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  1. I can't remember exactly the phrase. Yes, it sounded "Hay te huache" or something like that. Looks more like a Mexican expresion or something. I'm from Spain and I've never heard that phrase around here
  2. Funny. I've just seen and episode of Desperate Housewives where one of the characters sings this song Mmm... Patrick Dollaghan appeared in this series too... Grim Fandango presence is unquestionable
  3. Oh, I always thought that song was created for the game. So it's a "real" song?
  4. Well, he has the control of a whole city (or even more), so I think he's not THAT stupid
  5. I agree with Thrik. I liked that phrase Hector says. In fact, I think it fits very well with the acting Hector had, because in some phrases he looked like a "big kid", with those little laughter he was always doing.
  6. I didn't understand if that "Yep!" was a "Yeah, you're the only one who feels that" or "Yeah, you're right"
  7. I've heart most of LucasArts adventure games acting (I mean the English version, of course). Monkey Island, Sam & Max, Full Throttle, The Dig, Day of the Tentacle, Grim Fandango... and I think Grim Fandango has the best acting. Monkey Island acting is brilliant too, but especially in Monkey 4 I missed some "liveliness" in certain dialogues (specially after playing the Spanish version). But Grim Fandango looks perfect for me in everything. All the voices are perfectly chosen and do a fantastic job. What do you think? Do you think it's the best acting too or not?
  8. One of the things I like of the Spanish version of Grim Fandango is the "improvement" in Lola's death scene. I'll try to record an audio file or something to show you what I mean. Manny looks really shocked and sad in that scene. When I saw that scene in English, it was a bit dissapointing... And thinking again, Glottis "death" scene, in year 3, was quite dissapointing in English too. Glottis is Manny's greatest friend, but even when he "dies", Manny looks really calm down... again, in the Spanish version he looks shocked and angry. I think both scenes are way better in the Spanish version, I'll try to record an audio file.
  9. Something that dissapointed me a bit about Manny was his behaviour with Nick. I mean, he promises Lola to "fix Nick for good" in a fantastic scene but, later, he leaves him go. Ok, he needed the deal to free Terry and all that, but even though... That scene where Manny punches him is more Nick's victory than Manny's. Nick has the last phrase and Manny is the one who recieves the mockery. And even later, in year 4, when Nick gets what he deserves, the designers didn't insist very much on that. So, what do you think about Manny's behaviour? Am I the only one who thinks this?
  10. Am I the only one who feels an incredible "calm" at the beggining of year 4? That place, the end of the world, with that music, that sound, that gate keeper with that profound voice... that's amazing.
  11. No comments? Nobody listened it?
  12. Sorry for the wait. Here you are: The introduction: http://dadott.zonadictos.net/archivos/guybrush.mp3 One of the final scenes: http://dadott.zonadictos.net/archivos/final.mp3 I think the Spanish actors did a great job in this versions. In fact, most of the voices are really similar to the English ones. By the way, a few names are changed in the Spanish version. Ozzie Mandrill is Kangu Mandril and Pegnose Pete is Pete El Napias.
  13. Well, I've got two mp3 now. One, with the final video where Guybrush turns off the Ultimate Insult amplificator, LeChuck transforms into the statue... etc. And another one with the intro, so you can hear Guybrush voice with detail. I'm trying to upload the files, so wait a bit and I will put the urls here.
  14. Rubacava for me too. A pity we couldn't visit Nuevo Marrow in year 4, the city was very interesting. But, hey, a pity we couldn't visit El Marrow in year 1 It's one of the most important city in the game and we only visit a few "screens"...
  15. Hi there again. I know this is a bit "off topic", but since this is the only forum of Lucasforums where I post and I "know" the people, and apparently there are lots of LucasArts fans around here... are any of you interested in hearing a sample of the Spanish version of Escape from Monkey Island? I ripped the audio of an entire video (one of the final videos), and maybe someone around here wants to see how's Monkey Island in other languages. I tried to rip audio from Grim Fandango, but I that didnt' work. I tought the system was similar to Escape from Monkey Island, but the system I used to rip the audio from Monkey didn't work with Grim. Even though, you can do an idea about Grim Fandango in Spanish too, because, for example, Domino and Guybrush have the same voice in Spanish, as well as Ozzie Mandrill and Velasco.
  16. I could listen this conversation the first time I played the game (a Spanish version). Later, when I played it for the second time, I couldn't. After that, I have played an English version twice, and I couldn't hear the conversation again... I don't know if it's a bug or intentioned, but I think that conversation is necessary. Without it, you can only speculate about the edge of the world's light bulbs factory or who the workers are, if you listen to it everything is clear and the plot is easier to understand.
  17. Well, it's difficult to find that, but Grim Fandango isn't "just for adults" neither. But, for example, I enjoy Toy Story more now than when I was a child.
  18. I have played and completed The Dig (English and Spanish versions) several times with ScummVM with minimal problems. You have the last version (0.8.0), don't you? Earlier versions had lots of problems with it, but now it's almost perfect. Maybe your version is corrupted or is a ripped one, without videos and voices and that's why it skips the intro and doesn't work when Boston talks (when the voices appear).
  19. I would love to see a 3D Grim Fandango movie. Maybe a movie divided in volumes (as someone said, one movie for each year or something similar) but it could be fantastic. Well, who knows, maybe Uwe Boll makes this movie :lol:
  20. I didn't think the DOD was closed in year 4. As you said, it must be opened so new souls can arrive. I think it was just closed because it was night, or maybe just that level was empty so the lights were off. By the way, some phrases in the Spanish translation are bad because they are bad written in the original version. For example, when Manny talks with Maximino and he says he saw Olivia kissing Nick, Maximino says that's normal there and Manny says "I mean KISSING, Max"... but if you see, the sentence is written "I mean KISSING Max"... so, of course, in the Spanish version looks like Olivia was kissing Max
  21. Sorry, I didn't explain very well because I was in hurry. I wanted to say if you think Hector was bad in life too. If he was as he's in the LOTD, he surely should have been punished to work his time on the DOD, but maybe he just quit the job and stayed "prisioner" in the city.
  22. I think Eva and Copal say Hector is one of the important guys of the city, so maybe he was in the govern and he gradually gained power with the money. By the way, you think Hector should have been a reaper but he didn't want to work and stayed in the city? or maybe he wasn't that bad in life but got corrupted?
  23. Don't forget the "Was Salvador a reaper?" thread I opened some time ago, more confusing parts on the game In fact, I think these discussions show how wonderful Grim Fandango is. I mean, is the only game I know where the creators can leave lots of "holes" and don't explain important parts and when you finish the game you feel that it was perfect and extraordinary completed. Impressive. Well, as a sum up, give the conclussions you got, please I'm starting to be a bit confused. Are they buried with money or not?
  24. I think the problem of the game is that there are lots of humoristic phrases related with the LOTD "system", and when you are playing and you hear the joke you laugh, but later, when you replay or think about the game, you realised that phrase "contradicts" another one. And the manual doesn't help, in fact, when it describes some places, it makes some comments even more confusing...
  25. By the way, that thing you said about Celso's wife having his money... that's another strange line in the game. Maybe he's saying his wife didn't buried the money with him and that's the raison why he couldn't get a good travel package... but that doesn't make much sense. Uff, this is too much... Maybe someone should write to Tim Schafer and ask this details Who knows, maybe the creators didn't want us to have a very complete vision of the land of the dead (in fact, we don't see lots of cities in the game), so they could focus in the important facts: story, characters development, humor... etc.
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