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  1. May someone please provide me with a Ubese picture from KOTOR2? I'd highly appreciate it. Sorry if this is the wrong area but I have seen people post things related to the game in this section of the forum..
  2. They didn't say anything about an artist name as they were talking about Poe's darkside and they just went through various paintings and this one caught my eye the most.
  3. Nice painting, but no that one isn't it. I do remember that the knight and the figure are facing towards the observer's left but the skeletal figure wasn't fully exposed due to the knight obscuring most of him. It seemed as if the figure was just levitating there behind the knight and his steed.
  4. I'm a little bit shocked that someone could be that serious over a book. an ip banning? Isn't that a tad over-kill? But pertaining to the book, I think the dark and murky setting was just too quick of a change from the fun times at Hogwarts.
  5. Okay, so i've looked nearly everywhere for aid to find this picture as i've described it the best I can and this lead me to what I believe would be the best lot to ask. You Guys, but it's been mind-boggling since I started this little expedition. And here's the picture's description and where I first saw it. I remember seeing this picture in an Edgar Allan Poe documentary while I was in school, the picture itself was of a knight upon horseback with a skeletal figure pointing towards something outside of the picture's frame. The mood was very dark and the knight was head to toe in armor but the skeletal figure reminded me of the grim reaper only because his clothes were so ragged. Does anyone know what painting/picture I am talking about?
  6. I have edited my post to a possible more liking..
  7. I hadn't noticed because this roleplay is very confusing to the other ones as it seems there is no actual plot. I didn't notice that someone already was named Khan anyway..
  8. The Samurai was remaining silent throughout the meeting of the great powers inside the Deceiver's realm as he was more there to express the power the Imperials had over anyone else. The Samurai was known for his conquests as well as his remarkable abilities even with his slight handicaps. Now he was to be summoned... "So that settles it..Tarim and Tyor have grown apart for the longest I can remember, but we can play as the advocate. We Will." Claimed the Deceiver whom soon grew a confident face after witnessing the reactions of his officials before he would continue on, "Our entire desire of this conflict between these two is to plunge them in a bloody war so then we may play God and decide whom should win this war with the help of.." Suddenly, The Samurai came forward to avoid his true identity to be revealed as in an odd case he hasn't even found it out for himself. The Emperor smiled thinking The Samurai was eager for conflict yet he was nearly for the opposite. "What would you have me do Great Deceiver?" "Assassinate the diplomat of Tarim known as Gwenyvach."
  9. IT be nice to know where exactly each region was mapwise EDIT: Notice my post in the RP...it relates to Tarim's tension with Tyor greatly. Let me know if it's allowed or not..
  10. ((Was busy for a little while, but I am back)) Saladin soon rose from his slumber inside his realm that was engulfed in crimson tints from the numerous banners and bloodstained weapons used from previous warriors that were passed down to him from the ancestors of Saladin. Very aware that he was late to the meeting he still took his slowest time to equip his armors and weapons. The last of the equipment he would wear was a red bandana which covered from his nostrils down to the bottom of his neck. Now he moved briskly torwards the meeting with one sheathed katana clutched in his hand with the tang secured tightly around his waist. Moving closer to the meeting he could hear Elrond as a smirk soon formed while he interruped Elrond by entering the meeting at a later time than he was suppose to. Taking the last vacant seat in the front he continued to smirk under the bandana.
  11. I just wonder if I can be a different race than a human.
  12. Name: Saladin Species: Elf/Man Sex: Male Age: 20 Appearance: Here (longer dreads) Weapons/Equipment: Katana, Tang, and Wrist-daggers Bio: Saladin was born from a father whom was an elf and a mother who was of the Haradrim. As soon as Saladin was born he was moved to Rivendell, The House of The Elves as a cautionary action due to the discrimination against anyone whom wasn't of Harad or Eastern descent. Saladin's luggage included a lush variety of weapons and armor, though a tome of The Black Speech was hidden amongst the equipment he carries. Saladin's father stayed with his child at Rivendell until he heard of the rumors that the tribes found out and proceeded to torture the mother of the child. Now at the age of 20 and after extensive studies of The Black Speech and multiple other books of great history, he has grown to understand how Middle Earth has came to be. Saladin now rises to face something else than just the ring to rule all..
