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  1. You're right, it is a RTS. However, I hold to the hope that they will port it to console gaming (XBOX). Thanks for the tip on Battleground 2 as I haven't heard any news about it. I would probably buy it but I can't say that BG has been the best game in the world. Happy it exists, but I don't recommend it unless a die hard Star Wars fan. I rented a driving game this weekend: Burnout 3 for XBOX and it is a huge improvement is the other two releases. I hope for the same for Battlegrounds 2 (if it ever gets released).
  2. These are good suggestions, which is possible if you have the PC version. I have already given up any hope because I have the XBOX platform. I am putting much hope into the "Empire at War" coming out soon. Who knows if XBOX will be included?
  3. Did you get your new power cord free from Microsoft? A lot of performance issues can have a root in low/high power and will effect any electronic device. Check your power in your house if you know how to monitor it. If not, you must have a congested network connection. Find out if your ISP (internet service provider) is experiencing trouble. If they are popular, they may be slow. You might want to switch providers if you hear of others having slower connections. Finally, check your disk. My kids don't seem to understand that oil, dirt and moisture effect DVD/CD performance. Keep it clean my friend or it will turn on you!
  4. That and the fact that they tend to be pretty clumsy...which is a limitation of the game engine. I get kinda disappointed when the TIE fighters crash themselves into the Tattooine mountains on easy mode. I would wager that happens to 60% of them!
  5. I guess that is what I have been thinking. However updates and mods are not possible yet and that is valuable to me. Using Both PC and XBOX platforms can work unless the rumor is true....old XBOX games not compatible with the new? That would be HIGH TREASON and reason to drop my XBOX if true. Can anyone substantiate this? What is an XBOX worth anyway? I think I'd rather give it to you than sell it. I bought it for $199, I bet I couldn't get $75 for it....? I was refering to the PS2 vs the new (at the time) XBOX. Still you could be right about the moron part, it was a Radio Shack. Bought my XBOX at Wal-Mart of course.
  6. Yeah I hear that it was leaked recently...which probably isn't such a terrible thing. I'd like to know what the next gen XBOX looks like. I can only hope for the best! Maybe the next XBOX will have more PC like qualities, such as downloadable updates, mice/keyboard expanded play and the like. Here's an update that is not much of an update: http://www.xbox365.com/news/news.cgi/article/EEpZkpkEFuPWswpicS2134
  7. I was told that PS2 would not be a good investment because it would often wear out from playing DVD movies. I tried to buy one but the electronics store convinced me to buy XBOX. They said it was better quality (graphics, durability) and that Live internet playing would eventually replace PC based games and bury PS2 alive. While that hasn't happened, XBOX has truly taken some market share away from PS2. I feel like it is to late to change now.
  8. I hate to bring it up again but I feel I made a bad choice to buy XBOX. Chatting with some of you has reinforced this. XBOX was going to solve the following problems: 1. force upgrading my PC every year 2. a more stable platform (can't get a virus on XBOX) 3. performance better on XBOX 4. buying multiple copies of games for different plaforms I feel now the limitation of the XBOX for the SW games I want to play....i.e. Battleground updates, Empire at War, etc. What advice would you have for a person who has about 10 XBOX games? Sell? Giveaway? Is it truly worth leaving the XBOX plaform for PC? Convince me!
  9. Does anyone have system requirements for the Empire At War game? I haven't read all the posts but was hoping someone might know. This will be the first PC game I have bought in about 3 1/2 years, so I want to be ready. Thanks in advance!
  10. You've right, and I get to try to find parts from Compaq! Not gonna do it. I do travel a lot so it makes sense to buy one. This time I will spend $2000 on a laptop instead of $1200. You do get what you pay for!
  11. That's a workable solution. Thanks for the info.
  12. "It costs a lot more money to keep a computer up-to-date but I don't mind. You've got to work for it but in the end, I find it more rewarding." ---------------- I supposed you wouldn't buy a laptop? I might have made a poor choice a few years ago...bought a Presario and it is about impossible to upgrade.
  13. I have a older laptop at home and really need to buy a new one. My wife prefers it to a desktop so I will spend a nice chunk this year, possibly when I get my tax return. Thanks for your offer to help....I will definitely save up the buck as you suggested. It seems most of the threads are PC users.
  14. Pretty cool deal, I envy you. Thanks for replying!
  15. Thanks for your reply. How much, may I ask, do you spend on upgrading your PC every year? That is my stumbling block. I know the PC technologies have slowed in the last few years (in terms of great advances) so the cost has been lower to upgrade. I guess I've had too many bad experiences with PC games to want to go back. XBOX has been ok to me.
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