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  1. What's "Targets" that she mentions? I liked the Hard Contact too, so I'll get it, even if its not a tie-in.
  2. I just saw this book Star Wars Republic Commando Triple Zero (Paperback) listed at Amazon. Could it be a tie-in for the next RC game? Its scheduled to come out in Feb 2006.
  3. I like the idea of a SW anime. One of the things I love about the movies are all the details in each scene. The Clone Wars cartoon series had none of that, but an anime series could. I didn't like the CW toon's caricature style of drawing. It looked cheap. If you've seen Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence, you've seen the amazing detail possible in a hybrid (drawn and CGI) film. An interesting note from the EP III visual dictionaries was that the Republic/Empire was starting to make clones from other sources outside of Jango. I don't know if this will be confirmed or even commented on in the film or novelization (I have it, but am waiting to read) but it does fit in with what other EU sources have said.
  4. Extended Universe sources said that the original clone armor wasn't too good because the Caminoans (or their armor contractors) didn't understand human ergonomics, and that it was constantly evolving. Since we can see the clone trooper armor evolve into the StormTrooper armor, it only makes sense that the Commando armor evolve as well.
  5. If a Jedi doesn't have a lightsaber, he's just a generic hero. What would be the point? In this game, the only way there'd be Jedi is as NPCs. Either you're rescuing them or following their orders. The whole point of this game is that you aren't powerful enough to get by Rambo style on your own. Now if you wanted to do a campaign as a Mandalorian (which would be really cool), or a Jedi-to-be with this engine, that's all good, but it wouldn't be a sequel to RC.
  6. Speaking of less linear, I wonder if it'd be possible to choose missions like you could in JA? That'd also enhance replayability.
  7. Yeah JA took a lot longer, especially on hard. And don't forget there was both a light and dark campaigns that could be played.
  8. But that's probably an X-wing spin-off game. Ground vehciles and speeders I think would be legitimate. Maybe some jetpack action for deep space boarding operations. O/T They really should come out with a decent space combat sim.
  9. Yeah, its too short. Especially for its price-point.
  10. No lightsabers! Commandos use vibro-knives. You want them get Jedi Academy. Its an excellent game. I could see fighting opponents with lightsabers however, like the Magna guards and their electro-pikes. A Mandalorian campaign would be cool, especially as they've been around for over 4000 years so there's a vast arena for stories, but I'm not sure it'd be a good expansion/sequel to RC. It would be nice to use some vehicles ala Halo, but given that you have the squad, and the maps don't seem to be as large/expansive as Halo, Its probably not necessary.
  11. The DC-17 should've had more stopping power in both regular and sniper. You should also be able to pick up Battle Droid blasters. Then, you could justify not having health and ammo all over the place. In the movies, the DC-15s seemed to be making real short work of the standard droids, you'd figure the '17 being a better weapon would do better. I actually fear the SBDs more than the Destroyers, and the Destroyers were able to make the Jedi run. The Campaign was also too short. Its supposed to be a galaxy wide war. I know they don't want to step on stories unfolding in other media, but there's got to be something that only a pod of Commandos can do. I also felt a bit cheated when it jumped a year from one mission to the next. What happened during that time? I know they want to get us to RoTS but come on, tell the story! It would've been nice to be able to get CTs to assist a bit like NPCs in Half Life, but its not absolutely necessary.
  12. Yes, however I also wonder if in an expansion we'd see
  13. I wonder if they'll incorporate some of the enemies from the Revenge of the Sith game into an expansion.
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