  13. He is, I am not exactly sure how it would work between and elf and a human, would the mix enable the immortality or will the character live a normal life?
  14. Starmark, may I have someone of Haradrim traits, but he was born into the elven faction of a father being an elf and the mother being of the East?
  15. Well Archon, I would like to know what else is there other than the covenant and other significant humanoids.
  16. Well if there are no humans than what is there??
  17. ((I'm not sure exactly how far your behind me..but here we go anyway)) Erbad noticed that both people moved directly past eachother with one jumping over the other, also he noticed his sunglasses were sliding off the ridge of his nose. In one quick movement he turned around with the back of his heel leading his rotation while one hand was pushing the sunglasses back torward his face. A smirk slowly formed on his face facing Smith yet again in the ongoing match that he was actually enjoying.
  18. Erbad imagined this man to be able to make ease with what he threw at him and then Erbad realized he already made a mistake by coming forward with his own momentum. The right hand Smith threw forward caught Erbad directly in the face, but it wasn't a flush shot exactly as Erbad was flipping backwards with the help of right hand that was struck out to him. Erbad landed feet away from Smith in a semi crouched position with the sunglasses dangling on the tip of his nose and with a grin on his face he came charging in again kicking up dirt and dust.
  19. Grinning slightly at the newly formed challenge someone has shown as he's grown tired of destroy 850's and any other hostilities including the crazed humans whom can't trust a soul except themselves. Now he placed the stake back into it's respective thigh holster and without a slight warning he already sprung torwards Smith. While if Erbad had the intentions to destroy he would've simply stepped back and shoot a clip full of hollow points at Smith, but instead this was more of a matter to size up another in his mind. In Erbad's respective fighting stance he seemed to show the agression of a boxer being on his toes and keeping his fist clench, but at the same time he showed the nimbleness of someone whose only seen the inside of a dojo with how delicate he would move torwards Smith at an angle instead of going straight torwards him. As soon as he was close enough he would harass the newly found sparring partner with selected punching and kicks mixed in just to test how exactly good was Smith. Erbad hadn't the idea of allowing his shades to be broken during the match.
  20. ((I'm not too much of an scholar on Terminators..I aplogize )) Now Erbad has pushed his shades back up to the upper part of the brige in his nose. A malicious grin was forming broadly across his face at the taste of sarcasm, instead of letting the idea of Skynet being superior to Erbad he would show Smith exactly how depth his talent was. Pulling a stake from the thigh holster which held a broad collection of the same identical weapon, he looked at Smith with the grin disappearing. "Okay let's see how you keep up with something such as this." With one hand he would twirl the stake with swiftness and a flavor of style for moments and as the time wore on of him doing so, suddenly with his other hand he struck out torwards Smith's face. "So did you keep up with that?" Repeating the same thing he manuevered last time but with more ferocity, striking his hand out but this time he struck out with a greater movement of speed. ________________________ ((I tottaly <3 Blade, that's where I got that whole entire post idea from ))
  21. Erbad would never miss a beat as the smile seemed inhumane in multiple ways and he knew his ears weren't failing him when he could hear the slight humming of joints laid before Erbad's presence. He wasn't going to ponder on this for long exactly, "I am Jack The Ripper, the eyes and ears of this hell hole and that wasn't even a bit of my true talent." While mentioning the ears and eyes he motioned torwards his ears which diamond studs were peirced into the lobes as he allowed Smith to see a demonic set of firey eyes.
  22. I'll reply once other people post so we don't run past everyone else exactly.
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