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  1. Well, I have managed to solve my problem and my swbf2 now works online. My Firewall was causing the disturbance, apparently it was blocking swbf2 from working online. So you may wish to check your Firewall on your PC. By the way you have to look for a list that has the programs/games that run on your PC, for each one it will either say block or permit, that is according to my Firewall (Norton Internet Security). Once again you may wish to check out my thread at http://www.gametoast.com/index.php?...iewtopic&t=2539 for the entire report on my problem. You may also try stating your problem there for you are bound to get more help. I hope it will work for you too. Peace out!
  2. O.K, I am getting similar problems that you guys are getting on my PC, check out my post at http://www.gametoast.com/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=2539 and try posting your problems on there, your most likely to get a reply, if i find out what is causing this i will post it on my thread and here.
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