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  1. That wasn't a remodel, it was just some filename swapping and reskinning with various alpha channels implied.
  2. Holy cow... I hardly remember this thread O_o Well, I could take a shot at making a reskin of a Quarren head but the dreadlocks would be in the back and not the front. I cannot model to save my life and the best I could do is rename some head models to replace an ingame pc. How I have no idea...
  3. Well, you wouldn't be able to wear any armor or certain items. You would be restricted to certain weapons, I don't think the Hanharr model has any force power animations (then again I could be wrong). All in all I believe the final result would be more buggy than cool. :/ But I haven't been here for a while so don't take my word 100%, wait till someone with more modding knowledge comes along, they'll know.
  4. I believe this qualifies as 'nudity' which violates rule seven stating no obscene or offensive material. :/
  5. Heh, this oughtta be good. The film was hillarious, an animated series... heck ya'!
  6. What do you mean by "doesn't close" ? Staffs don't open and close like doors. x.x
  7. IIRC, originally there were meant to be specific and special animations for the various forms, but like so many other good things in TSL, they were cut due to time restraints. If cchargin inc. can figure out how to successfully edit animations and re-impliment them into the game without a BSoD this wouldn't be so far fetched... until then, it's just a dream most people want to become a reality.
  8. Your 'brother's friend' owns (as in maintains and foots the server bill) one of the most well known (and professional might I add) Science Fiction model websites around? I have a really hard time believing that And I believe Mav is correct, even if said models are freeware you would more than likely need to seek and obtain the author's permission. And if you paid any attention to the information below the model (in refferance to the Mace Windu hilt) it says that the model is in .max format. The NwN engine doesn't use the .max format. See where I'm going with this? If you want a Mace Windu hilt for K1, searching around a bit helps... If T7's website wasn't down ATM, you would be able to find a link to his 6 lightsaber pack, which includes Mace Windu's hilt. Try PM'ing him and ask him to email it to you, or better yet, try asking in This thread. It's there for a purpose.
  9. *sigh* You know, you COULD try specifying which game you want. If you are requesting TSL, the USM is what you are looking for.
  10. To sum it up, no it isn't possible due to the fact that it would very well be easier to just create a new game. Module creation is a very teidious task and only a few people here have the dedication to fulfill such tasks. So it's better to look around and see what HAS been done, rather than request something entirely new. And by the way, I'd advise you don't dissect another member's spelling and grammar skills until you dissect yours, what with the word 'create' being spelled wrong, or not using a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence.
  11. I also tried something similar to this, I tried pasting parts of a heavy battle armor, and recoloring it, then giving it a slight shine... but for the life of me I couldn't get any kind of robe to have a reflective shader. Appearance.2da didn't work, txi editing didn't work, so I gave up. I was able to make it look like an armor underlayer but it never got anywhere. Best of luck to you Kain if you can pull this off.
  12. Well, if you have low influence with them (below fourty I believe is the turn point) then all of your choices will have opposite effects on your party members with said low level influence. Unless it happens with all of them... then that is a glitch and this thread probably belongs in the Work Bench area. The_Maker, this thread belongs in the Padawans Lounge, the Work Bench is for game stopping issuess, not minor glitches. -RH Sorry RH, he didn't specify how serious the glitch was. :/ Well, from reading his first post it is fairly apparent it isn't a game stopper. -RH
  13. Define 'replace' If you mean with new dialogue, new voice overs, new backstory, new placement, new involvement. Then you don't have a snowball's chance in deep deep down of getting someone to make this for you. If you mean just turn the disciple into a devorronian, then by all means just download KSE, change his appearnce, apply changes and voila. =D
  14. I think he wants to go to the upper level of the enclave without beating the game As for physics, nope. The NwN engine (to the best of my knowledge) does not have physics, as for the long hair... also no, because that would require modeling, but you COULD reskin a head in-game and give it a beard.
  15. WOW O_o *Dies* Now if only they could beef up the anti-alaising for those screenshots, it could pass as real =P
  16. Sorry mate, but it doesn't exist... that involves animation editing which, as of currently we cannot do.
  17. True, I also still (very rarely) play Total Annihilation and Rogue Sqaudron (N64 ftw!)/ So I suppose that the Kotor series won't ever die from lack of nostalgia, but it is for sure starting to age and settle into the dust. It's kind of funny how great games can go on for decades even though they are unmeasureabley (sp?) old... yet for some they still hold value, like Pacman, or Galaga.
  18. True, but some people lose faith after nearly a year of slow as they go updates. :/
  19. I've played through the game *counts on fingers* ... 7 times just on hard :/ And I still hate Ravenholm.
  20. Well, I've been lurking around here for a while (yes, HL2 is THAT addicting ) and it just seems to me that the Kotor scene is starting to die out. Don't get me wrong, TSL, and is prequel are excellent games, but how long can something stay great because of it's 'freshness' and 'recent arrival' ? The first game is now about 3 years old and still going, the second one is about 2. Does anyone here still play TSL or it's prequel due to the gameplay or a certain aspect or is it losing it's charm for you as it is me? I think the real death of the Kotor series (or the modders and guys like me at least) is when PCGM encountered a full hard drive, and after about 2 weeks of no reply from the website administrator things started to slow down. Not die, but slowly calm down from the energy that it once held. I think the main thing that kept 50% of the people here (from 05 that is) was the mods being churned out for both of the games, it added to the replay value(s). At first I interpreted this as just the Winter Finals and Holidays slowing down the kotor online community, but it's already July, and summer is for the most part half way through. There have been few (if any) high quality mods within the last 2 months which convinces me that Kotor has finally bitten the bullet and sooner or later will collect dust. Perhaps things are just not as active as they once were, perhaps things are past their point of use, I am unsure. What does everyone here think?
  21. I have more or less becom addicted to it and all of it's awesome shiny source-ness. Although the textures I wish were upgraded to a higher resolution in the first episodic release, it was still the best thing I've ever played.
  22. Why not just download the savegame editor, open up your most recent save, and give yourself a whole ton of credits, -OR- give yourself the most valuable items in the game and then sell them? It's really not that hard with a GUI and a button that says 'apply changes'.
  23. I'll save someone else the job of having to say this, As of currently that is more or less impossible. We cannot create new parts of a head because the animation code hasn't been (fully) cracked. You could maybe change the locations of the verticies but it would look awful. Sorry :/
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