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  1. I would also like to see one of those Cat Races from a bit closer. The picture Lola gives you of one race is impressive.
  2. Well, but thanks to Lola Year 2 is longer and more things happen
  3. :D Well, I didn't find Lola irritating, nor in the English version nor the Spanish version.
  4. Mmm, she sounds ok for me. In fact, I find Nick's Spanish voice very similar to the English one
  5. This is dedicated to VampireNaomi : Nick Virago. http://dadott.zonadictos.net/files/nick.mp3 This one is Lola's death scene. http://dadott.zonadictos.net/files/lola.mp3 And I think these are the last files... because I can't stand the Spanish translation. Now that I have played the English version, the Spanish texts are even worse...
  6. Argh, that's my fault. While I was recording, I "clicked" a few folders in Windows Explorer to search other files, and that must be the sound you mean. By the way, in this video you can see the bad translation the game has... they translated Hector "pick up" as "pick"
  7. Copal is sprouted. http://dadott.zonadictos.net/files/hector.mp3 You can here Hector in this file. This is one of my favourites acting in the Spanish version. Domino and Copal talk too, of course.
  8. Domino: If you'd just adopt the proper attitude, just watch what could happen to you!!!! AAAAAAAAAAARGH! Manny: Well... when it comes to shreds, Dom is the expert... Probably Domino's fans didn't like that... I liked the character final scene (and Domino was one of my favorite characters), and Manny's comment with Hector was unexpected
  9. I'm not sure, but maybe I would give Copal a bigger part in the story. I love that character, and when he died so early, I was a bit dissapointed. I would have given him another oportunity to screw up and Hector would have shot him
  10. According to DOD, yes there is (in the web there are even some screenshots). I think I'll take screenshots from the Spanish version and send them to that web, so they can include them in the Languages section. If you're interested in hearing a certain character's Spanish voice, tell me Next I'll record Hector, Domino and Lola's death scene (I find this one even better in Spanish).
  11. I'm sorry. I don't have the original edition, with the mural and jewel case. I bought this new edition, which appeared a few days ago, and it comes in DVD box, with no mural And of course, dubbing is extremely difficult. You have to worry about the acting, of course, but you have to be careful with the lip sync and everything else, while the original actor (I'm talking about animation now) can focus just in acting. Anyway, Grim Fandango Spanish dubbing is considered, by almost everybody who has played the game here, one of the best dubbings ever made in Spain. I remember when I used to read reviews of the game and comments of the users, all of them mentioned that the dubbing was incredible.
  12. No diference. http://www.mobygames.com/images/covers/large/1132173564-01.jpg http://www.mobygames.com/images/covers/large/1132173390-02.jpg http://www.mobygames.com/images/covers/large/1132173564-00.jpg By the way, the translation of that last back cover is quite bad. The new reedition has a much better one.
  13. No, all the actors are Spanish, the accents are "fake". They introduced this kind of accents in certain characters in order to keep the "mexican" style of the game. In English they could show this by making Manny and other characters say Spanish words, but in the Spanish version this is impossible. Domino, Chepito, Olivia, Salvador and Chowchilla Charlie had this "latin/mexican/argentinian accent" And yes, if you watch the videos you can see the lip sync is worse than the original version, of course, but it still fits very well. I don't think it looks like they're just reading, I think they did a great job and maintained the emotion in the acting.
  14. Ok, later but here you are. I'm replaying the game in Spanish and I recorded some samples. If you're interested, I'll record some more for other characters (I'll do it when I reach a good situation with them). Introduction. Mainly, you can hear Manny talking all the time, but Celso appears too, and Eva says his phrase, of course. http://dadott.zonadictos.net/files/intro.mp3 Don Copal shouting at Manny after picking up Meche. Of course, the most important character in this scene is Copal, but you can also hear Manny talking, and Domino's phrase (for Domino, I'll record his final scene, for it is the best moment to show the character's voice) http://dadott.zonadictos.net/files/copal.mp3 And finally, Salvador Limones talking with Manny, introducing him the LSA (AAP in the Spanish version). http://dadott.zonadictos.net/files/salvador.mp3 I would be very interested if you say what do you think of the acting. By the way, for VampireNaomi Nick Virago has Copal's voice in the Spanish version. Of course, the style the actor uses is much different, but you can make an idea before I reach Nick's scene
  15. The great thing about Manny and Glottis goodbye is that they managed to do it really emotional but not "pretentious". It's a perfect combination of the humor of both characters and emotion.
  16. Well, probably. The Spanish translation of the game isn't too good, so maybe some phrases can be too literal, yes.
  17. In the official Spanish dub, the poem is like this: Brillaba, pálida como un hueso, Mientras yo estaba solo. Y pensaba para mí cómo la luna, Esa noche, arrojaba su luz Sobre el verdadero placer de mi corazón Y el arrecife donde su cuerpo estaba esparcido.
  18. I think that's a poem Velasco taught Manny (they sing it together). Because "the reef where her body was strewn" sounds more like a ship story, and remember Velasco had this kind of story
  19. Once I said I would record samples from the Spanish version of Grim Fandango so you can hear the Spanish voices. I did that with Monkey Island 4, I'll try to do that with Grim.
  20. Activision is reediting LucasArts classics in Spain, and Grim Fandango is one of the selected games! Probably you're not interested on this but I'm quite "proud" (just to give it a name ) that, if I'm not wrong, Spain is the only country where you can find a new, original Grim Fandango. So the game is alive and kicking again! Let's hope LucasArts follows this example, because it's "Classic Store" is now composed by Lego Star Wars, Starfighter, Armed & Dangerous...
  21. The other day I saw "The Corpse Bride" and I think a Grim Fandango movie with that animation style would be great. If they use the original actors to make the voices and respect the story and most important things, even if they have to divide the movie in two volumes, it would be one of the best movies ever. Just imagine Chepito's final scene, with his song dissappearing within the tunnel, in the big screen... (and that's one of the "lesser" scenes...
  22. Well, unfortunately I think the game has been a failure here. Right now is difficult to find it, and I don't think it's because they have run out of units... no marketing campaign, no translation... the failure is normal.
  23. Hi everybody! I'm new here but I usually post in the Grim Fandango forum. As you know, Psychonauts has just appeared in Europe (one month ago). I think the game has been translated and dubbed to French and German (correct me if I'm wrong), but, incredibly, here in Spain is 100% English. Texts and voices in English. I don't have problems understanding English, but I can't believe they expect to sell a game which appears with one year of delay and with no translation. I heard the game didn't sell too well in USA, and I'm sure it's going to happen the same in Spain. Too bad, because the game is fantastic.
  24. That "hay" is a spelling mistake (from the game, I mean ). As elbiolin said, it must be "ahi", and the phrase means "See you".
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