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  1. But I don't stop at that. I go and dine with middle-class people on reasonable terms. I dance at cheap suburban parties for a moderate fee...

  2. Thanks! It just took the usual "donations"... :p

  3. Thanks! Same to you. :)

  4. The player character appears on the main screen if you beat the game as a Dark Lord.
  5. Aspyr want to know if people want TSL for mobile. You can sign up to express interest here: click me Not sure why they're being so dithery about it, but still: if you want to see TSL for mobile, be sure to sign up.
  6. DeadlyStream, KotORNexus, and ModDB still have significant mod archives, and many more recent mods that KotORFiles did not. You can also use the Mod Link Requests thread at Holowan.
  7. I have at least part of t.w.o. and the m6 and m98, as well as the final touch. If you PM me your email address I'll send them to you when I get home.
  8. A slightly more interesting take on TSL with AV Club's "What are you playing this weekend":
  9. I've been using gmax for about seven or eight years, mainly for modding, as SithSpecter mentioned.
  10. There've been a couple of pieces on KotOR II recently in the gaming/online media, such as This Xbox one. It's pretty short, and the first part makes some decent comments, but the second half, IMO, is just shoddy - in particular this gem: I don't think anyone here needs reminding of the actually established cuts made to the timetable, but some of these objections to new features are ludicrous, given that Pazaak is a holdover from KotOR I. After this, it descends into sneering at d20 and dice-based games. It also attemps to claim KotOR II was the last game to be built on turn-based combat. It's a pity, given that the start of the piece makes some well-founded points about the game's characters, that it descends into halfwitted editorialising. The better, and much more recent piece is last week's Vertical Slice of TSL's opening:
  11. Midichlorians. Jar-Jar. The Yoda-Sidious duel. "I hate sand."
  12. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  13. Honestly, a fighter build is not the best way to experience Torment. A high Wisdom/Intelligence score character is far better story-wise (they affect your dialogue options), plus dying a lot in Torment doesn't carry that much of a penalty. And as I recall you can seek training as a wizard fairly early on, which helps reduce the constant dying. Other than that I can't really give specific advice since I don't have the game installed at the moment, sorry.
  14. I'm not all that far through the game at this point, and I don't really have the time to play all that much at the moment, sorry.
  15. Alien VO works fine; custom VO seems not to work at all, but the only line I've come across as yet which has custom VO (that I'm aware of) is a single Czerka guard.
  16. K1RP, Rtas Vadum's MedHypo mod, and Inyri's 8 Male Heads mod all work, as does the Roleplay Padawan Mod (screenshots below). Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show) I've also installed: Silveredge's BoS:SR, Inyri's Recruitably Kay, T7's Revan's Mask Plus, Endar Spire Dialogue Enhancement, 90SK's K1 Robes mod, Silveredge's Ajunta Pall's unique apperance, JdNoa's alternate ending mod, my Korriban Academy Workbench, Agent Xim's Spynet Gear, Operation Kill Bastila by Dark_lord_cheez Knight of Alderaan beta by JediMaster76 SithSpecter's Revan's Cape fix, RedHawke's ORD Mandell, Darth333's Kill Yuka Laka, MasterZionosis' Kill Star Forge Jedi, The All In One Force Power Mod by Darth333, Darth Khasei, GameUnlimited, tk102 Andargor, Beancounter and KnightFxr, Content Pack 1 by TamerBill and UnknownJedi, My Jedi General Robe mod, My Four Force Powers mod, Star Admiral's K1 Force Pack v2, and Inyri's spice mod. On the whole I've avoided graphical mods since I'm running this on a phone, and space and RAM are limited. Of the ones I haven't taken screenshots of, 90SK's robes, ORD Mandell, AIOFPM, Four Force Powers, K1 Force Pack, Content Pack 1, and K1RP all seem to be running OK so far. I don't think I've encountered any custom VO yet, so I can't say if it's working or not (unless the Duel Announcer pictured above has custom VO, in which case it seems to be working.)
  17. The teaser looks OK. It left me wanting to see more, so it did its job. I don't really get the objection to the lightsaber crossguard, and if that's the biggest problem with the film... Also: (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  18. If I recall, the Darth Revan robes are by RedHawke: Click here I don't recall the Bastila mod, so I can't help with that one. Sorry. But you can also find mods at DeadlyStream, and also at KotOR Nexus / KotOR 2 Nexus. You can also try our Where can I find mods thread, though it may be a little out of date.
  19. Glenn Gould, showing off: (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.) The lyrics: So you want to write a fugue? You've got the urge to write a fugue, You've got the nerve to write a fugue, So go ahead and write a fugue that we can sing. Pay no heed to what we've told you, Give no mind to what we've told you. Just forget all that we've told you, And the theory that you've read. For the only way to write one, Is just to plunge right in and write one. So just forget the rules and write one, Have a try, yes, try to write a fugue. So just ignore the rules and try, And the fun of it will get you, And the joy of it will fetch you, It's a pleasure that ist bound to satisfy. So why not have a try? You'll decide that John Sebastian, Must have been a very personable guy. But never be clever for the sake of being clever, For a canon in inversion is a dangerous diversion And a bit of augmentation is a serious temptation While a stretto diminution is an obvious solution Never be clever for the sake of being clever For the sake of showing off. It's rather awesome, isn't it? And when you've finished writing it, I think you'll find a great joy in it (hope so)... Well, nothing ventured nothing gained they say... But still it is rather hard to start. Let us try. Right now? We're going to write a fugue right now!
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