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  1. Vrook. He's the only realist in the group. Kavar would hesitate, Vandar isn't Yoda, Zez....please. The rest? Just not up to snuff.
  2. Also, if you do the planets in this order, you get 'bonus' loot from Calo Nord (two Heavy Mandalorian Blasters) and Darth Bandon (his 'special' Double Bladed Lightsaber), which only drop from them on Tatooine and Manaan, respectively. Having said that, I normally do: DS: Tatooine, Korriban, Manaan, Kashyyyk. LS: Tatooine, Manaan, Kashyyyk, Korriban.
  3. Confirmed races I'd be interested in: Sith Pureblood, Zabrak, Miraluka, and Chiss. Other races I'd love to see: Muun, Pau'an, Kel'dor, Nikto. Since I'm playing a Sith aligned character with my friends, I'll probably end up choosing Zabrak (SI) or Sith Pureblood (SW.)
  4. Hi all! Thanks for reading this!! I have a question that has troubled me since the first time I stepped up to the workbench in K2: TSL, and saw the bonus for the durasteel line of underlays: +1 vs x. Is it you AC, but only versus x? Or is it some other stat I'm not aware of? Just curious because the in-game description always felt a little (read: LOT) ambiguous to me. Thanks ahead of time! GG EDIT: Also, would the bonuses from, say, a ballistic mesh overlay (x% dmg reduction) stack with the effects of the Immunity Belt (resist 5/-)? I would test this myself but I am having trouble thinking of how to do so...
  5. That's two ships. The problem is that no single ship could do that.
  6. I like the new look of the Old Republic era. Minus the clone armor for Republic troops. Other than that, I think this game is going to be amazing, graphics included. I will be playing, even if I didn't like the graphics as much as previous games. Honestly, seeing the post with a TSL pic and a TOR pic next to each other, I am even more excited and seriously can't wait for this game to be released!
  7. So I've completed my first play-through in probably a year or so, and I found all of the characters to be engaging and interesting in their own way; except for Juhani and Teethree. I found the way Juhani relates her back story to be nothing but an annoying rant. The story itself was good, it was just told through gritted teeth. As for Teethree, while he's a great little droid, he just doesn't have enough screen time during dialogue scenes. I even used him to escape the Leviathan for the first time, and it was by far the most boring way to do it. (He was the only one I hadn't used yet.) Otherwise, I really think all of the companions added significantly to the game, and I plan on completing all their quests every playthrough from here on out. Now for the synopsis. Carth: Solid guy with an unresolved past. Not whiny, just very personal. I hope he and Dustil become best friends. Mission: She has one big attitude and heart to match. Too bad her brother is a coreslime. Quick tongue, too. Zaalbar: Mission said it best: "He's the strong silent type, if you hadn't noticed." Honorable Wookie, I see greatness in his future. Hopefully Revan doesn't take him back into unknown space when he goes. Bastila: Young Jedi in need of a few failures in order to mature. She does that, and as the game progresses, she continually becomes more humble and more likeable. T3-M4: Best slicer in the galaxy! Not to shabby in a firefight, either. Droid shield disruptors work amazingly well against the Sith Governor, btw. Canderous: Tough as nails merc, with lots of military experience. Pretty solid tactician, from what he tells you. Goes soft toward the end of the game, but maybe with a new purpose he'll put his grit back to good use. Juhani: Angst, angst, and more angst! It's a wonder she didn't turn back to the dark side!! HK-47: Amiable lover of all sentient organics. After all, without him you can't peacefully resolve the Sand People event. Jolee Bindo: Crazy old kook with unique view of the force. Rambles in wizened parables a lot, I like him. Too bad about poor Nayama. Andor, too, for that matter.
  8. Two weapon fighting does NOT effect blaster rifles or heavy weapons, and neither does dueling. The only way to improve your skill with these two proficiencies is to pick up the focus and specialization feats in their lines. Or you could raise the characters DEX.
  9. Ok, no one has posted anything, so I'm going to 'spur' people on with an example. My current guardian build I've gone with is STR based, LS, and I started out as a soldier with the following set up: STR: 14 DEX: 14 CON: 14 INT: 10 WIS: 14 CHA: 12 I put all my level up stat points into STR, and I decided on staying with Power Attack as my primary combat feat. My equipment at the end is going to be: Dominator Gauntlets, Circlet of Saresh, Star Forge Robes (Qel-droma Robes prior to the Star Forge), Brejik's Arm Band, CNS Strength Enhancer, and a single saber that currently has a Krayt Dragon Pearl and the Solari Crystal. As of lvl 18 I have chosen to spend my feat points on Master Dueling, Master Jedi Defense, Master Power Attack, Weapon Specialization: Lightsabers, Improved Conditioning, and Empathy. Comments? Critiques? I'd really love to get a good discussion going on this topic...
