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  1. Is this a big joke? I PREFER playing as Trandos! I find the crosshair on the ACP is much easier to aim with than the crappy circle that the clones get. I have been in games where it's been 1 (me) vs 5 or even 8, which is absolutely ridiculous imo. It'd be better if it was like CS, where you CAN'T join a team if the number of players on it is more than two above the opposite team. I'd say it should be open to choice (I love being trandos, so don't take my choice away from me!), but there should be some kind of protection in place to stop there being 8vs1 matches.
  2. Really? I think it's BETTER than JA by a MILE. You don't get anyone standing around treating the game like a pretty looking IRC client, the guns act and feel more real and the game feels like it's played faster than JA too. The only real letdown is the lack of options, but thats not something that can't be fixed once the source code and editor utilities get released. I didn't like battlefront, but that's probably because I only played it on the Xbox, and I hate playing FPS's with controllers. It just doesn't feel as natural to me as a keyboard/mouse does.
  3. Excuse the flames, but this just screams "WAREZ!" at me. Too lazy to reinstall the game to make it work? Too lazy to email lucasarts to get a new (probably working) key to play online? Even if you did throw away your receipt, there are serial numbers and such on the discs that can be used to prove that your discs are authentic. Its like those people who used to post on my forum about getting the "CL_ParsePacket" error in JA, and then pretend they didn't warez the game. If you want to play online, in any sort of clan, I'd politely suggest that you email lucasarts and get yourself a working CD key. If you had a legitimate one in the first place, that is.
  4. Has anyone else tried to play the multiplayer online yet? When I tried today there was only one other server, but it seemed to come off well. I was more than a little dissapointed that there wasn't really much squad based stuff in game. I suppose for clanmatches and "serious" games, I'll have to bust out some teamspeak or ventrilo. I only got to try out team deathmatch, which turns out to be trandoshans vs clones. People seemed happy to play as the trandos though, and I would have thought that everyone would want to be a clone.
  5. Do you have the PC demo? Look in the sounds folder, and there's the MP3 of it in there. Happy listening
  6. I got it today, and its pretty much what I expected from the demo. Gave the MP a little whirl as well. I was a little dissapointed there wasn't any squad-basedness or similar. However, it seems to be played freakin' FAST, which I liked. There was only one server online, but hopefully more will pop up once the dedicated server binaries get released.
  7. You are aware that I signed up, right? You haven't put me into the bracket yet.
  8. I was just pointing out to the people who were saying that clans suck that they will either ruin or enhance the game. It just depends on whether you get into a "clan" run by some 14 year old who knows a bit of HTML, or a "Clan", run by someone who has the money and time to invest in actually making it good.
  9. In every online game there are "clans", and there are "Clans". The differences between them are: 1) "Clans" will have their own well designed website, which will be gramatically correct and hosted on their own webspace, on a proper domain name. "clans" will either have a website hosted on Geocities or Freewebs, or the website will be permanently "Under Construction", and will never go up. 2) "Clans" will (for the most part) have their own server, or at least a co-owned server with another Clan. "clans" will always be "looking for a server", or be in the process of building one. One will never appear, however. 3) "Clans" will have regular training sessions where AT LEAST half of the clan members will be there every week. "clans" will have scheduled training sessions that nobody turns up to, or won't have training at all. 4) "Clans" will ALWAYS turn up to their matches, with a full strength squad that has been practicing as a team and knows how to play the game. "clans" will rarely, if ever, turn up to their scheduled matches. If a "clan" does make a match, there will be members missing or late, and the squad itself will be under strength. The "clan" players will go to great lengths at the end of the match to explain why you won, and who should have been playing but wasn't there etc etc. 5) "Clans" will have a good way of staying in contact, such as a mass emailer, regularly updated forums or an IRC channel. "clans" will schedule all their matches over AIM or MSN messenger, and if they have a messageboard, nobody will visit it. As you can see, there is a difference between being in a "clan" and a "Clan". One can ruin your enjoment of the game, and the other will boost it so much that you'll wonder why you played on your own in the first place.
  10. Gah. We did a deathmatch compo! I'll make you a deal, I'll enter your comp if you enter mine.
  11. *Jumps on the bandwagon* Force-Temple is holding a deathmatch competition in late march/early april (Provided the linux dedicated server binaries are released by then). For more information, click here... You can also reply to this topic if you wish to take part, and you don't want to register on the FT forums.
  12. More details would be good. How many vs how many? 2vs2? Also, how do you know that RC will have a capture the flag gamesetting?
  13. Clan Name: Force-Temple Clan Site: http://www.force-temple.com Forum:http://www.force-temple.com/forum Leader: Me! (deloused) Co Leaders: I haven't appointed one yet. Clan Email: deloused@force-temple.com Story aboud your clan: Basically, we have been a Star Wars gaming website for a while now, about 3 years in total, but we've never had a dedicated group of players for any kind of clan. I decided to change all that by setting up the republic commando clan. Hopefully we should do well.
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