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  1. Indeed Anyways , i think that the Executor should get a Abillity that allows vader to get out of the Executor in his Tie advanced ( To make it fair u could only have the abillity when the Executor has taken serious damage)
  2. .. Why do i get images of Nightsister using Fishing Hooks with Twi'leks on it.. And they are holding it in front of The rancor.. Hmmm very disturbing this is ..
  3. If everything Goes according to Plan .. Yes 2.1 will have Droidekas.. if Artoo can get the Droideka shields.. to work Artoo if u need my help at some things , Send a PM.. Im quite Busy but i still want to try and get this Mod ''Fully Operational''!
  4. Yes the tractor beam can indeed be very handy .. a Escaping Corvette for Example.. Although the Mon calamari has A : No shield generator , B: Boost shields Makes u Invulnerable and Replenishes shields right?
  5. Yes keep that in mind + 24 october is on my Dad's Birthday .. Hehehehe , One of the things that should be possible in ure mod is the Available option of being the Empire .. All phase darktroopers , Buildings , At-At , At-St , Hovertank.. , Victory , Acclamator , Tartans , lvl 5 space station , Tie defenders , Tie interceptors , Tie-Fighters, Tie - Bombers.. Empire does easily have enough units
  6. Im not asking for the Imperial stardestroyer , To be the 1# Capital ship , That is the Executor's Place . I just think the Imperial Star destroyer should be very slightly buffed in Terms of weaponry.. Maybe add 1 Turbolaser? + I like the idea ,of a Criminal organisation rising to power.. Black sun's Head was a Competitor of Darth vader to become the right hand of the Emperor , Darth vader eventually destroyed Xizor with a ISD.. And some help from rebels, and Dash rendar
  7. Thanks for giving me Credit Artoo Damn that sucks.. *With ure neck* , I opened up my Thumb Yesterday while we were doing a Hockey match.. Well gotta test ure beta.. ow and btw u said to only move tyber.. Which one exactly the One u need for Orbital bombardment? *Merciless* or the Tyber for Missions? May the force be with You
  8. Still.. not all Consortium units have been Revealed.. + Seeing Defenders and A-wings at Consortium doesn't Float my boat.. Although Nebulon-B Frigates in hands of the Consortium is something that is more.. Logical
  9. Putting Venators at Rebels , Would be the most logic option i guess..
  10. Hey Artoo .. Nice to hear u will have a Beta of V2 ready soon. Did u have a look at the Factions i posted for each planet .. ow And btw Dathomir is preferably Consortium forgot to mention that.. Cheers
  11. Alderaan : Rebels Bespin : Rebels Bothawui : Rebels Byss: Empire Corellia : Empire/Rebels ( Not sure on this one, I think Corellia is under Empire control but wants to Join the Rebellion) Coruscant : Empire Dagobah: Rebels Dantooine : Rebels Endor : Empire Fondor : Empire Geonosis : Consortium Hoth : Rebels Kashyyyk : Rebels Kessel : Empire Korriban : Empire Kuat : Empire Manaan : Rebels? Mon Calamari : Rebels Naboo : Rebels Sullust : Rebels Taris : Empire Tatooine : Empire/Hutts? VergessoAsteroids : Pirates Yavin : Rebels Dathomir : Pirates or Consortium Honoghr: Empire Mustafar : Empire Myrkr : Consortium Saleucami : Empire Utapau : Empire
  12. A-wings and Tie defenders shouldn't be Stealable.. They are one of the best Ships of each Faction.. Making them Stealable for the Zahn consortium will be Very weird, and Very strong
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