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  1. Everyone. That's how it works in this version.
  2. I found why it wouldn't work for me. When I activated the console, it apparently inserted a character on the input line from the get go. So in order for me to use the cheats, I had to press ยด, backspace, enter the cheat, and then press enter.
  3. Ah, I was told it was from the first room your friends start in. Thanks, I'll try that out.
  4. You're supposed to get the power distribution codes from the T droid in the very first room, right? Well, not possible. When I click on him, the screen fades to black shortly, and returns, but with no effect. It's the only thing I need to complete the level. I certainly hope this doesn't mean I have to start over. If so, this game is going in the bin for a while. Is there a way to get the codes by using the item cheat?
  5. It's Darth Nihilus. Which I think is a bit of a ridiculous name
  6. I did. Still doesn't work. I tried "heal" too, which didn't work either.
  7. Alrighty. I've started a DS character to have a break from my goodytwoshoes LS char, and I just wanna breeze through Peragus without worrying about health. So, I want to enable the invulnerabiliity cheat. I put EnableCheats=1 in the swkotor2.ini file as instructed. I go in the game, press the console key, and no console appears. I understand this is how it's supposed to be. It seems I can write just fine in the hidden console, as my char doesn't react to my keystrokes. I put in "invulnerability" and press ENTER (the one on the numpad, as instructed) and... Nothing. Nothing happens. I can't quite understand why.
  8. It's not quite a console if you can't see it. Believe me, I've tried to get it to work, but to no avail. Mostly it's T3's dialogue that skips, but I've experienced it with some of the refugees on Nar Shaddaa too, mainly Hussef.
  9. Based on about 16 hours of gameplay, here are my impressions. The voiceacting is, in my opinion of course, quite lacking. The only one so far to pull off a five star performance is Kreia. The worst in this section would probably have to be Dao-Dur. Everytime he speaks, I have to turn up the volume, and it just makes me want to slaughter him. Dark side hit anyone? The graphics are of course a bit dated, but with the AA and AF cranked up, it actually isn't too bad. The forcepowers sure look good, and I haven't had any slowdowns in framerate what so ever. The story so far is engaging and interesting, but we all know that. Animation is decent. The fighting animations are top notch, but some of the more common animations, like running and especially walking are not quite on the same level. While walking outside on the Peragus station in the spacesuit, I felt like a metal Teletubby. So far, so good. However, all these good things do not fully make up for the games shortcomings. The game is absolutely riddled with bugs. There's quests you can't complete, dialogues being skipped, and pathfinding going haywire. I'll give you some examples: I killed a certain person, yet 15 minutes later, that same person came back from the dead to advance the plot. I got a quest to convince a guy to come out of a room, but I closed the conversation prematurely. When I talked to him again, the conversation options to complete the quest were gone. I was in a shuttehangar, and there was an enemy in front of me, about 10 meters. I ordered my PC to attack, and he started running in the exact opposite direction. Now that's pisspoor pathfinding for you. Also it seems that when I talk to T3, much of his dialogue is skipped. I'm very, VERY disappointed with this game having no proper console functionality. Being able to mess around with the game is one of the reasons I also bought this for PC, so imagine my disappointment when I installed the game only to find there was no console. I sincerely hope they add console functionality in patch, and soon, or this game will collect more dust on my shelves than it has to. Overall, this game has left me with the impression that it is a diamond in the rough. I'd give it 7,5/10
  10. Got it too. Lucky pre-order I guess, since it shouldn't be out till tomorrow here.
  11. I seem to remember the EU version being DVD... No?
  12. According to Wal-mart.com, it's in stock now.
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