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  1. ^^^^^ There are two people who have a shot at takin him down: -Shane Carwin -Fedor Emelianenko Shane Carwin is slightly bigger than Brock and is more experienced as well. IMO, if he wins at UFC 104, Carwin will dominate Lesnar and take the championship belt. Fedor, as all hardcore mma fans know, is unsurpassed in the sport. Granted, he's only 6' and 220 pounds, but Fedor has destroyed countless mma champs. (look how quickly he defeated 6'8'' Tim Sylvia) The only problem is that Fedor is under contract with Affliction and probably wont come to the UFC until Feb 2010.
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  3. i think a better question would be: who's better? jango, boba, or canderous?
  4. Hmmm... So there is another challenger to the title of Mand'alor. So be it...

  5. Did anyone see it? I wasn't in the country so i cudn't get it on ppv but i heard it was thrilling. What did u guys think about Brock Lesnar's post-victory rant?
  6. The misleading title of this thread is bothering me more than Inter species love.
  7. I like the idea except for the memory part. Would the new dialog take up memory on Xbox as well?
  8. Funniest line? The one in which the Mandalore reprimands a soldier for trying to commit suicide when he didn't ask for permission.
  9. I still play KOTOR one and TSL. I'm trying to beat the games as Jedi Consular/Jedi Master but it is difficult since I usually play as Jedi Guardian/Jedi Weapon Master
  10. Atton: Great character. Liked his wise crack comments alot. Kreia: Confusing to figure out but ok at the same time. Bao-Dur: Great but boring at the same time. He didn't talk much during the game except for the cutscenes. Mira: Interesting. Never would have thought that she was a Mandalorian. Mandalore: Do I even have to say anything? T3M4: Excellent companion. In K1 he was just a piece of luggage to be carried on the ship, but in TSL, he was my portable battle tank. Hk47 - This character coupled with Mandalore and my PC made the perfect assassination / destruction / demolition team ever. G0T0 - Useless character. Visas - Loved her part in the storyline and therefore used her frequently in my party. This led to bad relations with Handmaiden though . Handmaiden - She was great until I sided with Visas one too many times. After that she refused to talk to me any more and now she remains to be a useless character (so far). Hanharr - Great Dark Sider. I used him in my party until I built HK. After which I decided to replace him with a more lively and homicidal object. Still, I preferred Zaalbar to this depressed being.
  11. I've already beaten the game but when I was playing it again, I couldn't get my character to level up to a prestige class. Can someone please tell me the requirements?
  12. ^^^^ So have I, but I think it will make the game more interesting and unexpecting if you get different results everytime you take a new party member. (it'll also make it realistic)
  13. ^^^^ I agree. Although maybe it is a carry over from KOTOR 1?
  14. Their stats wouldn't matter since they would use your Persuade Skills.
  15. In KOTOR 3, I what sort of dialog options would you like to see? I want dialog options depending on the character that is talking. For example, In KOTOR and TSL, if you use Mandalore to talk to a merchant, you get the same dialog options as if the Exile was talking himself. In KOTOR 3 however, I want individual characters to have their own dialog options. If the Mandalore is talking to a merchant, he should have the option of indimidating him and getting free stuff. In conclusion, I think each character should have a different dialog option. This way you can get different results from each character in your party. What are your thoughts?
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