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  1. Well, I don't think you have to study in depth the story for this When I played it for the first time, I didn't notice. When I replayed it, with the idea of Salvador having a ticket... it shocked me, nothing else I think Salva lied Strange from him but... "we all have our secrets"
  2. I've already thought that but... Remember the trophy in Domino's office, it was made of coral and it said "Congratulations for your new work, Domino - Hector"... so, it means that Hector already bought the factory before the corruption began (and Domino promoted to the top of the company). So, if they already had the factory... why they didn't send Salvador there? it's very imprudent from Hector to give him a job in the DOD, when he could access to the files of the company and investigate what happen... Did you understand me? I did a little mess with my english
  3. Probably other "Land of the deads"... maybe with another languages? I mean, in the 8th underworld they all speak... english? or maybe spanish (because they say lots of words in spanish, I don't know). Maybe in the other underworlds there are other languages or something like that
  4. Like Eva says: We all have our secrets :D By the way... why Manny says (when he's going to the petrified forest by the tunnel) that Meche is his only way out of here, when Salva asks? It's a bit confusing... with out of here he means "out of this mess"? or out of the land of the dead? this last one doesn't make much sense for me...
  5. Yeah, I think it's not very clear in the game. I don't know if EVERYONE who has debts has to work in the DOD or if he can work in another place. I think Hector simply obtained power with the crime in El Marrow and, when Domino and Copal died (they were probably their friends in life) he used his influence to put them on the top of the company. This is another strange thing about Salvador like a reaper... he had no debt and apparently he worked in the DOD By the way, reapers in the DOD have to send lots of Double N tickets so they give their best if the want to exit the Eighth Underworld, of course... I suppose other people in the company (like Eva) has to work hard too to be able to exit, so if they're lazy they're stuck in the DOD forever
  6. Mmmm... an idea: maybe Salvador lied and he wasn't a reaper? maybe he said so because he wanted Manny to join the LSA. If he says he had a perfect life and then he couldn't get his ticket, Manny wouldn't join to the Alliance: "He's a crazy resentful who wants a better life here at any cost. I'm going out of here". But he said he was a reaper and then he attracted Manny's attention. I don't know
  7. That's what I mean. If he worked before the corruption began... who stole his ticket? because it was in Hector's wallet... I'm confused
  8. First of all, hi I'm new in the forums and I'm a great fan of Grim Fandango (and other LucasArts games, of course). I'm spanish so, sorry if my english is not perfect. I have a doubt about Salvador... and maybe about the plot. When we meet Salvador in year 1, he says he was a reaper once, like Manny. Later, at the end of the game, we discover that his NN ticket was stolen by Hector... why he didn't finish in the coral factory like all the others? and... why he was a reaper? he escaped from Domino after they stole his ticket and then started to work for them? senseless... And, when we talk to him in Year 1, it looks like he has no idea about the tickets stealing. I mean, he asks Manny if he never wondered why ALL his best clients can't get the packages he know they deserve. If his ticket was stolen, he must have been picked up by Domino, he doesn't know that Hurley has got all the good clients? I think it's a bit contradictory: if Salvador's ticket was stolen, why he worked like a reaper? I don't understand this Bye
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