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  1. Ever wonder what Kotor means when they say Reven goes to fight the "TRUE SITH" Well I'll tell you..........so sit back and relax. SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OKAY! now heres a little history: the "sith" are a ancient species and had a powerful secret form of magic. now the very first and founder of the jedi order was Kaja Sinis. anyways to make along story short, the republic at the time basically banished the sith out of republic space. now most of the jedi that claim they are sith, like darth sion, darth nihlius, and traya......<----- yup wannabes, they aren't real sith. if memorey serves me right i think kriea says that. but jedi that do become REAL sith inhearit the siths crazy form of "magic." so the sith are making a comeback, so thats why reven goes to stop them. well anyways you can read up on at: http://www.jedipurge.com/ its got some pretty interesting stuff, history wise......if you guys are into that. i am, i like to know whats going on.
  2. is there going to be a republic commando 2????
  3. i just went through the shyrak cave BEFORE going into the sith acadamy. and i went straight to the ebonhawk and now theres a halligraphic of bastilla at the ships exit. soooo whats goin on? is there some way to interact with her or what? is it a glitch? or is it some thing that the designers made and didn't have time to finnish?
  4. has anyone found any of the cool robes?!? like jolee bindos robe or darth malaks armor?!?
  5. jeez man where to start!?!? well i'll start with the beggining............kotor......... hmm well my head is about to explode and i need sometime to think about some more stuff before i go and blurt it out....... but that was mostly the stuff i was more concerned about in the game feel free to add stuff.......pease do. i will add more at a later time. Please use spoiler tags as per the Forum Rules
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