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    Force Choking failing interns, keeping my badly burned body alive
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    The Emperors bidding...
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  1. Thats sad... I've been finishing up on the Imperial campaign and looking forward to the Rebellion point of view. Its a shame I won't get to use Obiwan during it.
  2. Luke Sywalker? So Vader did have kids? Darnitt!!!!!
  3. (EEARRK!!!) Apology accepted, captain. My arrival was delayed, but im here to put you back on schedule. The rebels scored a victory in combat with one of our allied battalions. The success however has clouded their vision, and they will not succeed against us. All current and pursuing members are to sound off via private transmission, or post in this thread, after which you will be given instructions on the joining process, or given access into the initial insertion plans.... Do not fail me again.... War has begun.... soon we will declare war on the current elite Rebel clan, and destroy forever the pitiful little band. Ready your fleets captains, are target will soon be revealed. (Grins) Here are the number of open positions left: 1. Darth Vader 2. Moff Tarkin 3. Admiral Thrawn 4. Mara Jade 5. Colonel Veers
  4. Your weariness?? (Emperor's face hardens) My whereabouts are not your concern, you were called here for your reputation as being the best bounty hunter in the galaxy. Your eagerness for payment seems to be clouding your judgement. Use the personal messaging system Trigun. * There are pressing matters to attend to... There has been a great disturbance in the Force. Recently a certain Rebel Clan has started to aquire members at an alarming rate. Soon we will need to end the Rebellion threat permanently, by crushing the best they have to offer. I have dispatched Lord Vader to find out as much as he can about them before he arrives. Nrseven, and Captain Piett have you aquired any information about any of the growing insurgence? ( * Check the other forum on MXO)
  5. Now that Trigun has recieved my transmission, almost all requirements have been met by him. Once he has made the pledge, he will be an official member of the 501st Legion.
  6. So what if they look the same, looks to me like you guys have really too much time on your hands....
  7. Excellent. If successful, you will find that payment for your services to the Empire can be quite considerable. Failure however will not be tolerated. There are 3 tasks that must be done before you can join us officially. Stand by to recieve transmission.
  8. I sense Lord Vader is approaching.... Nrseven, Captain Piett, ready your troops!
  9. Don't make fun of the way I walk, besides its not me feet you should be worried about....
  10. Greetings, Stival Discipal here... It seems that we have a defector in our mist. Privatemiles is no longer affiliated with the 501st Legion. He has sent me 3 emails telling me that has been turned to the "lightside" as he put it. Since he never made the pledge, and was never fully accepted into our clan I request that his posts be removed from our thread. His posts now damage the credibility of this PA. On a second note, I wanted also tell any of the star reporters that the 501st Legion is currently seeking a female roleplayer to play as Mara Jade. Any help by announcements would be appreciated. Thanks again, Stival
  11. Do not underestimate my little green friend...
  12. I'll have to check it out, thanks for the update.
  13. Indeed, his fate will be the same as your own.... Soon you all will be meeting my Apprentice, Lord Vader. It would be wise of you both to greet him honorably.
  14. The 501st were simply the elite clonetroopers, the best the Empire had to join Vader. The name was chosen because this clan would like to be one of the best in not only Roleplaying, but also in ingame planning, and coordinated attacks just as the actual 501st. Hopefully that shed some light on the names significance.
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