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  1. Meh, I suppose so. But it'd probably only take up as much time as Peragus or Taris stuffs.
  2. What the hell are you guys talking about? I said Jedi who were out in hiding, like Vrook and them had. I wasn't talking ABOUT them directly, I was talking about other jedi who may have survived and were also in hiding. Just because you found five of them doesn't mean that there aren't more. EDIT: Also,
  3. This isn't the actual RPG, just a character recruitment topic. Besides, the actual thing hasn't even had the Sith and Jedi meeting yet.
  4. Who knows, I'm so confused nowadays.
  5. ^^^I think he meant to say "without cheats, mods, etc..." And also, the OP said that he became prestige at the base.
  6. Alright, here me out, this is how it goes. Taking place a decade or so after KotOR 2. Some of the jedi and your old friends from 1 and 2 as well as some jedi who were out in hiding, like Vrook, Vash, Kavar, Zez-kai, and Atris, built a new Jedi Academy, that was unknown to the majority of the republic. First, for like the prologue, maybe levels 1-5 or something like that (and have the max level be extended and actually have your character be able to reach that level by the end without cheating), your character is shown as a youngling at the new Jedi Academy and you do some basic little things to get used to the controls and stuff. Every single "face" for your character would have several forms depending on age. The next part, maybe levels 5-10 or something, would have you, as a young adult (about the same age as Obi-Wan in Ep. I or Anakin in Ep. II), taking on the Jedi trials to become a Knight, ending with you building your own custom lightsaber (you have a basic, generic blue lightsaber for the trial, and at the end you get to go to a crystal cave, choose a color crystal, and build a lightsaber with lots of choices to make for your own custom hilt) and having a tailor fix up your personal Jedi Knight robe, to your specifications. Of course, you would find out who your master is and stuff. Then the journey goes on, and then you're off on a mission somewhere, and you discover the remnants of the Ebon Hawk, with a nearly destroyed T3 (and HK too, I suppose), and some stuff, and you eventually (with a posse of others) go off to find out what happened to Revan and Exile and stuff like that. Questions, comments, praise, criticism, or perhaps your own ideas?
  7. It seems to me, at least, that Mace is probably either a young child, or a joke user, used to make fun of us all. ^_^
  8. ((Mace, if you aren't going to be serious, just don't post at all. Also, what, no details on their little battle against the "True Sith?" And no description of the Sith Lord whatsoever? I, quite frankly, am ashamed. ))
  9. IG-12 bowed before Elron and moved to the workbench and installed the crystal into the blaster. He then concealed himself in a training room and began trying out the weapon. Shortly after, a blaster shot broke through a wall next to Falya and Kent, nearly hitting them. "Oops, sorry about that masters. It seems that T8 forgot to reinforce this wall." He said, then quickly ran off, before Kent could attack him for nearly killing him and his ladyfriend.
  10. "Master Elron, if I may ask, may I keep your previous crystal? And you as well, Lady Tysyacha?" IG-12 asked monotonously. "Hm? Why?" Elron said with a confused look in his eyes. "When you gave me those pockets of spare time beforehand, I had been personally working on creating a prototype of a weapon design I had found. After downloading proper workbench abilities, I found that it was quite simple." "Let me see those designs." "Certainly," the droid said, with an almost proud sound in the background. He handed Elron a datapad and the two sith lords looked at it. A hologram appeared and revealed a strangely built blaster-like weapon. Upon looking at it from different angles, as well as the inner works, they handed it back. "While I studied several crystal formations I noticed that they had far more power than I could have possibly imagined. Sure lightsabers are deadly weapons, but far more deadly as I had once thought. With proper manipulation of it through a specially built blaster, one could create one of the most deadly ranged weapons ever to exist. Of course, I'm working on adding disrupter, sonic, ion, and et cetera versions of it. So, master, shall I have the crystals?"
  11. ((I would prefer that if this story is going so far as to having us step into the EU post-ROTJ, not to be a part of it. As for episode V, I'll be glad to join in. Hopefully as a major villain. Also, don't have IG-12 do stuff like: Mockery: "Oh master..." He's been made to handle stuff beyond that. ^_^ However, he can still act like HK. ))
  12. ((Well, I'm kind of going to be not so active in this one. I give you all full control of IG-12, except destroying him, reprogramming him, and stuff. Also, that one Dark Jedi who left, will become my character, if the RP doesn't end too soon. Or I could save him for Episode V.))
  13. And yet one Dark Jedi out of them all did not. Ugh, why the hell did I come here? IG noticed this and whispered his location to Sion, who leapt over masses of sith, and landed right beside the unloyal one. "I would suppose you hadn't seen them?" "Oh, I saw them all right, nice view two. Felt them exit the force anyway." "Then bow... or die." "Nah." "What?" Sion growled, and pushed him back. "I don't wish to spill the blood of another Sith today." "Eh, I thought about it, and well, taking over the galaxy never was too high on my list of goals. Don't worry, you'll find no enemy of me. Just allow me to leave and I-" Sion grabbed him close and muttered, "What has happened here cannot leave. Understand?" "Certainly."
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