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  1. There's also the advent of newer social media sites like Reddit and Tumblr whose userbases have expanded quickly over the past decade and have taken over from forums as the new hubs of the internet. Most internet cultures have dedicated and active communities over there, which are usually found by new users before the forums of the old days.
  2. I for one, do not. :indif:

  3. Age never stopped anyone before :xp: Besides, I do seriously doubt Beiber could rock jugs like that. :D

  4. Besides, Justin Bieber is too young to be drinking >:/

  5. Why does everyone think Aomame is Justin Bieber, she's Asian goddamnit >_<

  6. Topless Justin Beiber display pic? Oh Sabre, you so scandalous!

  7. So I'm guessing a large number of TOR players have never played MMO's before, or have very little experience playing them, myself being one of them. After watching a couple of user-uploaded gameplay videos on YouTube, I've realised that my play style is pretty much mashing whichever ability cools down first, leading to an untold number of deaths because I use only the ones mapped from 1 to "=" on the keyboard After talking to a couple of friends of mine who are dedicated WoW players, they recommended that I get a bunch of gaming hardware like they have so that I can map more abilities: mice, keyboards, gamepads, etc. So my question to the experienced MMO-ers is: does having dedicated gaming hardware really make a big difference? If so, what sort of set up would you recommend to a noob like myself?
  8. Been a while since I was on LF. Hope I'll get to kick ass with you guys though Name: Arterius Class: Sith Warrior Advanced: Juggernaut Role: Probably tank. Crew Skills: Synthweaving, Archaeology and Underworld Trading
  9. Maybe I'm doing something wrong here, but every time I try redeeming my Pre-Order Code, it skips the "validate" and "complete redemption" steps and redirects me to the main SWTOR page after I plug in my code. Is there something else I should be aware of? EDIT: Now it gives me messages saying an error has occurred while trying to process. Server overload, methinks?
  10. Wait, being proficient in the arts of beer, waffles and chocolates is a GOOD thing right? So the Belgians win?
  11. Does anyone else not feel they're going overkill with the lightsabers? One of them has TWO double-blades... WTF?
  12. I'm with you on that. Rogue Squadron was one of my most favourite SW games. If they came out with something like that I'd be ecstatic. Of course, I'd still take RC2 over (yet) another LEGO/CW game.
  13. Hey the XBox ain't bad at all. You should try it. [/mindtrick]

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