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  1. I also don't find it funny. And a sniper rifle would've made no difference, as the stage he was on was protected by bulletproof glass. And anyways, it's pretty sad when you hope it would kill the president, when it would also have killed innocent civilians supporting the president's view of continued democracy for the ex-Soviet country.
  2. Like I said in the Ep. III spoiler forums, though they seem similar (and I do support Bush), I don't give a hootinany. Still watch Episode III, I will. *passes popcorn yet again*
  3. Granted, I only played a bit of co-op and multiplayer on my friend's Xbox, but it seemed too much like Star Wars: Obi-Wan to me. BO-ring.
  4. Um, wow. I wasn't even expecting a delay, but at least another 6 more months??? That's an entire year of waiting. *sigh* Oh well, it's for the better.
  5. Right then, it's the end of the world. Honestly, who would buy this?
  6. Ah. "We have a match, sir!" "Thank goodness.":p
  7. The scene that you mentioned (1 min. 22 sec. into the preview) did look like Commander Cody (as seen in the Episode III dictionary, p. 40) but the clone in the preview has slightly different armor. Who knows though, it could be him.
  8. Yes, only less offensive to those people that are more sensitive. Why, because they are impossible to kill? I think they would be better if they just didn't stand around, and a few good blasts from an AT-AT etc would finish them off. Oh, and once they are dead, they never respawn again.
  9. Doesn't sound like that to me. Found here. Of course this doesn't mean Al-Qaeda is gone, but their influence in Afghanistan is well below the levels of they had before the invasion. Yes, they still have other cells around the world, though.
  10. As fun as the space Battle of Coruscant will be, it would be so much cooler if you could go from the ground to space and vice versa in one level! And it would make so much more sense if Grievous was the hero, as Dooku is more of the politician/duelist, while Grievous is all out the mass slaughterer.
  11. Interesting. I never heard of those, I only heard a report of a shell filled with sarin that insurgents tried to detonate in Iraq on the TV morning show Today. But of course the report was never heard of again.... No, I was simply replying to Spider AL's post: that made Clinton almost sound like a perfect, prosperity-bringing god wherever he walked. Okay, imagine your house (United States) is broken into, and your TV has been stolen (WTC bombing). Then a week later, someone steals your car (U.S.S. Cole). Now would you just sit there and complain to your neighbors? (what Clinton administration did) No, you would call the police and maybe even help in the investigation (what should've been done), even if the friends of the burgular (Mid East) hated you for calling the cops and thus eventually busting their buddy. Now it may seem like a silly analogy, but it works. Oh please, Albright wanted any sort of military action (whether big or small) out of the question.
  12. I swear {xg}darthVADER, you could make a living doing this!
  13. Yes, and he also had an affair; isn't that a good role model? And as for the economy, usually every decade has a recession, and the Clinton administration was between the two. Now of course the current Congress (Republican-controlled) has done huge spending, which doesn't help the economy at all one bit, but usually whichever party has control of Congress usually spends tons of pork. And for Clinton being respected around the world, that's because when we were attacked multiple times, he did pretty much nothing so not to disrupt tensions around the globe. When the World Trade Center was bombed in 1993, he responded: Found here. Now to me that sounds he will solve it like as if someone was bullying someone, and the bullyier will be put in timeout. Now even though the conspiritors were arrested and sentenced, shouldn't he have taken more action? Maybe examine if any countries were involved? And when the U.S.S. Cole was attacked in 2000, Clinton also did nothing. Found here. So obviously the Clinton administration did nothing so thay wouldn't look bad in the Mideast. Spider AL, not only do I take that as an insult, but I also think that is an insult to the Jewish religion. I do hope you take that back. Thank you.
