might even try my hand at it, but I probably won't get far. I'm very slow when it comes to "technical things" like modding.
  19. Nice, i'm gonna have to check that out. And I would like to see a gungan city, it's an interesting location with all those bubble like buildings and such, it would make alot more sense for a hunt mode location then Theed at least.
  20. Well no it's not completely original of course, almost everything takes at least some inspiration from somthing else. The unique way it all sort of blends all this stuff together and puts it in a diffrent universe is what really makes it cool I think.
  21. Yes! Big gripe I had with new level design. Make CP's harder to come by so controlling them actually matters. Also they should be in more defensive/important locations. This isn't really as much of a problem, but I don't think command posts should just be sitting out in the open. They should be in bunkers/buildings or fortified areas.
  22. Probably, can you really blame them though? I mean if I'm a clone trooper/stormtrooper/ battledroid/ other minor grunt and I manage to kill a jedi, i'm making sure they arn't faking. Don't want to end up with a saber through the back.
  23. I guess I would like the ARC-170 to switch roles with the V-wing. The V-wing being the agile multi-purpose fighter the '170 being the heavy fighter who is more manuverable then the pure bombers. Sort of like the V-wing is now. I like the inertia effects idea, vehicles being pushed around when hit instead of just taking it like nothing happened. I think that the rebels could use more variety in their speeders instead of just having one all purpose tank. Like you said the rebel combat speeder from BF1 could make a comeback, serving as the primary rebel assault vehicle. Then the "rocket tank" would serve as artillery/AA on maps large enough to support them. Maybe their could be variations in the combat speeder for certain maps as well. Like on Naboo they could use their local speeders instead. Or maybe a certain type carries a few extra passengers, or has a rear mounted turret, just minor diffrences in a basic design. Possibly even a heavier variety loaded with extra weapons and armor, but less common. Maybe a light speeder type as well. A light quick support vehicle with little or no weaponry carries extra units who can fire from their seats. It's mostly used as a light support vehicle or a quick transport. Just somthing to give the rebels more variety in their vehicles. Of course their would have to be larger more vehicle based maps for these to work, after all whats the point of having an Anti-Air unit if theirs nothing to shoot down?
  24. Of course! What was I thinking? Star destroyer interiors should definetly be larger then the Tantive IV, especially if it's going to contain all those vital systems. I also liked the the ships were depicted in RC, somthing along those lines would work very well. Yeah, I was thinking somthing along the lines of the rebublic not having a true "bomber" class but making up for it with it's two unique multi-purpose ships. The V-wing is multi-purpose, with an emphasis on starfighting, being faster then most multi-purpose fighters. The ARC-170 conversly has a definete edge in destroying things on capital ships, it might not have the same power bombers have. But it's more manuverable, and has several positions like a bomber making it hard to destroy, with a tail gunner defending the rear. So other ships won't have an easy time just picking it off. Sort of like a mini-gunship, armed to the teeth with an impressive assortment of weapons, only it trades the gunships massive health for improved agility.
  25. Yeah, it's like they want to make sure your really dead or somthing, and not just faking...
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