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  1. I've still found and fixed a nasty little bug. I strongly recommend to download again. Sorry. Jerico
  2. Hi, i've recently released a new version of ScummGUI. Once again some things have changed. Visit http://www.scummgui.cjb.net for the complete changelog. Fell free to download. Jerico
  3. You only have to go through the other options if you really need them. But every option you select is saved by default. You don't have to set the options everytime you select a game. I'm a little confused now. What do you mean with "chose the game FROM a drop-down list, while keeping the snapshots"? Jerico
  4. Thanks for testing, Joshi. Don't know exactly what you mean with "more screens", but for a quick start of a game simply select the game, set the gamepath and hit start. After that everytime you start ScummGUI the last selected game is chosen by default and you only have to press start. Isn't that easy enough ? Jerico
  5. I have uploaded a temporarily fix for the "Shortcut" problem, but i don't like this solution. I'll fix this for the next release. Go to the ScummGUI download section for more informations. Jerico
  6. Yes, that's the problem with vb. The f.........g dlls. ScummGUI checks if the needed dlls are present. If not it copies the files to the systemdir. Sorry Benny, i thought this parameters were published somewhere on WMI or so. If it's your work, respect for checking this out. And besides this, i don't remember anything i took from Q+E. Maybe we have the same ideas. Jerico
  7. Thanks for the response, masterdebator. Nice to hear, that you like the graphics. It's no problem for me, that you prefer Q+E. I've not reached the end, there're still some tasks open. But i don't want to include and copy all advanced features of Q+E, that's not the right way. It's a balance of what makes sense and fits to the design of ScummGUI. I.e. the sheduled task for the daily build, this feature makes no sense in ScummGUI (and if you ask me, not at all. it's an feature overload). I like your idea of a "live screenshot". I will look into this. Let me see what i can do. And yes Alien426, it's coded in VB. PS: I reconized that the "Shortcut" function is not working correctly on all machines. I'm working on this. Jerico
  8. Hi, it has past some time since you heard from me, but i'm still working on ScummGUI. The last months was a hectic time for me. I was moving and not to forget my job. Now, all is going to normal stage and i found the time to work on ScummGUI again. In the future i plan to spend more time on it and update it regularly (that's what i wanted from the beginning). Many things have changed since release 0.6.2 and i decided to release the new build as v1.0. I experimented alot with the design and i think it's more cartoon/adventure like with the current one. The most remarkable change you can see is the new logo. ScummGUI uses it's own logo now. Maybe it's to colorful for some people but i like it. For details on what has changed, visit the ScummGUI homepage. There're still some tasks open, that i haven't finished for this release, so keep an eye open for updates. Since alot of code has changed and i tested most of it by myself, there's a chance that it isn't 100% bug free. But As far as i tested i haven't found anything. So, feel free to report bugs, ideas or whatever to me. If this sounds interesting to you, you can grab a copy at the following address. I also changed the design of the website a little bit to match with the ScummGUI graphics. http://scummgui.cjb.net PS: Just for the record. I don't want to challenge with bgbennyboy and Q+E as some people thought in the past. It's a very good frontend and the new release has some nice features. ScummGUI is only an alternative launcher to Q+E that some people find useful. Jerico
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