  10. Oh, I really really hope not. I hope with all the hoping power I can muster that it's just a scrapped idea and nothing ever - EVER - comes of it.
  11. I'm just wondering what everyone's favorite guardian build is: scoundrel/guardian, scout/guardian, soldier/guardian. Also, wondering what feats you like to take as a guardian, and stat placement, how your stats look when you first build your guardian, and where you put the five that come with leveling. If you want to throw in what gear you end up with right before the unknown world, that would be helpful, too! The real point of this thread is to maybe possibly find something I hadn't thought of before, as well as fine tuning the stat placement for a guardian build. I'm looking at making a new guardian playthrough, LS, and I just can't quite decide how to go about it. I've got a couple builds floating around in my head, but maybe the ideas others post here will give me some new inspiration. Happy posting!
  12. Ty for the link! As for your confusion, sorry, I have that effect on people.
  13. lol Alexrd I figured you were assuming it was officially renounced, but where would have been my question. Stuff like that is difficult to find if you don't happen upon it. Revan has to do with Satele bc he's most likely her great great grand daddy. As for the rest, if it indeed has been announced she's not Satele, then I'm much more likely to say that she probably isn't a padawan. Also, although subtle, I think that little details like losing lightsabers is something that is important when estimating one's status in the SW universe. Though it also comes to mind that Yoda loses his saber against Palpatine, but that was a headmaster vs emperor duel, so I'm not sure if we can use that as a reference point for anything in the hope trailer...
  14. All right, I have to concede my point on the Force power stopping the saber, because Vader didn't use deflect, just went back and watched it, though I'm still not saying he used Force Absorb, because that power absorbs the force, but I'm very sure I only disagree with the terminology, not the idea. Maybe it could be called a variation on the power Energy Resistance? I still would like to know why the two of you are so adamant about it not being a padawan, and Alexrd, how can you say for certain that its not Satele? There were asian head models for Revan in KotOR. And RogueJedi86, is there some official source that states they didn't use padawan braids in this time period? I'm interested in both of those even aside from this discussion. I'll also say that the fact she loses her lightsaber suggests that she is a padawan, as I've never in SW heard of any knights or masters having their lightsabers destroyed in a duel. Unless you count Maul, but his was still usable. She also seems, to me, to take a submissive role in conjunction with the trooper at the very end of the cinematic. (I am aware that is maybe a stretch in some people's minds, but I kinda thought that even the first time I watched it, because it struck me as odd.) On the grenade thing, we're going to have to agree to disagree, because you keep saying the same thing over and over, and I keep pointing out Malgus' nearly melted armor, so we can't seem to get anywhere on that one. lol The X-wing was a drastically superior beast. It was being developed for the Empire as the new 'super-fighter'. I doubt the Empire would have spent credits on a brand new craft when re-outfitting the existing platform would've sufficed. I have to say now that the tech plateau only works if you accept/ agree with the decision to make the troopers look so similar to the CW/GCW era, which I wholeheartedly don't. I think that they at least should have made the armor color coordinate with the scheme from KotOR and TSL, if not mirror the design of the uniforms they wore. As a whole, however, I have to say that we have gotten off-topic a bit. Let me express my opinion in a new light: Deceived made me want to play the game. Hope made me think, "Oh great, there are going to be thousands of nine year olds running around playing troopers yelling 'FOR TEH R3PUBLIKS!!!!!!'", which is not what I want to experience while playing the game. Therefore, Deceived wins for me.
  15. Sigh. You my friend are the devil's own advocate. Vader used Force Deflect in ESB. Bastila had padawan braids, too. There is no reason to assume they didn't exist at this point in time. Not all explosions are red. For instance, the charges used by Jango Fett while being pursued by Obi-wan. Fire can be blue, energy can be blue, if you can stick a different energy pack in your gun, why can't you use a different chemical in a grenade? Cryoban doesn't work, there was no freezing effect anywhere to be seen. Watch the trailer again, check out the change in Malgus' armor after the grenade scene. It's practically melted. You did see ground forces in Kotor and TSL. They were all throughout the first game, and they did a good bit of fighting in the battle for Telos at the end of TSL. The X-wing was better in every way than the ARC-170, including manpower to firepower ratios. Please, if you wish to attempt to defeat my arguments, research your reasons more thoroughly.
