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  1. It is not difficult to train Bao-Dur as a Dark Jedi. First of all, remember to speak him every time you get influence; Bao-Dur is a basically LS character, so if you play DS is not really easy to get more influence than 90, but there are some way to get it anyway. When you got 90 or more, you can train him. This works also when you got less than 10. Bao-Dur will become a Guardian.
  2. The Handmaiden is more useful than the Disciple. Combining Soldier with Jedi Consular is an unwise class chose, because Disciple wisdom is simply too low, and the result is that the character is weak, as a Jedi Consular, for example compared to Kreia. In the same way, the Handmaiden is well balanced as a Soldier/Guardian, and is possible to have her in the party even if you are not using a male playing character (using the Handmaiden mod created by stoffe-mkb). Also, the Disciple has that good boy attitude that I never liked in a character (like Carth in Kotor I, but Carth is a pivotal character, and well suited for his class, Disciple is not, especially as a Jedi). So I voted the Handmaiden, even if I'm a girl.
  3. If you play the Dark Side path through the game, the holocron will display Thorium charges can be found in some places in the game and can be obtained easily when you play DS. Playing LS I do not remember if you can take them anyway, but if I do remember well,
  4. I support the idea that erasing someone mind is killing this person. Is not, as stated, a physical kill, but in fact deleting all things that she made, her memories and also the knowledge of her past identity, in this case any aspect of Revan’s personality, Revan was in fact killed. Has been only a matter of case that her identity was recovered, because Revan was not intended to recall her past. When Revan known who was before, was in fact an incident, something that was not intended to happen. Something that was not erased remained only because she could be useful to the Republic, if, for example, shouldn't be of any use, I do not doubt that the Jedi Council would have erased completely her memories to kill in a definitive way Darth Revan. My personal opinion about this is that the Jedis were only extremely relativist... their code didn't allow to kill someone, and they simply found a way to not kill the prisoner and kill her at the same time. Jedi Council were, in this case, able to fulfil the code and eliminate the enemy at the same time, a solution that seemed to me very hypocritical. I do not think this can be called "redemption", because Revan, I suppose, wasn't even asked if she regretted her actions that the Jedi considered crimes (however this is not explained in the game... you know only that Revan was captured and after she has been mind erased. I simply stated she was forced because I cannot imagine that most people would erase their identities voluntarily). Another statement is that the canonical Revan is male and light sided (this choice is probably motivated by the fact that most players are male and most player prefer their pc as light sided), and so, most of the game was designed for a light side story, and probably the alternative dark sided choice was subordinated to this one during the design of the story itself, and is probably supposed "as a fact" that Revan would like more to be mind erased than to be a Sith Lord.
  5. I do not remember where I've read something about this, perhaps this was written as a bad joke, and I simple taken it as a sufficient reason. Anyway, when Mandalore takes the helmet off? I never thought it was possible in the game.
  6. Mandalore because If you're curious about his identity, Mandalore is
  7. I got better results with the mouse in Kotor II than the keyboard, and even with the mouse is too complicate. I can barely believe that I've been successful in winning the race in Citadel Station, for me is really difficult to end the track in forty two seconds, and less than this time nearly impossible.
  8. Finally, I've finished the race with a better time than the record. It has been almost impossible, and I've spent more than six hours before I won the race (and all this for the ridiculous amount of five hundreds credits), and I never will do that again. How is possible to get less than 40 seconds, there is perhaps a way to install the accelerator on the swoop (I simply thought that the twi’lek said that only to say something, or, at least, that was another cut content)?
  9. I thought it was similar at Kotor I swoop races. It's quite hard anyway to reach a better result than the record of forty one seconds, that's the reason I was sure it was another bug.
  10. I was just curious, generally I used the bug to add no more than two or three levels (generally to get next feature), so it doesn't take too much time. In fact, if I ever wanted to add, for example, ten levels, I probably will use KSE, but Kotor II is not really difficult and there is no real need to do this.
  11. Is a good thing to know that Obsidian did not corrected it, if they did, it will be a real pity, because this is the only one (of the many) bugs that is useful instead of being simply useless and annoying (and considering that some of them were simply not corrected by Obsidian – Fugitive Criminals quest for example).
  12. Considering that I've installed both the two patches for Kotor II, I noticed that, as before, it seems impossible to win in Citadel Station swoop circuit. The worst record is around 58 seconds, and the better around 41. I tried sometimes, but nothing seems to happen: even with a time better that the one of some pilots (my best time has been around 42 seconds), the circuit manager says always that I did nothing spectacular. Is another bug not corrected yet (even if on the patch readme is said that swoop bugs have been resolved)?
  13. The HK factory has been cut out due the Christmas deadline of Kotor II. Seems that was located It will be re-added tanks to the TSL Restoration Project.
  14. Someone knows if the only useful bug in the game has been "corrected" or not in the patched Kotor II version and if is still working as did before?
  15. It seems not working at all... I never seen any colour like the blue surrounding the characters on the pic. It seems not working both with the Exile or Visas. I've recently erased old saved games because I'm now beginning a new game, but when Visas will join the party, I hope that Force Vision will be correctly working.
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