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  1. arrrrrrr stop what he who hesitates is lost arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  2. hey anybody read any of the lemony sniket books (13 in the series 2 to be realeased)i recommend them to every single person it should be law to read em i dont want any anti fans spamming on this you cant really say no more about this youd have to have read the books to be in a conversaitioun im not saying peapole who havent read it cant post but dont make it up as you go along
  3. oh sorry i didnt hear of this guy but urrrrr sorry
  4. arrrrrrr itsnt this a pirates forum we dont need no laungwage arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr shiver me timbers he who hesitates is lost! arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  5. yay it actually turned into link mode(a crap forum i used to go on did not)
  6. right if i had any mi stuff id be home by now hey but do have my own neat pointless site http://homepage.ntlworld.com/joanna.wood/charlie/index.htm ps i ran outta money to keep the old good site lenth but on google it will give you my invalid link (or it should)
  7. erm yeah i knew that already time to clik on avg wen done doesnt werk hmph
  8. main excuse is oh blah blah we dunno what created it or oh nooooo its a exe file we cant possably open 1 of em any damn files that dont use winzip crap(its getting on my ass now)
  9. first of all it loeds you around 20 files then aol loeds for no reason then i break pc reapeat until loouse mind
  10. dude whats your adress ill send my poratable rehap center
  11. hope it all goes well maybe youll do a video clip of it for us id like to see the faces of old peapole seeing guybrush stuff stuff into his underpants
  12. theyd have to change some of it tho come on who the heck is gonna go to a play with loeds of ridiculous characters that have hardly any point i never could imagine that it would be funny because what was most fun about mi was the fact guybrush is your guybrush you could decide what to do and it might take you a day or so to work a puzzle out and when you did it was brilliant feeling of being smart and as much as id like to see a puppet of a three headed monkey i cant see this working out
  13. thanks ahhhhh crap its not werking guess no secrets for me ill go play my whole game versioun now then (plus my mom might see if she can get me curse of monkey from old store yay!)
  14. hi i try to get the mi 1 demo but it always says you need winzip ect ect ect i really need this demo to find the secrets heeeeeelp please:lechuck:
  15. yeah finally i got relly hooked on le chuck theame while playing mi 1now i feel superior
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