  14. Except the problem with the more religious Denocrats is that if they are more liberal and not moderate, then it is most likely that their religious views are too. For example, they are pushing for same-sex marriages, which many voters don't want not only based on their religious views, but because nature never intended it, so they vote for those against gay marriages, who which are usually Republicans. Actually, Bush is helping the poor. This chart (towards the bottom of the page) shows that the rich pay a higher tax rate than lower-income Americans. So basically the tax cuts help everybody, and not just the rich. Y'know, I don't understand why people hate the idea of OPTIONAL Social Security privitization so much. After all, it's only OPTIONAL.
  15. Why not on religion? Seperation of church and state is basically the government not publicly endorsing any religion. So a voter could vote solely on their religion, or their logic, or a mixture of both, which is all protected by the first amendment. Besides, the government was founded by fathers who were religious, so many of the early laws were based on there being a higher power than us humans.
  16. One reason I like Bush is that he is against abortion, (let's not get into that, though) so you could say that my faith guides me, but that is also one of my morals. I thought the invasion of Afghanistan was just, but the invasion of Iraq is more questionable for me. We didn't find the WMDs, even though he used some earlier on his own people. Now you would say that Bush was then wrong for the invasion, but there is always the chance that Saddam ordered them to be smuggled out of the country or destroyed. I think this poll would have been better if there was a 'Maybe' option, as I would've chosen that instead. On a side note, your source written by Mike Allen may possibly be slightly biased. Here is sample of one of his articles written a year earlier: Found here. Now of course you could say that is a normal fact (which it is) but how the author presents it seems to be unusually critical of the president. This may mean that some of the information in your first post (I now have read it) could possibly be incorrect because the author may have something against Bush. Again, this is in my own opinion.
  17. Yes, which I had assumed that the topic would have been going for a while with many people posting good arguments on either side. And when I poked my head in, my head was blown off. All I can say is: Politics brings out the worst in people.
  18. Because when I clicked on Dagobahn Eagle's signature, I assumed it was in the Lounge, and not in the jediknight.net's forum. I never ventured in here before.
  19. Listen, what SkinWalker wrote looks like the start of an essay. I don't feel like researching for 3 hours on why Bush shouldn't be impeached. I do have a life to live, and not sit in front of a computer all day *clears throat*. Call me chicken, call me a "Bushie," call me whatever you want, but I will most likely always support Bush, even if you would consider me "blind to the truth." I'm not much of a debater anywho, but call up my older brother (who is obsessed with politics). He would gladly have a debate. I never said his argument was immature, but like I said, the people who don't like Bush argue so forcefully, that all of the (what I consider most of their ideas to be anymore) "junk" just blurs into nothingness and passes out of my sight.
  20. Yes, you could say I am being biased because I have gotten sick and tired of all the crap every Bush-disliking/hating person has put forth, so that that all their arguments blur into: I dislike/hate President Bush, no matter what. You honestly think people will change their minds from this "debate?" I will always support President Bush ("Oh no! He's a neoconnie! Shoot him!) just like most of you will most likely never support President Bush.
  21. Yes, I could tell. The poll would be unbiased if it said, "Should George W. Bush be impeached?" But since it has "as a Traitor to the American People" (the capitalization makes it sound like a title) to me it implies the poster of the poll thinks President Bush is a traitor (if you don't read his post first, which I stopped reading when I got to 'Instead,')
  22. Thanks for clearing that up, as I really like that idea now. (developers lookie here;)) And I really like Redtech's idea on an 'overall vehicles destroyed' award also.
  23. Whenever on the rare occasion I am a droidika, I usually don't die from a jet trooper's EMP missle, but from hundreds of blaster bolts and 40 grenades going off. Jet troopers must not like me. And like Ranre I wasn't a good sniper, but after some practice I now usually play the clone sharpshooter on most lands.
  24. You should probably delete one of those posts.... One point for destroying a mine??? Those are so easy to dismantle! But I liked the other point amount ideas. I like those! Also maybe split the 'Tankbuster' award into: Tankbuster-whoever destroyed the most ground vehicles. Combat Ace-whoever downed the most aircraft.
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