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  1. Fixed after being destroyed? I know the booklet says anything diamond shaped can be repaired, but many kids said you cannot repair these outposts..... True or not True?
  2. I ment like Mon Calamari or the Super Star Destroyer or any ship. The Star Fighters should respawn for sure. Even the Ships like the Blockade runner or a Star Destroyer should not be destroyed and not respawn..... only the star fighters should respawn.
  3. Does anyone know if they respawn or are completely destroyed and dont come back? I think it would be better if they didn't respawn after being destroyed.
  4. I noticed it playing online when me and a kid were wookies and we blasted the bunker in less than a min since nobody was guarding it..... it was interesting to see it rapaired.
  5. I have noticed the Bunker/Shield Gen on Hoth can be repaired....... what about the assembly area on Geo???
  6. all you have to do for Hoth is have the two ATAT's side by side and ajacent to each other so that nobody can trip them with a tow cable. It works trust me!!
  7. somebody should quit talking about it and create it lol I have the ps2 version so I cant make it
  8. What I ment to say is why do you run out of reinforcements and you still have like 2 or 3 computers on the map still???
  9. yes I think that idea is stupid. It would be nice to have it to zero or when you have 150 units, you actually have 150 units on the map and who cares about spawn points
  10. Your beating the computer left and they have 1 unit left and they actually have 4 units on the map. Another example is on the ps2 multiplayer when you have 2 units left and theres actually 5 people on your side that are on the map. Is this a glitch or something?
  11. yea, and its fun watching them fly to their death
  12. are you sure? when I was playing that level one time, I thought I saw its health bar.
  13. everytime they die, they come back. I saw the sarlac eat Mace one time
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