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  1. I don't know, I kind of like the space controls, seem easy enough to use to me. But then again I know absolte nil about starfighter games, so I'm not the best judge. It would be cool if you could mix and match factions though, even some crazy ones, ewoks vs. wookiees! Continuity errors be damned! So long as it isn't in the campaign I think cool/creative combinations could be fun to play, who knows the kind of scenarios you could come up with... The twin suns of Tatooine shine brightly on the desert town of Mos Eisly, deserted execpt for the two silent armies. The mysterious cloaked jawas are the only ones brave enough to remain, to defend their desert home. They stare with glowing eyes at the invaders, a group of barbaric ewoks from Endor, the lust of conquest glinting in their beady little eyes. Words cannot describe the merciless slaughter that follows. (Actually they can: random, surprisingly funny, and pointless come to mind.) Ah, a writer I am not, still, Jawas vs. Ewoks... priceless!
  2. I got by most of the 'tricky' (AKA, Mindboggingly difficult) levels merely by some lucky coincidences (Gizor Delso stepping on a mine, rebels could never seem to hit the beacon.) And very close calls (1 point left, Yavin, A half dead dark trooper crouches, hidden in the rebel base. Suddenly he manages to roll out of the way and electrocute the last bothan, mere seconds before incineration. Kashyyyk, 1 point left, a half dead jet trooper plays a game of hide and seek with a spider droid and several tanks while capturing the final CP) Now I'm going to have to replay all the levels again, see if they're as challenging now that I know what to expect.
  3. Yeah, Vader is slow walking, but his evil force floatating sprint of doom is impressive, sadly you often move much too fast to control where you go with much accuracy, you can completely bypass your opponent by accident and leave yourself open to attack. I find Mauls sprint to be a bit more controlled. Plus Vader's attacks, while slower, deal greater damage. He can take guys down in a few swipes while Maul has to attack alot more. Here I'm talking about hero assault of course, as infantry typically die in 1-2 swipes. Vader also has more health then Maul, but as speed typically trumps everything else this hardly matters, Maul doesn't have to worry about being attacked if he gets the jump on the enemy and doesn't allow them to counter attack. But if someone else gets the first blow, Maul can be in trouble real quick as his health falls very fast. I think that they are fairly even, but Maul has an undeniable edge, due to the fact that speed is typically the most deciding factor in a fight.
  4. Oh yeah, defending the beacon is a pain, I managed to win by a lucky fluke, all the rebel 'nades never seemed to travel far enough to hit it, still I was relieved when it was over, that level can be a real pain!
  5. meh, I say call it force PWN!, an accurate name if ever there was one. Or somthing more descriptive, how about "Shock Therapy"?
  6. That would be absolutly awsome, I know you can make maps and stuff with modding tools but those are kind of technical and hard to use. It would be nice if their was an easy to use, simple level editor.
  7. I never said they were overpowered. I merely meant they can be annoying at times, and even though they are relativly easily dispatched once you know what your doing, sometimes I prefer playing without worrying about them. And even if they do get killed relativly easily, one spawn-killin' spree can put a large enough krimp in your points to assure defeat, especially if it's towards the end of the game.
  8. I personally could care less, so long as they are done right, and their is an option to turn 'em off. They can be fun to play as at times, but sometimes I like battles straight, without having to worry about some jedi coming along and spawnkilling my team to defeat.
  9. Mine would probably be Hoth, or Yavin as well, although I thought Polis Massa was a bit tricky at times too.
  10. I would have to say Felucia, sure it looks kind of cool and unique with all those weird plants and stuff but when you get down to it, it's a pretty boring level, nothing really stands out exept for the CP on that small mountain thing. I think it would have been cooler if the Rebublic had an AT-TE, like in the campaign, and had to assault the completely CIS controlled jungle with only their command walker and some vehicles, not just a random pointless blast fest through an area that's hard on the eyes. I would have said polis massa, but that level can actually be kind of fun, if you have a lower amount of units.
  11. lol Sorry man, I got about halfway down before giving up, an extreamly long list... too many places i've never heard of. Might make some fun battles though, but I doubt they would add that many EU locations. Unless their was enough intrest, then they might release some sort of "ultimate EU battlefront" expansion pack, with wars before and after the clone wars/galactic civil war.
  12. Yeah, it is a bit weird to be fighting them in the streets of Theed. It would make more sense to hunt them down in the plains/swamps, or even an underground gungan city, where you have to destroy generators keeping that plasma stuff over the surface, eventually destroying the entire gungan city.
  13. lol yeah, I meant the playable gungans in hunt, didn't know you meant somthing diffrent, I though you were making fun of them trumping up some feature that was already in the game. It was kind of confusing when all you say is "playable gungans." lol.
  14. Ah yes, the only thing worse then getting choked by a scary old man is getting choked and zapped to death by a scary old man at the same time.
