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  1. So it's kinda like a downloadable FPS? BTW Ocelot, are you the one and same Ocelot at Imperial Assault II, or am I just dreaming?
  2. Maybe not 10 minutes. 5 would be more reasonable, especially for the Rebel player (compared to only 1 minute).
  3. Do you literally mean as a mob? If anything, it's the exact opposite from I have known. Anyway, organized religion can be good since it's, well, organized. Sure, some people may believe in the same deity, but they might not grow in their spiritual faith if they solely prayed alone. While in what you call a group, people can discover more about their faith through the experience of others. Besides, the world wouldn't even be able to function if everyone stayed "in a closet," so why can't religion be organized like everything else?
  4. Yes, I know this has nothing to do with the videogame, but these forums don't have a 'lounge' forum. Someone revealed over at the FBTB.net forums that a bunch of awesome Star Wars LEGO sets are coming in January. So while you wait for the new X-wing and USC TIE Advanced to come out (in September I think), you can dream of these godsends: OMG.
  5. He said to pray in a closet because most of those who were praying pubicly were doing it to show off, while he would rather have one pray in private but to fully adore him than to pray in public for the sole purpose to brag about your faith. You took it out of context because you didn't mention why Jesus said that. Of course, I may just be using "context" wrong.
  6. Sigh. Taken way out of context. Here's the original verse: Also, here's a site that helps to explain it (also where I got the verse): http://www.religioustolerance.org/prayer.htm On organized religion, I see it that people want to not feel alone in their worship and find people who also believe in their ideas. Plus, it can help people to grow in their spirituality, where solely praying alone would feel less fulfilling and keep them "in a closet". That's how I see it, anyway.
  7. I agree that the pathfinding is somewhat bad in RTS games. In EaW, for instance, it always seems that whenever I need my artillery right then, it's far away from the current battle due to them being stuck to a lesser unit, which really annoys me.
  8. It's mostly on my part. I don't feel like paying a fee for Xbox Live when I won't use it that often. Plus, I'm sure my parents would say no anyway. BTW, what's with the MachineCult RC moderator business?
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTbm-kNEIeM Delta-40 has an obsession with raindrops.
  10. He he. Can't wait for the new season to start (doesn't it start in September?). Anyway....
  11. omg euro hat3r!!1 I would still play II if I could play online.
  12. Poor Microsoft. That is pretty bad to have a tech demo fail as miserably as that.
  13. It's legendary on YTMND, anyway.
  14. It's a tie between McHellspawn and BK for me.
  15. You haven't lived life, Cult. I usually prefer Mug.
  16. To be honest, I'm kinda suprised. Though I haven't played any of the other RTSs mentioned, I assumed they were better than EaW.
  17. Brickshelf Gallery I also have a Rebel, CIS, and mercenary army.
  18. RC is Royal Cola. I prefer Pepsi, though never when I'm thirsty. Pop in general never quenches my thrist.
  19. Grunt trooper for me. Though I mostly agree, the Clone Commander can be very useful when clearing out hoards of enemies.
  20. I attended an art camp years ago: I made some pottery, developed some photos in a lab... and then some kid made fun of me during the last two days. I don't like camp.
  21. I couldn't stop laughing (at toms' video).
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