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  1. All right, I've done everything that I needed to do for the code, but every time I head in to face Malak I get the light/dark ending (whatever alignment I am, duh). SO, my question is...what is the alternate ending about?
  2. Okay, I just finished my third planet (Dantooine) and Kelborn gave me the message. I thought that he was suppose to give me the message after looking for all the Jedi Masters. Is this serious or is nothing wrong at all?
  3. I'm pretty sure I did. I killed the beast before meeting him and I gave him the blade after he asked for it.
  4. I have a problem. I just finished Kashyyk or however you spell it and it doesn't let me get back Zaalbar. What I mean is that he is unable to join my party and he is still on Kashyyk. I am on Manann and so I left to Kashyyk to talk to him but I don't actually get to speak to him in a conversation with dialouge choices. I talked to his dad (BTW I'm light side) and he didn't mention anything. I can only talk to him about Bacca's blade and about the Mandalorians in the Shadowlands. I tried hundreds of times but Zaalbar is still unable to join me.
  5. LS: Me HK-47 Mira DS: Me Hanharr Mandalore
  6. What order did you follow to go to other planets? Well, for me: KOTOR: Endar Spire Taris Dantooine Kashyyk Tatooine Manann The Leviathan Korriban Unknown World Star Forge KOTOR 2: Peragus Telos Dantooine Nar Shaadda Dxun Onderon Korriban Dxun (again) Onderon (again) Dantooine (again) Telos (again) The Ravager Malachor V KOTOR 2 (3rd time playing): Peragus Telos Nar Shaadda Dxun Onderon Dantooine Korriban Dxun (again) Onderon (again) Dantooine (again) Telos (again) The Ravager Malachor V
  7. Somehow Kashyyk, because I love those wookies. I also like Manaan also.
  8. Revan Gender: Male Alignment: Light Class: Consular/Jedi Master OR Revan Gender: Male Alignment: Dark Class: Guardian/Sith Marauder Exile Gender: Male Alignment: Light Class: Guardian/Jedi Weapon Master OR Exile Gender: Male Alignment: Dark Class: Consular/Sith Lord
  9. LMFAO. The best thing I've ever seen.
  10. Blue, Green, Yellow. Basic colors of a lightsaber and the three colors I use.
  11. I guess so...maybe for the PC version. It took me 28 hours and 11 minutes to finish KOTOR 2. The longest it took me was 39 hours and 41 minutes.
  12. HAH! The Dark Side shouldn't even be mentioned here... Light side.
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