  15. That really would be pathetic. Especially considering gungans are already playable in BF2. The old maps do need major redoin's, I agree. Some of the maps could easily be made more exiting with just some simple changes, Impliment certain objectives to give soldiers somthing to work for, somthing more then just running around in circles after your opponents capturing posts. Larger battles is also a givin, I mean right now some of them feel to crowded. Others are a bit to spread out, and could use more vehicles and units. Also I think more complex maps, with interactive enviroment would also add something to the maps, collapsable tunnels on Hoth for example, to slow down the imperials as they invade Echo base. Or the ability to enter buildings (or demolish?) on Mos Eisly or Naboo, and snipe from windows, stuff like that could also help improve the maps.
  16. I agree, most of those things bug me to. I am also seriously dissapointed in the way Kashyyyk turned out, I almost prefer the SWBF1 layout to this one. All the maps could have been done better, but Kashyyyk is probably the biggest disapointment. The only thing I disagree on is space combat which I personally enjoy, sure at first I tended to die very quickly but now I'm finding it easier and easier to survive entire rounds without dieing once, I think of them like the ground maps, fine, but they could have been soo much better.
  17. Force collapse? Are you talking about his move where he jumps then shoots lightning everywhere?
  18. It was kind of like Kamino, exept with more interior and actual ground instead all platforms above water. Basicly a long corridor surrounding the map, with an open courtyard in the center. Sniping was very popular as you could shoot straight across t the other side, and the guys in the courtyard had almost no cover. There was also a system of tunnels around the carbon freezing chamber. Maybe somthing like a SMG or shotgun would be more his thing, he could sneak around behind the enemies using his own private corridors, avoiding one headache of a rocket fest, sneak directly into the enemy CP and eliminate all the enemies at close range. (with the help of his blue suited lackey's). But he's ineffective at long range. That could be OK I suppose, leave sniping to the snipers, Lando would lead the assault and need somthing with a higher rate of fire anyway.
  19. Yeah, I agree as well, I think many maps could be alot better if they were bigger, also I like the idea of transports, and vehicles in general playing a bigger role. If not just speed how about protection? You don't want to get sniped or gunned down running running from location to location, so you stay in the safty of a vehicle until you reach your destination, then unload all the troops at once.
  20. Sounds good to me, although they would be extreamly slow firing and hard to manuver. Of course that's obviously sort of the point, they just sit there and dish out damage. Maybe the SPHA-T shouldn't be controllable at all and just a destroyable CP? Basicly just a huge destroyable structure units spawn around (or inside?) but it has the ability to fire huge damaging lasers and of course some self defense turrets players can man. Instead of having someone inside the thing shooting though, the shots would be fired by a clone commander acting as a spotter, pointing out targets and then all active SPHA-T's would fire at the target, then he would wait until they recharged before choosing another target. Just an idea, although maybe it's too complicated, I suppose if they could make a drivable AT-AT for Hoth why not one of these guys for Geonosis? I guess I just like the idea as it gives commanders more of an important position, at least for Geonosis. Of course the SPHA-T wouldn't appear in every map, in many cases it would probably be replaced by it's smaller cousin the UT-AT, (Where appropriate of course.)
  21. Yes, unbelievibly jawas tend to win, of course thats just the bots, when actual humans are playing tuskans almost always win, but it seems that the jawa AI is alot more intelligent then the tuskan one.
  22. I say Maul, his attacks are quick, and devestating with that double blade of his, plus he just looks cool. It's kind of annoying how often he's used.
  23. True, having a high rate of fire would be useful in a corridor based map, maybe he should have something along those lines, at least considering all the other blaster based heroes' weapons are relativly slow firing, or fire three shots so close together it might as well be one. I was thinking a high powered, long range weapon would be useful on the city as it's a favorite for snipers, it would help Lando pick off guys from the other end of a corridor. But maybe somthing with more firepower would be better. Not sure about duel pistols though, if anybody should get those it would be Jango Fett. As for the NPC's yeah, it would probably get to annoying, I'm just trying to think of ways to make Lando diffrent from all other gun slingin' heroes. Seeing as how heroe's can't command other units at all, it might be interesting to have one who has a group of lackey's who are always following him around. Someone who might not be as good in terms of sheer firepower, but who can allow the rebels access to diffrent parts of the map, that let them bypass all the rocket chaos in the main corridors and sneak to the imperial CP's from behind.
  24. Have you tried Force running as Yoda toward the farmost CP's and taking them first? I usually get the one to the side of the beach first, using rocks as cover, then the farthest, where the droids originally spawn. Usually all the droid vehicles immediatly leave for the beach, completely ignoring you, although if you attract their attention you might have to deal with it. Once these two posts are taken the droid's shouldn't have any more vehicles spawning, and your wookiee allies will help you deal with any droids who spawn at the beach CP's, so capturing them shouldn't be much of a problem. In my experiance the first two CP's you take are always easier, because the droids are more spread out, but as you take more and more they all spawn from a single post, making it harder to capture. The farthest posts should be taken first, as they spawn the most vehicles and are harder to get to, the ones on the beach however are quite close together, and your team is usually closer by to help you take them.
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