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  1. Fracture I love your posters, and I really like the typefaces you used. I'm working on Grim vintage posters from like forever, but I never get proper time to finish them. You did a great job!
  2. You said it! The first thing I thought was to come here!
  3. Oh GOD YES. I spotted an unseen concept art in the E3 video. Finally.
  4. ^ Grim-what? Nice work anyway! p.s.: are you from italian Miforum?
  5. Mike! I've been sending you private messages in the last days on every site I can! I'm sharing your work on facebook and here. I love it But please respond!
  6. What can I say? It's 2013, if only someone had the right team, there would be infinite possibilites. (This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)
  7. Great work counting_pine!! Can't believe it! This is outrageous
  8. Oh my. This is incredible.
  9. The Grim Wall Mural! )))) I'm smiling like a child. Thank you Laserschwert
  10. This is gonna be epic! Feel free to PM me if you need anything related to 2D graphics.
  11. ^ Jermy721, we think that we will put together some ideas after a pretty careful analysis of the original game. This is for the sole purpose of creating a fan-game that really is a credit to the work we want to celebrate; and to give something more apart from the title "Grim Fandango". At least for me and JonN/A, we do not want to rush. This doesn't mean we will spend years around the initial preparation, but we agree that this is a critical phase in a project like this. We too want this game to be made, but desire is not enough. Anyway, for anyone interested, something is moving
  12. Let's do this! I don't use Dropbox, I know it's a useful tool, but It's a software. Considering that I use multiple laptops during the days, I would find more helpful to use GoogleDocs, where you can deposit files and documents, and even communicate (with notes or chatting) with others members of the project upon every single file; all on a browser (1GB is the limit). But I'm open to everything. Really. I'm excited.
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