  16. We're Sith. Low is what we do. Besides, its still good strategy. Go read Sun Tzu's Art of War. She has the customary padawan braids. If it is Satele Shan, then she is most definitely a padawan, as the Hope trailer is earlier in the timeline than the comic in which she is also a padawan. Force Absorb works on attacks that originate from the Force, not energy beams. At least that is my understanding on the power. If I'm wrong and you have a canon source to show me I'm wrong, I'll gladly admit my faults. Blaster-fire in SW comes in all variety of colors, why not explosive grenades? Besides, how would a concussive grenade tear his face up like that? I think that if that sort of damage was caused by the grenade, it should have sent at least some shrapnel into his brain, considering the proximity. Malgus was heavily armored, too, and has the advantage of the Force, surviving a blast like that is something I would expect from a Sith Juggernaut. All it would take is a enough concentration (or instinct) to use the force to deflect any shrapnel away from his exposed face. The knockback is completely survivable in any case. The CW and GCW are close enough to each other in the timeline that it makes sense for little change to exist between the two. Check out KotOR sometime, tell me how many clones/stormtroopers you see. Umm, no. The SW universe did not hit a tech plateau at that point in time. Heck, they advanced technology between episodes three and four. Went from the ARC-170 to the X-wing. That was a far smaller time gap than between TOR and the CW. Which is why Bioware should have left the republic armor from KotOR and TSL alone.
  17. I'm currently playing through KotOR again, I'll post my opinion when I finish, but I will say that as far as Taris is concerned: Bastila = PITA.
  18. I liked Deceived trailer far better than the Hope trailer for the following reasons: 1. The Sith were the won the battle. 2. The entrance into the temple was just that cool. 3. I hate the use of the CW era armor. Despise it even. Abhor is the best word I can think of to describe my feelings on that topic actually. 4. I find the use of the Force to stop a lightsaber a little far-fetched, especially for a Padawan. It was still bad a$$, but I'm not sure it was necessary. 5. There was no way that Trooper should've survived the grenade explosion. Period. Malgus probably shouldn't have either, but we'll give him some extra leniency, just because he's a Sith Lord and a Juggernaut with lots of front-line experience, and the Force. 6. I could go on...but I'll stop here. Umm, Malgus is completely cool. He's my favorite person introduced by name so far for ToR. He was one of the only high ranking Sith who wasn't in the war for personal ambition - Malgus was striving for the furtherance of the Empire as a whole! He treated his lover like his wife (reminds me of a similar love story in Dune), and although he often disagrees with the Council, he still follows the Emperor's orders when called upon. All of this combined makes him my favorite Sith Lord in the KotOR era thus far... By the by...the treaty of Coruscant was a direct result of the sacking of the Jedi Temple, and although the negotiations were perhaps a mask for the attack, that's not despicable, that's good strategy. Hardly a mark for shame.
  19. I'm torn on this one. I'll most definitely end up playing an empire aligned class whatever I pick, at least to start, because my RL friends are absolutely rolling Imperials. I don't really care for the agent and bounty hunter, so that leaves Warrior/Inquisitor. I love the idea of a Sith Warrior wading through bodies of my enemies, but I also like the idea of besting my opponents because I understand more than they do. Because I know things they don't. Because I can manipulate them in such a way as to confound them. Hmm. I think talking this over has helped me make my decision. LOL Inquisitor it is!
  20. Consular. I wanna sit around the temple on Tython and level up to cap just by completing quests via out of body experiences! Ok, so maybe that last bit isn't true, but I wouldn't mind at the same time. lol
  21. That's pretty much what I wanted, yes. Thanks!
  22. Hmm, that's nothing I'm capable of either. Artsy stuff isn't my forte. Thanks for the info JM!
  23. I don't know if this has ever been attempted or not, but I would love a mod for a Kel Dor Male in TSL. All the male heads are so boring imo. If anyone wants to make one or point me in the direction of one, I'll be greatly appreciative.
  24. I'm gonna sit around at home I think. My fiancee is away for school/work and the motor in my car died yesterday, so I can't go see her like I wanted to.
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