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  1. What are your thoughts and opinions on them. I'm personally iffy on there cause, but lets here some thoughts.
  2. The daughter of the founder was on Hannity and Colmes a few nights ago and she believed in what she was saying so strongely, it shocked and angered me. They apperentley believe in the 10 Commandments literally and fully and belive anybody that disobeys in any way will burn in hell. This "church" is sick and angers me to the breaking point to see them out there protesting, I just wanna go there and just plant an IED underneath them and watch the fireworks. Whew. Okay, not really but someting has to be done to these scum.
  3. Maybe they could use some of the trailers to house some of the refugees still in FEMA funded hotels. That would'nt be a waste.
  4. I think in this world of continued Bush bashinh and shunning the war on terror, America has lost its sense of what started this country, a sense of loving the country and wanting to proceed to independence. With the opening words of the Declaration of Independence (or Constituion, forgot which one) "WE the People...."
  5. the world will go to hell the day she turns president, mark my words....
  6. The bible shoudnt always be interpreted litterally. Like Good Sir Knight said it is full of figures of speech and symbolism.
  7. I stil play both. I find KOTOR 2 to be a little more enjiyable though with all the upgrades and custimization.
  8. system of a down- BYOB Metallica in general.... any rock except that pop rock crap.... (simple plan....)
  9. Well at least he doesn't star on the Cosby Show or ANYTHING on UPN....
  10. To bad only "celebrities" get to go there.....
  11. How did ya'll do that? But the "incedints" are nice.
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