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  1. Bruno has nothing on the package were Manny picks him up. So the only possibility is that the reapers have the clothes in the car, even if it sounds ridiculous to you But, in a world where the DOD cars are parked in hangers or people is made only from bones and drink and eat just like that, I think havin some clothes in the trunk is not THAT ridiculous
  2. That's what Manny says at the beggining of the game, and the manual says that too: the game is based in a mayan culture where corpses are buried with money to help them in the other life. I think they tried to show this in the game using that phrase Manny says, but seeing the rest of the game... well, doesn't fit too well. By the way, the noun you see in Domino's car where you go to the poisoning has clothes too Probably they have a set of clothes in the car for each case Well, the final question is: are they really buried with money to buy the travel packages or it depends on the good they were in life? maybe they depend on both things, as someone said before, but I don't think the original idea was depending on how good you were in life AND how much money do you have. Just look nouns, as Domino and Manny say, they are like "Double N guaranteed customers", and I don't think they necessarily have a lot of money... that's why I said the money they have depends on the life they had.
  3. By the way, there's another thing that makes me think that "buried money" is not that real: what about the gazpacho poissining at the beggining? you go to pick up souls at the restaurant, where they buried or not? Maybe they were buried (with money) but the souls are picked up at the original place where they died. It's a bit confusing
  4. I know. The problem is the game sometimes talks about "having a good life" and sometimes about "having money". And, apparently, it makes no difference, so I thought both things are related. Of course, the phrase Manny says at the beggining doesn't make much sense with this.
  5. I think the money they use to pay for the travel packages is just the material "manifestation" of the good things they did in life. The better they were in life, the more money they have when they arrived to the land of the dead. The only thing that disturbs me is that comment Manny makes: "You can pick up that money you were buried with, and buy a better travel package from us"... maybe is a methaphoric way to say they recieve the money when the die, depending on the life they had
  6. Well, the only voice in the game I didn't like was Maggie's. Like VampireNaomi said, it was always using the same tone. For example, when she says "Cutting Brink's hand would be terrible" (or something similar), it's like she's ordering a pizza or something . This was specially "shocking" for me because the first time I played the game, it was the Spanish version with Spanish voices, and Maggie's Spanish voice is so much "reflexive" and "profound"... so I was a bit dissapointed when I played the English version. I liked Low's and Brink's voices, but I agree with you: they still can be much better. The problem is that it seems like the actors didn't know very well what was happening in the screen. I think The Dig is the only LucasArts adventure where I prefer the Spanish voices and acting instead of the original version. Anyway, I don't think the voice acting was BAD, it could be better but not bad at all for the time the game appeared.
  7. And remember that Domino uses dominos when he tries to blow up the Bone Wagon. I think the name is referred to the game and not to the verb (but who knows). Another small curiosity, Mercedes diminutive in Spanish is not Meche, is Merche
  8. I'm replaying the game and I have just arrived to the part where Chepito goes to the Ninth Underworld. I still think that's a great scene, but after watching it again, I think it could be even better... Chepito's song's end was so... abrupt. I mean, why they didn't keep that echoing voice a bit more? it would have been great that Chepito's role in the game would have ended with that echoing "let it shine, let it shine, let it shine" A great scene, anyway
  9. I was thinking on makin a comparation of both Spanish and English version, so people can see Grim Fandango in other languages. I would like to record some dialogs in both versions so people can compare them, I don't know if someone here is interested in hearing Manny, Domino and company talking in Spanish, but I think it can be interesting
  10. A funny one: Membrillo means Quince
  11. Agree! I don't know how to explain neither, but for me it was like if the game was finishing in that moment and that was a general goodbye or something like that.
  12. Hi El Virus. Yes, I first played (and completed) the game in Spanish. I was dissapointed with the terrible translation (not the dubbing, which was fantastic), so now I play it in English and it's fantastic I understand the game better than I did when playing the Spanish version
  13. Sorry for answering an old post, but I found a patch which, apparentely, translates any version of the game (including English, of course) to Spanish. Of course, it only translates the text, not the voices. http://www.la-aventura.net/baja/traducciones/grimfandango_traduccion.zip I don't know if it works, but thought it could be useful for some people around here.
  14. Oh, I can't make a top 5... they're all too good for that, but I can say which are my favourite, with no order Talking Limbo (love it!) Compañeros Domino's Theme Casino Calavera Ninth Heaven Of course, maybe in ten minutes I would select others, because I love them all
  15. It's curious, because in the Spanish version of the game, the kept that "Híjole" all the time, but that's not used in Spain (the same for "Carnal", it's not used here and they kept it), I think they are Mexican. And yes, I think that's used to express surprise or it's like saying "Oh, ****" Hijo in Spanish means Son, but I don't think it's very related to this word
  16. SPOILER I remember that Lola's death shocked me. I wasn't expecting it. I think that's a great, great scene.
  17. Oh, by the way, another important place in the game with Spanish name: Zapato. It means Shoe.
  18. Yes, you're right, "Es peor que la muerte" means "It's worse than death". It's not very used but it isn't STRANGE "Caranal" isn't a Spanish word. Is that the exact spelling? Maybe you mean Coronel, what means Colonel or something like that? VampireNaomi, I have to agree with El Virus, that doesn't look too Spanish I can't understand very well what he's saying, just "We had to be buried" at the beggining or something similar.
