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  1. But the engineer is weak at long-range, you can easily shoot a engineer from a distance, but you're weak at close-combat.
  2. Yes, the lucasarts guy has posted something again on the lucasforums. It's now "middle of the next week". Let's hope it will be true this time.
  3. you have to type: /admin /login [password]
  4. You can also use /bots [number of bots] To change the amount of AI.
  5. This is my new mod. readme.txt: Author: [GT]Darth-Derkie Info: Play Hero Assault on every map and you are able to capture command posts. WARNING: Do not take every command post of the enemy. You will be unable to win or to lose. Installation: Make a backup from your mission.lvl and choose the map you want to play. Example: Kamino. Take missionKam.lvl place it in C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\data\_lvl_pc and rename it to mission.lvl. Thanks to: DFYX for his info about replacing units with longer names than the original. Download: http://s53.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0TL3SAJCVLFNX0IVZLCI1FDPD0
  6. Ok here it is: http://s58.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=3G1I6JM72ZVX9163MVXO63S0LC Overwrite your mission.lvl, make a backup first. You can play it by selecting Mos Eisley assault. It's not a good mod to send to http://www.swbffiles.com because in the map there are 4 shields and I haven't figured out how to remove them.
  7. I think it has to do with capture the flag mode and conquest. Maybe the cp's are placed different in each mode?
  8. I tried it too, but I only have one CP at the shield generator so only the villains can spawn. http://www.maj.com/gallery/eheheh/SWBattlefront/Battlefront2/herohoth.jpg
  9. He want's to know if there is a shortcut for spawning.
  10. I don't think it's a big problem but I edit my post.
  11. http://www.maj.com/gallery/eheheh/SWBattlefront/Battlefront2/bat34.jpg And don't worry, I killed that guy.
  12. I watched you comics since the first one! I like them very much, not all but most of them.
  13. Oh, sorry. I didn't look at the posting date.
  14. For SWBFII, or both. I'm just showing the model in SWBFI! I'm just showing the model I made. But I will put a Tatooine sky in for the next screen to make it more "Tatooine".
  15. I'm making Mos Espa. Some screens: http://www.maj.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=101353 If you can't view it, it means I added more screens. I haven't worked in a while on this, but I will resume it soon.
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