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  1. There was this retard in one of the games one of those people who think their skills will be long remembered by the gaming community.....yeah total idiot. Anyway he was hosting a server and i came in and started playing. I had just gotten on the game for the day and was not warmed up. The whole time he was bragging about how he was firs. He was winning all first place in DM for 3 straight games. I finally got the drop on him 10-2 The game session suddenly was no longer available..... Why would you play for fame instead of fun....and if your going to show off WIN! dont let someone MURDER YOU! any way i feel that this game needs players who are more apt to STICK TOGETHER... I have seen huge turn arounds from people buddying up....(sigh) cool story eh???
  2. If i preordered it when should i get it im dying over here!!!
  3. I kinda hope there is a revive then again....... 1) How would the trandoshans revive? 2) It would be instead of playing an FPS you are playing a freeze tag game. I hope it is more like rounds as in Source...... oh yeah.... i also hope there is something that when you die you can watch the other player's view.... But you know how lucas arts is.....
  4. I hopw IGN's review isnt entirely true because i would like this game to be the best on ei have, I am not a hardcore gamer or anything but i know a good game when i see it. I have not had ALOt of experience with games so i have not see the greatest of them but i think this one will be one of my best. Who is this guy?
  5. eh, i dont know either... Just wonderin.. lol....
  6. dont people only usually play dedicated servers though?
  7. That is what i was thinking allthough it is very possible. for example say in a game that is not dedicated. You can be playing kick some one.....use adminisrative opstions, what ever. with this maybe you wont be able to do that unless you go back to your server options and use the admin opstions their. Maybe when you are playing in your own server you are just like an outsider with now power. could be idk...guess we'll just have to see..
  8. sweet...........Ive never heard of a game where you can play your own dedicated server before that will be awsome. For battlefront i was using only my laptop to use a dedicated server that i could get into and playing the game on my good PC. im not going to host or anything because my computer wont be able to handle it on dont think, sweet...... At least ther shouldn't be a shortage in servers.
  9. UT? and...... I mean like where you can creat and run a dedicated server on window instead of a PC server
  10. I wonder if the server setup will be like it is not with battelfront the stand alone server if not that might suck cause i dont think anyone want to sacrafice thier game so everyone can have a server.
  11. dang that is crazy.....But you pirate the game you deserve punishment....
  12. cool I wonder if it will be like clone start out with clone weapons and trandoshans start out with trandoshan weapons.....or you have to go pick some up or something.... I hope that there will not be a ginormous inbalancae between trndoshans and clones.
  13. Anyone know how the gameplay will go??wethere the multiplayer will be like source were its wait till everyone dies then spawn again or will it be like who ever makes it to this point wins......ect
  14. Wow that sounds pretty serious i wouldnt do it either then but.. at least you get the single player i dont think it is worth the risk...... PS: Anyone know how you can CHANGE/CREATE a siugnature when you have already created an account???
  15. I just like the fact that i know i will have a copy...The places where i live are always sold out of new games ALWAYS!! this is just a security for me....
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