  19. Hi there! (long time ago sinced I posted here). As I'm Spanish, it's very funny for me when Manny uses Spanish words in the game, or when a Spanish name is mentioned for some characters. Most of the names are mentioned and translated in Grim Fandango Network, but Manny says lots of phrases in Spanish which aren't. I don't know if this has been done before here, but I thought I could translate to English the phrases which don't appear in grimfandango.net, so people who don't understand Spanish can know what Manny's saying. I don't remember all the phrases, but now I'm replaying the game so I will translate them as they appear. -For example, Celso's second name, Flores, means Flowers. -At the beggining, Manny says Burros, what litteraly means Donkey but, in this case, it's like saying "ass holes" to all his clients -After that, he says "¿Qué es esto?" when Eva's memo arrives, and that means "What's this?". -Jefe means Boss. -Belleza (for Eva) means Beauty. -¡Qué traes! (again, for Eva) means, literally, "What are you bringing?" but in this case, it would be more like saying "That's a stupid thing you're saying" -Manny says Loco to Glottis, and means Crazy. -Domino's nun name is Calabaza, and means Pumpkin. -Famous Salvador's "Viva la Revolución" means "Long live the Revolution!" (well, that was a bit obvious ) Well, at this moment I don't remember more things, but I will continue this list later (if someone's interested, of course ). If somebody wants to know a specific term used in the game, I can help Bye!
  20. Does the original (English) version of Grim Fandango have Spanish characters like '¡' or '¿' or even 'ñ'? I haven't played for a long time but I know there are some phrases in Spanish in the game: "Buenos días!" o "Es peor que la muerte..." But I don't remember if they use these Spanish characters. I ask this because I would like to do a patch that translates the game from English to Spanish, with a good translation (the official one isn't very good) and if the game already has the spanish characters it would be much easier... Bye
  21. I don't think there is a patch which translates from English to Spanish... but if there is, don't expect it to give you the spanish voices Anyway, like a Grim Fandango ultra-fan I don't recommend the spanish version. The spanish dubbing is fantastic but the translation... there are some things with mistakes and some meanings are changed... a pity
  22. Well, I don't know which posts you mean. Are they in this "Land of the Dead forum"? Actually I'm a bit lost here Special spanish part of the message for El Virus Vivo en Madrid Por cierto, te recomiendo que pruebes la versión inglesa del Grim, ya que aunque el doblaje español es muy bueno, la traducción en sí es bastante deficiente (cosas mal traducidas, ni más ni menos:D). Yo la he conseguido y la cantidad de detalles ganados es considerable. And now I start speaking english again, of course By the way, I think this opened details in the game are quite good I mean, they let you think whatever you like and gives the game more life. Of course, I'm not going to discuss the Celso's case (his wife dies after him and he sets sail of Rubacava 2 months ago... a big mess nothing important really, maybe a tribute to Day of the tentacle's time travels and problems? But I think this is more important, maybe Salvador isn't the main character or appears in all chapters... but I think everyone who played Grim Fandango kept in mind all the time, so I wanted to hear some opinions about the subject.
  23. When we talk to Terry he mentions that Max gets his orders from El marrow (probably Hector). When we talk to Max he says El Marrow appreciates his help (or something like that). Then, we find a Double N ticket suitcase... and if we search in the prison of Rubacava (where Terry is in prison) we can see a poster offering a reward if someone finds a lost suitcase with the initials H.L. ... it looks like the suitcase Charlie steals doesn't it? And it was in Max's "kingdom" he stole it? so Hector and him are not very good friends maybe a professional relationship with some resentment? that could explain why Max didn't kill Manny by order from Hector or something while Calavera was in Rubacava. What do you think? are they friends, enemies... or both?
  24. Domino and hector don't think the same about Manny. Hector wants him to be sprouted but Domino wants him to be working in the factory. When Manny is fired, Hector says Domino to sprout him but Calavera escaped. Then, Domino finds him in Rubacava and he uses Meche as bait. Thanks to Meche, the plan fails. Later, in Puerto Zapato, Hector attacks again and fails again He tries to kill Manny Domino prefers some "reforms". By the way, I don't think Hector is the owner of the DOD, it's a government company, I think he "simply" has some contacts and influences in the government. Other branches of the DOD? I didn't think on that but... well, there is only ONE Department of Death and if Salvador wasn't working in THAT building it's difficult to discover anything I think this is not the problem. If Salvador was a victim of the plot and he had to escape, he's not going to work in the same company because he has nothing to discover... they tried to kidnap him! A really good evidence (for him)... So, I don't think he worked as a reaper
  25. Yeah, but this time, the simple idea: Salvador was a reaper, doesn't look correct It's not really important but well... if someone created a Grim Fandango forum is to discuss this kind of things right? The simple solution for me: Salvador lied
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