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  1. when you die your gravestone says "98 kills. Geonosis as clones"
  2. Like i said i didn't think people would believe me. Also the EU allows tons of room for different stories. Especially the star wars universe comics which take the way things actually went and twisted to some totally different end. I do know that Chewbacca died at Sernpidal but i did read somewhere else that he died with fellow wookies at kashyykk
  3. The wookies are now extinct. Somehow the wookie homeworld got blown to pieces in the late late late EU. Chewbacca was unfortunately on the planet at the time. I don't expect a lot of you to believe me but it is true. I do not know how they got blown up or why. I just read it in the "essential guide to starwars races".
  4. The 501st did all manner of missions even after the fall of the Empire. You're talking about 2 different 501 legions. The first was made up of clones that killed the jedi and did other missions such as going back to geonosis to hunt down a rogue droid building general, killing the naboos and their queen, and quenching a uprising of a mutinious batch of clones at kamino made by the treacherous kaminoans. I do know that the 501st was around till the end. After the emperor died the clone 501st was broken apart. Sometime after Grand Admiral Thrawn remade the 501st out of beings of all races that did not include a single old 501 member because the clones were past their fighting stage of their lives.
  5. A bounty hunter group like Dash Rendar, IG-88, HK-47, and the lizard guy that hates wookies against one of the main groups.
  6. I don't think it should be weaker necessarily. I think that the head rotation shouldnt be so wide. Its kinda easy to shoot down speeders most of the time. AI does it to me unless I get real close in the T-47. Half the time I crash. Thats not really considering it making it weaker is it?
  7. Anybody have any other interesting mod ideas?
  8. Whooooaaa slow down. 86 kills on Kashyykk docks with 0 deaths with Republic. Oh and vehicles are fun and such but i think being infantry is the true show of strength and skill.
  9. omg redtech. Instant kills (the rocket guy i mean) and mines.
  10. 1)Calm down. 2)This is his personal opinion. 3)It ain't like hes going to shove it in your face. 4)Hes new give him a friggin' break Personally my main problem is that the developers got the info and facts down wrong to how they were actually written in the books and shown in the movies. Thats just because im a Star Wars nerd tho. I think Kashyykk was how it was like in the movies. If you shoot you might survive. Thats what its like in an open battle. Waiting to be spawned for 14 seconds is annoying but since youre kind of comparing it to the Battlefield series its not that bad because i wait for 12 seconds in the battlefield games.
  11. Are you talkin bout the Geonosians?
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