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  1. I for one, do not. :indif:

  2. Age never stopped anyone before :xp: Besides, I do seriously doubt Beiber could rock jugs like that. :D

  3. Besides, Justin Bieber is too young to be drinking >:/

  4. Why does everyone think Aomame is Justin Bieber, she's Asian goddamnit >_<

  5. Topless Justin Beiber display pic? Oh Sabre, you so scandalous!

  6. Hey the XBox ain't bad at all. You should try it. [/mindtrick]

  7. Serves you right, traitor!

  8. Gah. I defected a few months back. Wanted someone to play Borderlands with :p

  9. No! Whatever gave you the impression that I'd defect to one of the consolers?! PC till I die~!

  10. Yo sabre! You on xbox live?

  11. It is. isn't it? :)



  12. How... assassinsy.

  13. I like your choice of avys :D

  14. heh well I didn't get the Civ-V reference so I guess the joke's on me :D

  15. I got that Sabre was joking about the World Cup- I was just trying to counter-poke him about Civ V. :xp: Thanks, anyways!

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