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  1. ^ Grim-what? Nice work anyway! p.s.: are you from italian Miforum?
  2. The Grim Wall Mural! )))) I'm smiling like a child. Thank you Laserschwert
  3. ^ Jermy721, we think that we will put together some ideas after a pretty careful analysis of the original game. This is for the sole purpose of creating a fan-game that really is a credit to the work we want to celebrate; and to give something more apart from the title "Grim Fandango". At least for me and JonN/A, we do not want to rush. This doesn't mean we will spend years around the initial preparation, but we agree that this is a critical phase in a project like this. We too want this game to be made, but desire is not enough. Anyway, for anyone interested, something is moving
  4. Let's do this! I don't use Dropbox, I know it's a useful tool, but It's a software. Considering that I use multiple laptops during the days, I would find more helpful to use GoogleDocs, where you can deposit files and documents, and even communicate (with notes or chatting) with others members of the project upon every single file; all on a browser (1GB is the limit). But I'm open to everything. Really. I'm excited.
  5. Nice game. But I don't have any friends playing it so it's pretty hard sometimes complete the missions..
  6. Uh no, I didn't mean to be arrogant, it's just my questionable english Anyway, I'd love to work in a Grim-related project, so let's do something!
  7. With a solid project, I will surely help you. I love this game. If you need to truly understand it, read the originale puzzle document (if you already haven't done yet). For anthing well-designed, I'm IN! Oh wow. It's a small world indeed Yes, that Google+ page is mine, as well as the Facebook page. I already told I was a fanatic..
  8. Good luck with that! And if there is a little something I can do for it, PM me! These are great ideas, and I would see a GF fan game absolutely like that. But I think that the project here is dead (well, never born, actually). Thank you very much, you are so kind! And thank you for linking that artist, it's great inspiration. I'm here anyway, I'm going to post some Grim Fandango poster in the near future!
  9. This was made a year ago for a little personal project (never realized), just for let you see what I had in mind. But I don't see here a solid project with active people. Come on, it's Grim Fandango!
  10. This is absolutely right. Things like these needs planning. We can do a brainstorming all together for the main plot and storyline and other ideas, but then we need to split the work.
  11. It's not about programming, it's about graphic. Instead of CurseOfMI style, I was suggesting something like this. Just to be more close to the originale game concept. Some idea for the story. In the original Grim, Manny makes a four-year travel just for saving a woman and pay off a debt. Hector is dead, the corruption is over (?) and maybe there is no more need of the Lost Souls Alliance. BUT: 1- A new young man comes to the land. He doesn' want to go to the next level but just to enojoy his stay among the dead and make a profit, resumin the falling criminal organization. Until
  12. I'm so interested. I suggest the Zelda Wind Waker style. Not the game engine, the graphic style.
  13. Madre de dios... That is beautiful. (Did you use Panopticum Engraver plugin for that drawing-stamp effect?)
  14. Actually that was just the beginning of the redone, I didn't finish it. Thank you anyway.
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