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    2005-FEB-12 - joined LF as Guardian Archon (too elitist); 2005-JUL-18 - changed name to Hai Wan (too much like Obi-Wan); 2006-MAR-29 - changed name to cutmeister (not StarWarsy enough); 2007-JUN-07 - changed name to Char Ell
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    volleyball, motorcycles, KotOR, Chinese
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    supply chain analyst
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    Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic series
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  1. A hearty hip-hip-hooray to ChAiNz for surpassing the seven million points mark. [highlight]Achievement Granted: 7,000,000 points[/highlight] And also a big shout out to Qui-Gon Glenn for blowing past six million points. [highlight]Achievement Granted: 6,000,000 points[/highlight] I also recognize Qui-Gon for taking over the #2 spot on our team. Well done my good man. Keep up the great folding!!! Now mighty folders, I present you with a gift; these two droids. They will serve you well.
  2. Big congrats to ChAiNz for blasting through 6 mil. I know these ladies are properly impressed by your folding prowess. [align=center][/align] FWIW I use NVIDIA's NVMonitor for temp monitoring. Maybe it's time for me to try the v7 client again. Last time I couldn't get it to work properly with my two graphics cards. But yeah, in response to your question Qui-Gon I should be ramping up some here in the next few weeks or so. High temps here are finally starting to drop below the 90's F. I doubt I'll turn in as much as I did last winter though. I have this little game called S
  3. So SWP, do I need to put in a request to get your Team LFN badge added to your account or is that something you can take care of yourself? I haven't been around a whole lot lately and you've completed well more than the required 50 work units...
  4. Thanks Miltiades. Our team has now folded [highlight]18 million points[/highlight] worth of work units for the Folding@home project. Well done chaps. Well done! Also handshakes and cigars to Qui-Gon Glenn for passing surpassing the 3,000,000 points milestone. In consideration of your efforts in support of our team you have now been officially granted... [align=center][/align] Awww yeah!!!
  5. I'm a bit late on announcing our team's [highlight]17 million points[/highlight] milestone. Kudos to ChAiNz, Qui-Gon, Miltiades, Star Admiral, chi7891, Negative Sun, Sith Holocron and everybody else who keeps our team truckin'! I don't know if anybody else saw this little tidbit on bit-tech.net back in March but just in case you happen to get access and control of a server farm for a weekend this is what kind of folding action you can do. Damn! 6 million points worth of folding in one weekend! I'd be like, "Dude! Quit hogging all the WU's!! Leave some for me man."
  6. Good to see I'm not the only one with a cheesy sense of humor. I'll have to keep Lian-Li in mind for my next computer case though I'm not yet sure when that might be.
  7. Alrighty then. I volunteer to assume ownership of the folding@TeamLFN discussion group if needed or unless somebody else wants to. Of course if Astro decides to come back I would gladly return ownership of the discussion group to him. Our team has now contributed over 16 million points worth of folding! Excellent work LF'ers! I couldn't get the v7 client beta to work properly with my two graphics cards. It worked once on my GTS 250, which surprised me since that card isn't hooked up to any display device, but wouldn't work on my GTX 460. I reviewed the available info on configur
  8. Welcome welcome! Let us know if you have any questions about setting up a folding client on your PC. I'm unable to process any GPU work units on the v7 client, or rather I should say the GPU client/slot seems to run but won't actually process any work units. Based on the info in the logs I think the problem has something to do with my having two graphics cards in my rig (GTX 460 and GTS 250) and potential misidentification of the slot numbers these cards are installed to. I'll see if I can get it sorted out this weekend. As far as ownership of the discussion group goes, is there a c
  9. Professor Pande has announced the open beta for the version 7 Folding@home client on his blog. If anybody is interested in trying it out I would be curious to see what you think. I think I may upgrade this weekend. Be warned however that last I knew monitoring apps like FahMon and HFM.Net won't work with the v7 client and I'm not sure if the creators of these apps intend to update them to be compatible with the v7 Client.
  10. I am happy to report I got my replacement PSU from Corsair on Monday. I installed it and after running it for a day started GPU3 folding again. So far so good so I went ahead and added the SMP client back to the mix so I'll see how it goes. ***crosses fingers*** I've got to think it was just a sub-standard capacitor or other component on the previous PSU as I never saw it pull more than 300W from the wall while running both F@H clients and it's rated at 750W. Nevertheless, after 3 weeks of downtime I must confess to feeling some trepidation. @ Qui-Gon, I agree that our team misses
  11. Still waiting to get my replacement power supply back from Corsair. Grrrr... In other folding news, version 7 of the folding client continues alpha testing. I posted a question in foldingforum.org back in December asking what the status of the v7 client was. Professor Pande actually took the time to respond and said they were aiming for Q1 release this year. Unfortunately it doesn't look like they're going to make that timeframe but it will be interesting to see what the client looks like whenever they do go into open beta with it. Professor Pande posted the change log for the v7 c
  12. Congrats on blowing past the 2,000,000 points milestone Qui-Gon Glenn! As far as I'm concerned you've now surpassed The Bieber! [align=center][/align] In case anyone missed it, F@H has jumped on the Facebook bandwagon. So if you want to show that you're a fan of F@H and are on Facebook then make sure to click on the like button for Download Folding@home.
  13. So the Corsair PSU for my main system died a little less than a month after I bought it. Fairly disappointing, to say the least, not to mention the first time I've actually had a power supply fail on me. Now to find out how well Corsair's RMA process works. Anyway, this means I won't be doing any SMP folding or GPU3 folding for a while.
  14. Qui-Gon, I've occasionally talked to family and co-workers about the folding@home project and how it works. I try to explain how diseases like Alzheimer's are a result of protein misfolding and how folding@home attempts to simulate this process so the scientific/medical community can better understand the circumstances that cause proteins to misfold which hopefully will help them come up with methods to prevent or cure these diseases. I've mostly gotten responses like, "Oh, that's interesting." I interpreted this to mean they didn't really understand what I was trying to explain or didn't
  15. On my PS3 Slim, a project 4045 WU is getting .1494s/frame and 115.49ns/day. I'm not sure how or even if the s/frame and ns/day stats translate into points production. But I've no idea what my PS3's points per day production currently is because as far as I know there is no way of discerning PS3 work units from the GPU and SMP work units my other F@H clients are turning in. I know last winter my PS3 was generally producing about 1,000 points per day but I determined that by shutting down all my other F@H clients for a few days so I knew my stats were only PS3 WU's. My guess is an NVIDIA
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